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The Writestream Radio Network was founded in March of 2013 for the purpose of offering exposure to knowledgeable guests, and providing diverse programming and useful information for our listeners. Although Blog Talk Radio charges us $400 per year for the premium membership, we’ve never charged our guests a dime for appearing on any of our programs, and each of our hosts spends several hours per week on promotion of their guests, which includes booking appearances, creating the Blog Talk Radio episodes, and broadcasting across various social media platforms. Lisa Tarves and I put a great deal of time and energy into our individual shows Just Believe and Writestream Tuesday, and our mutual show Love Liberty & Lip Gloss – in addition to managing the Writestream and Love Liberty & Lip Gloss social media accounts. And this doesn’t include the effort we put into our individual businesses’ social media accounts.

WritestreamLogo-800x533We’re happy to do it, because Writestream benefits our guests, listeners, hosts, and individual businesses. All of this comes at a cost, however. It’s not just our time, but our resources. And for me personally, the time I devote to existing clients – whether I’m setting up a Word Press site, writing their book, or training them on social media – must be balanced with the effort to keep the client funnel full. That effort would be much easier with a marketing budget to enable me to do things like promote Facebook pages and sponsor tweets.


So I decided to set up a Go Fund Me campaign, which you can read about in detail here. Any amount you can donate is greatly appreciated and will be applied toward our business goals. Thanks in advance!

And a big thank you to those who have already donated. I’ve reached out via personal email so I won’t mention names here but I genuinely appreciate the generosity of these individuals and look forward to making them proud with a tremendous growth year in 2015!


For more information, visit

Wishing all of our listeners and supporters a very blessed Holiday Season!


Happy Anniversary CLFA!


Just over a year ago, my friend and fabulous writer/author Jamie Wilson added me to a new Facebook group –  Conservative Libertarian Fiction Alliance. And I am so thankful she did because I’ve not only developed wonderful friendships but also discovered a wealth of creative talent to interview on Writestream Tuesday. Eventually, my involvement in the CLFA led to a great new segment in the show’s second hour – Right Wing Riot – Public Service Satire featuring Scary Smart, Ms. Always Right, and The Prince of Whitebread.

And on Tuesday, December 16, I’ll welcome one of CLFA’s founders, Marina Fontaine, to the program to share her thoughts about the CLFA’s  purpose, growth, and goals for 2015. We’ll also delve into universal challenges facing independent authors like choosing the right platform for you book, managing expectations, and using social media for success. Other topics to be discussed include how to write an honest but constructively critical review for fellow indy authors, and how CLFA members manage to remain friends even when passionate thread topics become….well, passionate.


During the live show, we may even add to some of the gift-giving suggestions from the December 2 episode and welcome calls from CLFA members and Writestream listeners at (347) 945-7246.  After the first hour, stay tuned for the Right Wing Riot with Scary Smart, Ms. Always Right, and The Prince of Whitebread!

To listen via computer, click on this link to Blog Talk Radio, Writestream Tuesday: Happy Anniversary CLFA! Or to listen by phone, dial (347) 945-7246.



Writestream Tuesday with author Pamela Jones and Ms. Always Right – UPDATED


Please join me on Tuesday, December 9 for Writestream when I welcome author Pamela Jones to the show to talk about her book Tomorrow Never Comes and her writing career. Learn more about Pamela Jones at her website but here’s an excerpt from her bio:

I’m a self-published author of contemporary women’s fiction. I’ve written 19 contemporary short stories about women and love for the following magazines:

  • Jive
  • Bronze Thrills
  • Black Confessions
  • Black Romance
  • Black Secrets
  • True Black Experience
  • True Black Passions
  • True Black Secrets

In addition, I’ve also written essays and poetry. I’ve spent the past three years writing online content for websites, including private clients.

I am looking forward to interviewing this incredibly talented writer/author in the first hour of the show!

Author Pamela Jones.

Author Pamela Jones.

As for hour two of the show, I have good news and bad news. The bad news first: There will be no Right Wing Riot because – alas! – The Prince of Whitebread must toil at his day job to put food on the table for the Royal Family. As for Scary Smart, her renowned writing and editing skills are in such demand she will not be able to partake in Public Service Satire either. However, Ms. Always Right has the flexibility to spend some time on the air with me during her lunch break…and she has a few things to say about Today’s Neo-Victorian Feminists. I, for one, can’t wait to hear her rant!


To listen online, click on this link to Writestream Tuesday with author Pamela Jones. Or if you prefer to listen by phone, dial (347) 945-7246. If you would like to ask Pamela a question, just press “1” during the live broadcast to get into the queue. Ms. Always Right and I also welcome your questions and comments in the second hour.

UPDATE: I’ve just received word that Scary Smart will be joining Ms. Always Right in the second half of the broadcast — and she also has a few things to say about Neo-Victorian Feminists.


Writestream Tuesday: Best Books of 2014


I had a blast today interviewing some of the most talented independent authors I know on Writestream Tuesday. Although not all of these books were actually published in 2014, I certainly didn’t encounter them until 2014 when I interviewed their authors on my weekly show. Adding to my enjoyment, The Mysterious and Alluring Ms. Always Right from the Right Wing Riot joined me as co-host since The Prince of Whitebread and Scary Smart were otherwise engaged in productive activities, known as “day jobs.” I really appreciate the fact that Ms. Always Right devoted her lunch break to spending an hour on the air with me. Not only is she an absolute delight and a great talent, she’s one of the most genuinely decent people I know.

Many thanks to participating authors Daniella Bova, Jack July, Declan Finn, Maureen Miles Bucci, Robert Gore, and Alexandra Swann. It was a blast chatting with all of you!

If you missed it live, click below to listen. You just might find some excellent books for the readers on your shopping list!

Check Out Writing Podcasts at Blog Talk Radio with Writestream Radio Network on BlogTalkRadio

NOTE: Mainly due to time constraints, I wasn’t able to discuss some books I originally included in the broadcast outline today. I will definitely plug them on our upcoming CLFA Anniversary show on December 16. Stay tuned!


Writestream Tuesday with author Carmen DeSousa – UPDATED with Archive


UPDATE: Missed it live? Click below to listen.

Check Out Writing Podcasts at Blog Talk Radio with Writestream Radio Network on BlogTalkRadio

I am absolutely thrilled to welcome the wonderfully talented author Carmen DeSousa to Writestream Tuesday on November 25 at 1 p.m. Eastern to talk about her books and background. Here’s a bit about Carmen from her website, which I highly recommend visiting:

CarmenA reader and writer since I could hold a pen and paper, it was only natural I would eventually start writing for others, and of course, be a large advocate for independent writers.

My taste in reading includes everything from sweet and silly, to sensual and thrilling. The only thing I will not read is anything extremely graphic in nature, whether it is in the form of a physical attack or sexual in nature. I have a great imagination—that’s why I read— so I don’t need every detail spelled out for me.

And my writing is pretty much the same… There are few topics that I am not willing to take on as an author. Though it may be a tad misleading—especially to potential male readers—I write what I call modern-day fairytales. Think about it…those fairytales we read as a child were anything but mild. What we call a fairytale usually started off as an abused or tragedy-stricken child.

Well, I take that concept and what many people deal with in real, modern-day life and attempt to help my protagonist find a way out of their tragedies and find their happily-ever-after. Because let’s face it, isn’t that what we are all trying to do—find our happily-ever-after?

Carmen and I go live at 1:05 p.m. Eastern when she’ll join me for a 50-minute interview before the Right Wing Riot takes over with some much-needed Public Service Satire. In the first half of the program, I welcome your calls and questions for Carmen at (347) 945-7246 and your participation in the live chat.


To listen online, click on this link to Writestream Tuesday with author Carmen DeSousa or call (347) 945-7246 to listen by phone. Join me for a great interview with a very accomplished author!

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