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Hard to believe it’ll be four years this September that I first met singer/songwriter/actress Ava Aston. At the time she was busy putting together a video for her inspiring tribute song to freedom and independence We The People, which remains at the top of my list of modern pro-American anthems.

Ava is not only one of the most talented people I know, she’s also a class act all the way. When I look at some of the marginally talented celebrity train wrecks who make it big in the ultra-competitive entertainment industry while contributing to the
disintegration of our culture, it makes me more determined to help Ava achieve the success she deserves. Here’s someone with the talent, looks and creativity to make it big on the national scene who could also be a positive role-model, particularly for young women. Ava proves it’s possible to be sexy, attractive, tasteful, smart, ethical and moral — all at the same time.

If culture is politics, it’s more critical than ever to restore ours to its former greatness. Ava’s contribution to that effort needs the support of galvanized patriots.

So how can you help?

Visit this site and vote for Ava once per day from January 14 to April 29. Ava is trying to win the prize of $100,000 to continue to fund her efforts to achieve success on the national stage. While there, you can watch a video of her singing her poignant ballad I Carry You With Me.

Help a Patriot Woman out — vote for Ava Aston!

Visit and follow her on twitter @AvaAston.

UPDATE – Seems there is some confusion as to how to vote for Ava, so here are the instructions:

1. Visit
2. Register, confirm account via email
3. Click link to Ava’s entry – vote and repeat daily.


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