Author of The Big Bang: The Lonesome George Chronicles, Book One joins Writestream on February 17

UPDATE: Please note the special time of 9 p.m. Eastern. Thanks!

As I posted last Tuesday, author Roy M. Griffis‘ new novel, The Big Bang: The Lonesome George Chronicles, Book One has been garnering rave reviews since its release on January 20. Prominent conservative journalists and authors Rich Lowry and Ben Shapiro respectively described The Big Bang as “A wild romp through a post-Apocalyptic America unimaginably awful but also highly contemporary,” and “Clever, witty, tense, and a thoroughly enjoyable read!”

Griffis__Cover-640x1024On Tuesday, February 17 at 9 p.m. Eastern, the multi-talented Griffis joins me to discuss The Big Bang: The Lonesome George Chronicles, Book One — as well as anything else he’d like to promote, including his acclaimed comic strip Truesbury (a joint effort with Ms. Always Right and Scary Smart), the Right Wing Riot, Liberty Island Media, and the importance of culture to the American way of life.

During the live show, we welcome your calls at (347) 945-7246 and your participation in the chat room. To listen online, click on this link to Writestream Tuesday – The Big Bang: The Lonesome George Chronicles, Book One. Or if you prefer to listen by phone, dial (347) 945-7246 (be sure to press “1” if you want to ask Griff a question and I’ll put you on the air asap).

Don’t miss Writestream Tuesday with author Roy M. Griffis on Tuesday, February 17 at 9 p.m. Eastern!



The Big Bang: The Lonesome George Chronicles, Book One by Roy M. Griffis

Griffis__Cover-640x1024If you’re a Writestream listener, chances are you have heard the wonderfully talented author and humorist Roy M. Griffis on the program, discussing his work with Liberty Island Media and his book, By The Hands of Men: The Old World. Roy is also a co-creator of the website, Right Wing Riot, the comic strip Truesbury, and the Right Wing Riot (now on hiatus until April) Public Service Satire segment, which airs in the second hour on Writestream Tuesday.

Roy just released his new novel, The Big Bang: The Lonesome George Chronicles, Book One:

In this page-turning post-apocalyptic thriller, Roy M. Griffis explores an alternate timeline in which America falls victim to a coordinated attack by Islamic jihadists and Chinese Communists. It’s 2008 and George W. Bush is still president. Three years later, the man called “Lonesome George” is in hiding, leading the resistance from a secret location.

Multiple plot lines skillfully braid the tales of resistance fighters in various parts of the country. Whistler is the hard-bitten commander of a military unit in Texas. Karen, a former congressional aide, stumbles through the radioactive rubble of Washington DC. Molly, a leftwing columnist in San Francisco, finally puts her talents to good use on the underground radio as the voice of the resistance. Alec, a famous Hollywood actor, loses his wife and daughter in the nuclear attack on Los Angeles and becomes a legendary fighter, inventing the gun that bears his name.

A vivid imagining of an America gone horribly wrong, written in gripping detail.

The book has received high praise from such prominent conservatives as Rich Lowry and Ben Shapiro, who respectively refer to The Big Bang as “A wild romp through a post-Apocalyptic America unimaginably awful but also highly contemporary,” and “Clever, witty, tense, and a thoroughly enjoyable read!”

Ready to experience the literary talents of Roy M. Griffis in his latest release? Purchase The Big Bang: The Lonesome George Chronicles, Part One, available in Kindle and paperback. And tune in to Writestream on February 17 when Roy M. Griffis will be my guest. I’ll have a promo link posted very soon.

Congratulations Griff, on a job well done – wishing you much success!



Love Liberty & Lip Gloss: Get Glowing with Ava Aston!

UPDATE: Missed the live show? Click below to listen and get the promo code Ava offers for 15% off of her already affordable, high quality product line:

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Ladies and Gentlemen, are you ready to look and feel your radiant best in 2015? Get Glowing - Ava Aston SkincareThen tune into Love Liberty & Lip Gloss on Thursday, January 22 at 1 p.m. Eastern when Lisa Tarves and I welcome my good friend, the multi-talented Ava Aston to talk about her new skincare line, Get Glowing. As many of you already know from previous interviews, Ava is an incredibly talented musician, singer, songwriter, and actor. Back in 2009, when we first became acquainted, she used some of my footage and photos in her video, We The People. But did you know that Ava is also a skincare expert who has recently launched her own line of products called Get Glowing?:

Growing up the daughter of a cosmetologist, she was always around beauty products. As a teenager she learned the importance of proper skincare, and its effects on aging. The rest as they say is history. She has been a skin care fanatic ever since. A confessed skincare junkie, Ava has tried every product the market has to offer. From drugstore brands, to pharmaceutical grade products, Ava has broken the code and found what really works. People joke and ask how she is “Aging in reverse.” Often stopped in public by strangers, some actually whip out a pen and paper to write down what she tells them. Ava’s Secret? It’s just five minutes in the morning and five minutes at night combined with no nonsense, high quality, medical grade skincare that delivers results, not broken promises. The opportunity arose for Ava to brand her own line and offer people the same revolutionary skincare she has been using on her own skin for the last fourteen years. Since healthy glowing skin is something Ava is Get Glowing Ad2passionate about, she decided to take the leap and “Get Glowing” was born. Most people don’t have access to products with this level of ingredients without a prescription or a hefty price tag directly from a dermatologist. Get Glowing will offer everyone access. We are proud to debut Ava Aston’s Get Glowing Skincare: No gimmicks, no gotcha’s, just cutting edge skincare formulations for men and women of all skin types that deliver revolutionary results. So what are you waiting for? Try it for yourself, and learn to love your skin again.

During the live show, we welcome your calls at (347) 945-7246 and your participation in the live chat room. For more information about Ava, visit her website We look forward to seeing you on Thursday, January 22 for Love Liberty & Lip Gloss: Get Glowing with Ava Aston!


So You Want to Hire A Ghostwriter?

STSCoverWEBIs there a book inside of you screaming to get out? I believe every person has an interesting tale to tell, but since we’re all blessed with different gifts and abilities, not everyone can effectively write their story in a way that will sell books and entertain readers. That’s what I love the most about my work: the ability to help others bring their concept to life through the written word, whether a memoir, guide book, or historical fiction novel.

So what is ghostwriting?

Like editing (a service I also provide), ghostwriting requires an eye for detail and consistency, a grasp of the English language, and a commitment to maintaining the author’s (my client’s) voice. However, ghostwriting demands much more. In many cases I’m starting with nothing more than another person’s concept, which requires hours of brainstorming and collaboration to distill it into a workable plot with compelling characters. Although I’ve also dealt with clients who have taken the time to create an outline (thus providing at least a good starting point), I’ve learned that in order for any project to succeed, the following factors are necessary:

  • At least 80% buy-in on my part as to the client’s message, goals, and motivation for writing the book.
  • Willingness to spend time with the client via phone or in person whenever possible, to facilitate my ability to write in their voice.
  • Mutual respect between the client and me for the project (honoring deadlines, agreed-upon phone calls or meetings, etc).
  • An understanding on my part that it’s my responsibility to make suggestions for improvement based on professional experience but that the client still has the final say.
  • An acceptance of constructive criticism and disagreement (never taking anything personally).
  • The necessity of having a basic respect for the client and what he/she is trying to accomplish through the project (see 80% buy-in above). I don’t have to become good friends with them, but I do need a certain amount of passion for the project because with writing, if your heart isn’t in it, it will definitely affect the quality of work.
  • The seemingly paradoxical ability to remain detached from the project, while simultaneously pouring my heart and soul into it.
  • Flexibility throughout the entire project because the creative process is fluid, particularly when dealing with another person’s concept.
  • Willingness to conduct hours of research (depending upon the scope of the project).
  • A shared sense of urgency (when I write my proposals, I always cite a completion date of 3-4 months after the start date, depending on the scope of the project).

FACEBOOK PROFILE-600x600 copyWhen I agree to provide ghostwriting services, I know I am dedicating a minimum of 100 hours of my time for a 200-300 page book, whether fiction or nonfiction. And my time is valuable. I’ve spent countless years developing my writing and communications skills (including Writestream and social media marketing), which means every client that hires me gets my very best. My proposals not only include ghostwriting (or editing, in the case of a book that a client has already written) but also:

  • Formatting for paperback and Kindle versions (different formatting is required for each);
  • Management of the self-publishing process (from formatting to uploading);
  • Assistance with obtaining ISBN numbers (a different one is required for paperback and Kindle, even though it’s the same book);
  • Consultation with my trusted graphic designer Kia Heavey;
  • Set-up of a Word Press site and desired social media platforms;
  • Social media training;
  • Social media management (e.g. if the client doesn’t have the time to do their own marketing on a daily basis);
  • An interview on all appropriate Writestream programs (depending on the book’s content).

While most experienced ghostwriters charge a minimum of $8,000 just to write a 100-300 page book, this price does not include the services listed above. In my effort to provide comprehensive services at a reasonable cost to as many people as possible, my rates typically begin at $5,000, depending on the project. Although many ghostwriters charge an hourly rate that usually starts at $50.00, I prefer to set an agreed-upon project price at the outset, which is why I offer a 30-minute free consultation with the prospect, then carefully arrive at a project price based on estimated hours required for completion. Setting a project price avoids any perception on the client’s part of being “nickled and dimed to death” and simplifies the payment process. I offer a 10% discount on the overall project price should the client choose to pay for everything in advance.

Regardless of the fee for any given project (unless the client chooses advance payment with a 10% discount), I require a 50% advance to start working, with the balance due when all work outlined in the proposal is completed and approved.

BookStackIn terms of book credit, I never demand that my name appear on the book cover, but I do ask every client for a reference. While I’m honored to have my name appear on the book in an “as told to” or “with” capacity, it’s not required. Still, as is the case with a prospect I am currently negotiating with, I’m definitely open to the opportunity. ;)

Whether you hire me to ghostwrite or edit your book, I include the social media services bulleted above because as an independent author, leveraging the power of social media is a necessity if your goal is to connect with your readers and sell copies. However, if your goal is simply to write and publish a book to share with family and friends, I can also quote a project price limited to those services, with the option of hiring me at a future date to set-up and/or manage social media accounts.

So, is there a book inside of you screaming to get out? Contact me here and let’s get started!

UPDATE: In my original post, I’d included the photo image of the front cover of A Snobby Girl’s Guide to Dealing with Cancer, in an effort to highlight the design skills of Kia Heavey and my involvement in the project as an editor, and independent publishing/social media consultant. It has come to my attention that the inclusion of this cover in a post dedicated to ghostwriting suggests that I ghostwrote the book, which is not true. This highly recommended memoir/journal/guide was written by cancer survivor Maureen Miles Bucci. My apologies for any confusion.




Writestream: Shatter the Narrative on February 10

10273414_1488207624754603_2676597245357386743_nAs promised a few months ago, Shatter the Narrative will be a regular monthly feature on Writestream Tuesday in 2015. As culture warriors, one of the best ways we can create positive change is to take on the pervasive, destructive myths deliberately foisted upon our society by the left, with the intention of dismantling and destroying everything good, decent, and unique about American life. If you missed the inaugural broadcast, click here.

On Tuesday, February 10, CLFA members Jack July, James L. Young, Declan Finn, Marina Fontaine and Ms. Always Right will participate in a panel discussion eviscerating the following narratives:

  • Existence of the “Moderate Muslim”
  • Gun Control Laws Stop Gun Violence
  • Republican = Conservative
  • “Southerners are Stupid”
  • The only way to achieve “racial equality” is through the State

During the live show, we welcome your calls at (347) 945-7246 and your presence in the chat room. Please be advised that during this particular episode, we’re focused exclusively on the topics above, so if you do call in, keep it relevant to the conversation. Unfortunately, there’s an endless supply of narratives in need of shattering, which is why “Shatter the Narrative” is now a regular, monthly feature. If you have a suggestion for a topic for an upcoming panel, please contact me here.

To listen online, click on this link to Blog Talk Radio Writestream Tuesday: “Shatter the Narrative”. Or to listen by phone, dial (347) 945-7246. We look forward to seeing you there!



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