Writestream Twitter Chat with author Mariam Kobras

Award-winning author Mariam Kobras.
Award-winning author Mariam Kobras.

If you missed today’s wonderful chat with delightful author Brooke Musterman, just scroll through the #Writestream hashtag to review the conversation.

I am thrilled to announce that award-winning author Mariam Kobras will be joining us next week to discuss her work and the process by which she signed on with Buddhapuss Publishing. Here’s a bit about Mariam, a lovely lady I recently “met” on twitter from About Me:

The happy author on the porch, where my publisher spoils me with Red Velvet Cake, iced coffee and wisdom. Books: The Distant Shore, January 2012, IPPY Bronze Medalist in 2012 “Under The Same Sun”, October 2012. “Song Of The Storm” coming in 2013. All published by Buddhapuss Ink LLC, NJ

Discover all of Mariam’s books here, along with a more detailed bio of this fascinating wordsmith:

I was born in Frankfurt, Germany, of a German mother and Saudi-Arabian father. During the first seven years of my life, my parents moved from Germany to Saudi Arabia and then Brazil, finally returning to Germany to settle there permanently.

Since my father did not speak German and my mother did not speak Arabic, their common language was English. It was not perfect English, but good enough to raise me in both languages. My real obsession with English began when I was about fourteen and found out about Canada. At the time, there was a TV show in Germany, “Adventures In Rainbow Country”, and my best friend and I were totally besotted with the teenage hero, a blond boy. His mother owned a lakeside hotel on Lake Huron, and he had all kinds of adventures with his Cree friend.

I wanted to live in Canada, very badly. I wanted a lakeside hotel and a blond, Canadian husband, and I knew I would have to be very fluent in English for that.

DistantShoreKobrasSo, English became my obsession, the door to the life I wanted. So from only speaking English with my parents I started reading English books, listened to AFN (the US Forces radio station) and began corresponding with a lady in Toronto. She was the sister of one of my teachers, and he gave me her address.

After finishing high school, she invited me for a visit with her family. For six months, I was immersed in Canadian culture and the language I had come to love.

When I got back home, my course was set: I was going to study English, be a journalist, live in Toronto, and be happy. I did study English, and American Literature, but I never got to move to Toronto. Instead, I met my husband, fell in love, got married and was consequently was stuck in Germany.

Read the rest here.

I am really looking forward to chatting with Mariam during next week’s #Writestream on Thursday, March 7 at 11 a.m. Eastern and hope to interview her on an upcoming Writestream Tuesday! To join in next week’s chat, just use the hashtag #Writestream to tweet with the author!


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