What Ails The USA Encapsulated In One Jerry Springer Episode

What Ails The USA Encapsulated In One Jerry Springer Episode


Visiting PA for the Christmas and New Year holidays, I went out to run a few last-minute errands with my mom today. After fighting way too much traffic and crazy supermarket crowds, tired and hungry we finally stopped at a local mom-and-pop pizza place to get some lunch. I never thought I’d have a moment of clarity amid this casual atmosphere, but as we ate our tuna subs in a corner booth, we couldn’t help but notice the blaring TV which was right in our line of view and within close earshot.

And what were they broadcasting? A Christmas special? The local news?


Jerry Springer.

As we ate and tried unsuccessfully to ignore the hideous display of human exhibitionism and moral decay, I realized the show was a perfect encapsulation of everything that ails our country and hence, our politics. Today’s episode featured a scantily-clad, trash-talking mother-daughter duo and although I didn’t fully get the entire story, at one point the mother screamed at her own offspring that she was “the result of a two-week fling”.


What’s even worse is that this show is still on the air because evidently enough Americans view it as legitimate entertainment. So at this tragic point in our culture, outrageous white trash (not being racist, simply providing an accurate description) like this woman and her daughter are glorified on television, while successful, hard-working entrepreneurs and job-creators are vilified as the “greedy 1%” who don’t pay enough taxes.

Just in case you’re interested in losing a few brain cells, here’s an episode of Jerry Springer, though not the one we saw today:

This little interlude came on the heels of the realization that longtime family friends voted for Obama because Ann Romney expressed in an interview “It’s our turn,” meaning that Obama’s policies had been such dismal failures for the country (as evidenced by double-digit unemployment, massive government expansion, $16 trillion deficit, etc), it was time for her husband to implement a new strategy to fix our anemic economy.

Perhaps an unfortunate word choice, given our corrupt Democrat Media Complex, but one would think that other issues would take higher priority when deciding something as important as voting for the next President of the United States — not to mention the boundless arrogance demonstrated over the last 4+ years by our “For the first time in my life I’m proud of my country” First Lady.

One would be gravely mistaken.

Without a hint of irony, the woman in this husband and wife team — who by the way prides herself on her high moral standards — strongly informed those in attendance at the little gathering that Ann Romney “lost the election for her husband” and that “no one should feel entitled to the presidency”.

And yet, she voted for the most self-serving, entitled President and First Lady in the history of the United States, not to mention, sided with the likes of slutty Sandra Fluke and the party that booed God three times at their national convention.


These are not recipients of “Obama money” and food stamps; these are educated people. They came from middle-class families who worked hard to put them through school, had productive jobs, raised two children and attended weekly mass as they do to this day. I can say with certainty that the wife is completely opposed to abortion, promiscuity, laziness, deception and moral relativity. On more than one occasion, she’s railed against those who consistently tell lies, including her own children.

But apparently, she has no problem voting for a liar and siding with a party whose entire M.O. hinges upon lies and propaganda. By siding with the Party of Death and Depravity on Election Day, she contradicted everything she supposedly stands for — all because Ann Romney said “it’s our turn”.

It’s all part of a pattern.

Back in 2008, she criticized Sarah Palin for owning guns and participating in beauty pageants to pay her way through college (something most sane people would find honorable and responsible). I never understood that thought process until her recent comment about Ann Romney led me to the understanding that this woman harbors jealousy and ill-will toward successful, attractive females. Palin and Romney are simply two public examples but over the years there have been others to which she’s demonstrated the same animosity on a personal level.

OCareCouple all of this with the fact that both the husband and wife still get their news from the legacy media and it’s a prescription for disaster. Adding insult to injury, the highly educated husband inexplicably believes that “we still don’t have enough information about Benghazi” and readily admits that his vote was at least partially motivated by race, both in 2008 and 2012. Being a southerner, it was his way of “making up for sins of the past”.

And yet, I am pretty sure he’d never vote for Herman Cain (and it’s to the everlasting shame of the corrupt media we never had the opportunity), Mia Love, Allen West, Tim Scott, Nikki Haley or any other conservative who happens to be a minority. Nor would he ever acknowledge that those who did send these folks to public office via the ballot box did so out of principle, not skin color.

I’ll remember to “thank” them both for their superficial decision-making process when the inevitable economic collapse finally happens. Or when the husband, who has a history of heart ailments is told “take a pill and go home” because he’s “too old” for treatment under Obamacare. Right now, I’m having a difficult enough time mustering any enthusiasm for visiting them.

I am after all, a fully-informed voter who lives by my principles in spite of our Jerry Springer-ized culture.


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