Two Days Away from Fundamental Restoration of the USA

Two Days Away from Fundamental Restoration of the USA

“Lady Smarts” on display in Boca Raton.

I spent the past two days sign waving for Romney Ryan at early voting locations, and at the busy Glades Rd. and St. Andrews Blvd. intersection in Boca Raton on Friday night, with other like-minded patriots. Largely due to the efforts of good friend Starla Munn Brown, who organized Women for Mitt in Palm Beach County, turnout at all three Palm Beach County rallies on Friday night numbered 75+ people.

And in spite of the up-and-down polls (which seem to change every day), judging from the overwhelmingly positive reaction of passing motorists to our presence on all four street corners, the energy and enthusiasm is most definitely on our side. Most laid on their horns, waved, and cheered their solidarity with us as they sped down Glades Rd., clearly excited by our presence and motivated to restore a republic that has been brutally battered by “hope and change”. If these folks have not already taken advantage of early or absentee voting, it’s a sure bet they’ll be casting their vote for Romney-Ryan on Election Day.

With young activist Connor Lanser.

My favorite chant of the night? “Four More Days”! which we broke out into frequently during the 2 1/2 hour rally, prompted by the few Obama supporters who drove by calling out “Four More Years!”

Unlike 2008, when it was obvious we were fighting a losing battle and propping up a weak candidate (although my vote was purely for Sarah Palin), this time around it feels as if we can not only win this thing, but win it BIG. I’m not a professional pollster and I lack the analytical skills of a Michael Barone (who, by the way, predicts a Romney landslide), but I can honestly report from being on the ground that Romney has a tremendous amount of support even in liberal South Florida.

At the early voting site in East Boca Raton on Saturday, many who stood in the 3-4 hour line quietly gave us the thumbs-up as if to say, “Yes, I am on your side. I just have to keep quiet about it.” A Romney volunteer I spoke with noted that her experience in phone banking was marked by many self-described Democrats admitting they were voting Republican but out of fear of incurring the wrath of family and friends, were keeping their decision to themselves. She relayed how these folks would say something to the effect of “Whew! I am so glad you called while I am alone because I don’t want my husband/wife to know I am voting for Romney”.

A Romney rally participant chats with an approving motorist on Glades Rd. in Boca Raton.

Hey, whatever it takes.

Romney may not win any of the South Florida counties but if he can make a big enough dent in Obama’s support here, it will be enough, given how the rest of the state is trending.

But until we win, we must keep fighting. Heck, even after we win, we have a TREMENDOUS amount of work cut out for us, and a very scary Lame Duck session ahead.

Last night on #CRFRadio, Steve and I discussed all of these things with guests Stephen K. Bannon and Mike Cutler. Click below to listen.

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Stay strong, keep fighting and pray for success on Tuesday. God bless America.

Educational sign on car in the Boca Raton Community Center lot, site of early voting.
Another sign in the East Boca Raton early voting parking lot does the job the corrupt legacy media refuses to do.
Poll watcher Rich takes a break to pose with Starla at the East Boca Raton early voting location.
People waited in line for 3-4 hours on Saturday to cast their vote in East Boca Raton.

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  1. I would tend to agree. Despite the big media outfits trying to influence the election with pre-postioned stories the one thing that I noticed is that EVERYONE (not just some) I know who admitted to voting to Obama is now a Romney supporter. Others are not voting at all. The prior voters got caught up in the “change” line last election and were people who admitted they took a chance and were wrong.

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