Water Signs: A Story of Love and Renewal

Water Signs: A Story of Love and Renewal

Daria Anne originally published her first book, Water Signs: A Story of Love and Renewal, in 2008 to a receptive audience. Back then, she “didn’t know what she didn’t know” about self-publishing, so after teaming up with her good friend and business partner Lisa Tarves to found Writestream Radio Network (2013) and Writestream Publishing (2015), she decided to release a second edition under the Writestream Publishing imprint in 2016.

With a compelling cover design by Kia Heavey and creative formatting by Matt Margolis, the book also features a new foreword written by the author in which she describes her evolution from author and editor to ghostwriter and co-manager of an independent publishing company. Having grown as a writer, she made minor tweaks to dialogue and narration to enhance reader enjoyment.

Although a romantic book with a happy ending, Water Signs isn’t your typical romance novel.

For readers who are in love with romance, Water Signs: A Story of Love and Renewal, stands out among romance books, romance novels and fiction books. Although characters in a work of fiction, Madeline and Ken’s all too human struggles set them apart from the ordinary heroine and hero. In a departure from most romance novels and romance books for Kindle, Water Signs celebrates faith, family, and patriotism even as it explores coming-of-age in a contemporary world where traditional values are shunned and ridiculed.

Author Daria Anne DiGiovanni infuses the pages with old-fashioned romance while captivating readers with her vivid descriptions of suburban Philadelphia, the South Jersey Shore, and South Florida. As you’re drawn into this mesmerizing tale of first love and second chances, you’ll see, hear, touch, and smell the salty sea air, the sounds of the ocean, and the aroma of homemade Italian food; you’ll also experience the palpable emotions that characterize a 14-year romance fraught with heartache, miscommunication, and most importantly, genuine, abiding love.

Looking for a different kind of romance novel – one that inspires, uplifts and makes you believe in happily ever after?

Read Water Signs: A Story of Love and Renewal.

For insight into the novel’s themes, click on the Water Signs category of the blog. And stay tuned for the nonfiction sequel, now that the real-life Ken and Maddy have reunited after 26 years and are planning a wedding!