The Manifesting Event: Where Money & Success Get Manifested

The Manifesting Event: Where Money & Success Get Manifested

The Manifesting Event: Where Money & Success Get Manifested

I’m proud and excited to be a main sponsor of Tasha Chen’s annual event, along with Michelle Kulp, founder of Bestselling Author Program and Become a 6 Figure Woman. Michelle and I will make a dual presentation where we’ll discuss:

  • Your Book, Your Brand, Your Business
  • How You Can Become a #1 Bestselling Author in 90 Days
  • How You Can Leverage Your Book to Create Multiple Streams of Income

Check out the full line-up of phenomenal speakers here.

Why should you attend? Here’s a description of what you can expect from

Imagine being in a room full of entrepreneurs who come together to connect, to exchange business strategy and ideas, to build the wealth of every person at the event so that each one can create ultimate freedom while making a huge impact and living an amazing life.

Imagine walking away having made changes in your business—changes that jump-start cash flow and put you on the road to financial self-reliance and independence.

THAT is what The MANIFESTING Event is all about.

Having attended Tasha’s event last year when it was called Decide to Rise, I can attest to its power and ability to change your life if you participate with an open mind and heart. Among the many blessings I received from my presence (despite a miserable cold that almost prevented me from going) was ongoing work as a copywriter with SMART Growth Marketing, after meeting company owner and founder Darien Hill. Darien gave an excellent presentation on Facebook marketing and he returns again this year as a speaker. I’m excited to learn from him and all the speakers who will share their knowledge, wisdom, and inspiration with us.

Watch Tasha’s video below, then click on to reserve your place and make 2018 the year of your manifested desires!


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