Writestream Tuesday welcomes author Casey Dawes and Freedom Forge Press founder Eric Egger, June 11  — UPDATED with Archive

Writestream Tuesday welcomes author Casey Dawes and Freedom Forge Press founder Eric Egger, June 11 — UPDATED with Archive

2012_0303 18 Mission Mountains and Casey 100 x 150Please join me for Writestream Tuesday on June 11 when my guests will be best-selling romantic suspense author Casey Dawes and founder of Freedom Forge Press Eric Egger.

In the first half of the show, I’ll talk to Casey about her stories about love, her experience with self-publishing, her thoughts on social media marketing for authors, and her work as an experienced small business coach. Like so many of my Writestream guests, I “met” Casey on twitter, where we quickly became friends.

Here’s a bit about Casey from her website bio:

All my life I’ve believed in love, even when everything else going on around me told me I shouldn’t. And all my life I’ve wanted to write. In fact I never quite gave it up.

But my dream to become a fiction writer seemed elusive. Too many things got in the way.  You know how it is–kids, jobs, saving the world. It’s exhausting!

In 2012 the dream became a reality. Thanks to the friends in my life who believed in me, forced me to start writing seriously,  and giving me a kick in the you-know-where when I needed it, my first contemporary romance novel, California Sunset, was published by Crimson Romance!

I’ve also published a few erotic romance short stories under a pen name.  What fun!

My self-publishing efforts have resulted in Tour Guide to the Wineries of the Santa Cruz Mountains. The origins of that book is also a story about cover California Homecominglove. After my husband and I created the first incarnation of that book, we figured out we loved each other enough to get married.  Since we’d both been burnt before by love, it was quite a hurdle to overcome.  What a great love its been! In 2013 we’ll be celebrating our 10th wedding anniversary.

Look for the occasional blog post about my book, short stories…or most likely about my balancing life and writing.  It’s an adventure!

P.S. The picture on the home page was taken by my darling husband, the hero in my life’s novel.

This inspiring woman, author and entrepreneur will no doubt have plenty of insight and advice for those who wish to follow in her footsteps so be sure to call in to the program at (347) 945-7246 between 1:05 p.m. and 1:55 p.m. when Casey will be live on the air with me. In the meantime, follow her on twitter @CaseyDawesAutho, like her Facebook Page, follow her Pinterest boards and add her as a contact on LinkedIn.

In the second hour, Eric Egger, founder of Freedom Forge Press joins me to talk about his efforts to promote and support liberty-minded authors:

FFPFreedom Forge Press is a small publisher seeking to publish high-quality fiction and non-fiction that promotes the themes of freedom, independence, and the spirit of the individual. We are a nonpartisan organization seeking to promote the idea of freedom and limited government to a readership that embraces and defends freedom as a birthright.

Here’s a bit about Eric from his bio on the Freedom Forge Press website:

Eric Egger founded Freedom Forge Press as a nonpartisan outlet to celebrate freedom and the spirit of the individual. From a young age, Eric appreciated the value of knowledge and its relationship to power. As a boy, Eric made a weekly pilgrimage to the convenience store to purchase a copy of The Wall Street Journal. He spent the rest of the week poring over the articles, understanding how one person with knowledge and a vision can succeed in business and bring change to the world. Today, he sees how equally significant witholding knowledge is in keeping power. He hopes that Freedom Forge Press will facilitate the free sharing of knowledge and the celebration of all policies and governments that allow freedom and the transparent sharing of knowledge equally for all citizens.

Along with his Freedom Forge business partner and author Val Muller, Eric is the editor of a forthcoming book Forging Freedom:

We’re pleased to share our updated draft cover for Forging Freedom our inaugural anthology. Forging Freedom is a collection of stories from contributors worldwide that celebrates freedom and the spirit of the individual.

ForgingFreedomThe anthology will be divided into three sections. One section showcases stories of real-world fiction. A second section contains true stories and non-fiction. A third section will treat readers to otherworldly fiction where the present day real world rules simply do not apply. We strove to find something for everyone, from science fiction to true stories to wild tales.

At this time Forging Freedom is slated for release in September 2013, slightly behind schedule from our original planned release of July 2013. Stay tuned for more details!

I am looking forward to speaking with Eric about his work with Freedom Forge, his thoughts on the publishing industry and new media, and his advice for aspiring authors. As with our first guest, the phone lines will be open during Eric’s interview so call in with your questions at (347) 945-7246.

In the meantime, follow @FreedomForgeLLC on twitter and like them on the Freedom Forge Facebook Page.

Tune in to Writestream Tuesday with guests Casey Dawes and Eric Egger on June 11 at 1 p.m. Eastern!

UPDATE: If you missed it live, click below listen to two excellent guest interviews!

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