The Harbinger — A Review

The Harbinger — A Review

“The bricks have fallen,
But we will rebuild with hewn stone;
The sycamores have been cut down,
But we will plant cedars in their place.”

In Jonathan’s Cahn’s stunning book, The Harbinger, “these are the words that seal a nation’s destiny.”

HarbingerThis riveting book asks and answers the questions, is it possible…

That there exists an ancient mystery that holds the secret of America’s future?
That this mystery is behind everything from 9/11 to the collapse of the global economy?
That God is now sending a prophetic message on which America’s future hangs?

Told through the eyes of fictional journalist Nouriel via a closed door meeting with a high-powered New York publishing executive, The Harbinger progressively demystifies ancient texts and their historical significance not only to ancient Israel, but to modern-day America. A story within a story, this captivating book takes the reader along on Nouriel’s mysterious travels and interactions with a 21st century prophet, who guides him along in his quest to unravel the esoteric messages contained in the nine seals with which he has been burdened. For Nouriel, the urgency is palpable; he is not only driven to reveal the warnings hidden in these seals, he’s been chosen specifically for this purpose, though he doesn’t make that discovery until the end.

As a reader, it’s nearly impossible to avoid experiencing the same sense of urgency and foreboding. From the beginning, Cahn’s book mesmerizingly draws you in and successively piques your interest as one after another of the puzzle pieces are put into place. With specific and jarring examples of the unknowing enactment of ancient biblical texts by America’s leaders in the years following 9/11 and the financial crisis; the explanation of the significance of specific numbers to particular occurrences in US history from 2001-2009; and the correlation between the Hebrew calendar and the one used today, The Harbinger proves its case methodically, logically and accurately.

For those whose constant refrain (even among Constitutional conservatives deeply concerned about our nation’s survival) is that in order to save America we must abandon social issues and focus exclusively on fiscal matters, this book’s message may not be welcome. It might even be derided and dismissed. Because The Harbinger not only echoes the same sentiments as the film Agenda: Grinding America Down, it takes its core message about the dire need to return to God to a much higher level, fully grounded in spiritual principles and rooted in historical events.

Toward the end of the book, the prophet makes this powerful statement which, when seen through the lens of our depraved Jerry Springer-ized culture, sets off internal alarm bells:

“With all the talk of God blessing America in the wake of 9/11, the great missing factor was repentance. Without that, everything else is null and void. America must face the magnitude of its moral and spiritual descent, the degrading of its culture…to the multitude of its idols…to its fall into even deeper immoralities.”

“The idols of…

“Carnality, impurity, greed, materialism, vanity, self-obsession…and the altars covered with the blood of its innocent. Without a change of course, there can be no change of destination. Only in repentance can judgment be averted, and only in a true turning away from darkness into light”.

From the promotion of abortion-on-demand as a taxpayer-funded “right”, not the murder of innocent human life; to the obsession with looking forever young as opposed to aging gracefully; to the elevation of vacuous, immoral and oftentimes criminal celebrities as role-models (while deriding famous, yet faithful servants of God like Tim Tebow as “controversial”), you could cite endless examples of America’s precipitous decline.

And yet, in spite of the warnings most would be hard-pressed to hold out any real hope of America as a society, as a country, atoning for its sins and returning to God.

But as the prophet reminds us at the end of the book:

“Judgment isn’t ultimately about nations — but people. As it’s written: ‘It’s appointed for a man once to die and then judgment’. After the end comes the Day of Judgment, in light of which all other judgments are only foreshadows. And no one is exempt. Each must stand before Him.”

A sobering reminder.

Here is Jonathan Cahn discussing The Harbinger with Sid Roth, author and host of It’s Supernatural and Messianic Vision:

Read The Harbinger today.


5 thoughts on “The Harbinger — A Review

  1. Daria!

    What a wonderful work you have done!! Bless you for that in depth work you did, D!!I am so proud of how you dissected this work! God bless you!! It is how things are playing out!
    God bless you, my sister!!


    • Thank you Brother Bernie — your praise means more than I can tell you! And yes, this is all playing out whether people want to believe it or not. I truly hope the so-called “fiscal conservatives only” will take the time to read The Harbinger, the same people who want to “back-burner” social issues. They are completely missing the point. Mitt Romney focused exclusively on the economy and jobs, and yet we ended up with another four years of Obama’s secular-socialist “change”. That’s because what ails America runs so much deeper than who’s in the White House. Our representatives are simply a mirror of our depraved culture and electorate.

      God bless you, Brother B!

      • You are wiser than the entire GOP establishment, the Romney/Ryan campaign; Rove etc…who were too smart and slick for their own good, while wearing empty suits. They knew what ails this country, but thought money could fix it…no discernment and no outreach to the people who could advise them on the spiritual dimensions of this perishing world. God bless dear sister D! Let’s keep our eyes on the skies for the Prize and keep pressing on in Faith! 🙂

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