“Ms. DiGiovanni is an impassioned champion of good old-fashioned stories.”


Griffis__Cover-640x1024Very thankful for this wonderful testimonial:

“Writestream Radio” is the right place to go.  Ms. DiGiovanni is an impassioned champion of good old-fashioned stories.  Old-fashioned meaning they’re free of political cant, have something of a moral center, and are just plain entertaining.  She was a delightful interviewer who encouraged me to talk about my process and the story itself, something that I as an introvert don’t do easily, but Daria made it fun and I even learned things about my novel I hadn’t realized until her thoughtful questioning revealed it to me.  Short version:  she’s great.”

— Prince O’Whitebread, aka Roy M. Griffis, author The Big Bang, Volume One of the Lonesome George Chronicles and By The Hands of Men Series.


Get Fit, Feel Fabulous with Britt: Day 44


Now that I’ve made it far beyond the initial 30 days, I am planning to take my weight and measurements every two weeks, which means today marks another check-in with the scale and tape measure. Damalis and I will be heading to Publix shortly, where they have a very large, accurate scale tucked away in the pharmacy. And we’ll take each other’s measurements, which will also be noted here on the blog, along with photos.

Yesterday Damalis hosted her first “launch party” at her home. Her two lovely neighbors across the street — a mother-daughter duo — attended, along with a family member and of course, our wonderful sponsor Britt and fellow business-builder, Pim. I can’t say enough about all of the support we’re receiving in our efforts to lose weight, get healthy, and build a successful business. Every time Britt makes a presentation I learn something new to apply to my own mission of sharing these products with everyone I know.

The fabulous Britt Allen.

The fabulous Britt Allen.

Britt explains the products to an interested guest.

Britt explains the products to an interested guest.

Damalis shares her success story with the products.

Damalis shares her success story with the products.

Throughout this journey, I am discovering how to become a good leader, motivator, and coach. Last night I spent some time on the phone explaining the 30-Day Weight Loss and Fat Burning System to a new couple I enrolled. They are both incredibly motivated and ready to dive in, which makes all the difference in the world. If you want to make a real change in your life for the better, you must be absolutely committed to say and do the things needed to bring about that change. This commitment includes tapping into the power of thought and recognizing that You Are An Overcomer:

God has given me everything I need to succeed. What an empowering idea! The power of God in me is greater than any difficulty. I tap into the guidance of God to navigate unexpected barriers. One with God, I can overcome any challenge and achieve any goal.

The love of God in me brings harmony into any chaotic situation. The strength of God in me provides me the will and energy to overcome any circumstance.

My faith gives me patience, insight, discernment, and positive expectations. I use my imagination to envision the best outcomes.Through the power of God in me, I achieve my dreams. I prevail. I am an overcomer!

Not coincidentally, I found this wonderful talk by Nancy Norman, entitled The Power of Thought.

Highly recommended listening! I’ll be back soon with updates and photos. ;)




Writestream Radio: Big Plans for 2015


People have asked me why I set up a Go Fund Me account for Writestream — as if the rest of the world doesn’t routinely do so for much more frivolous and serious reasons. But since the question has come up, let me take a few moments to respond on my blog. I founded Writestream Radio Network two years ago for various reasons:

  • To be a built-in marketing arm for my clients once we released their books
  • To promote independently published authors in a variety of genres
  • To cater to diverse tastes and interests

My ability as a ghostwriter, editor, blogger, social media consultant, and internet radio host has no bearing on the current Go Fund Me Campaign we’re running. I’m a small business owner, sole-proprietor, which means I use my brain and my God-given talents to make a living. Ghostwriting just one book demands a significant amount of time, energy, effort, and commitment — which is why experienced ghostwriters charge a minimum of $8,000 for a 200-300 page book. That does NOT include formatting, consulting with a graphic designer, managing the self-publishing process, or setting up blogs and other social media accounts.

In an attempt to make hiring a ghostwriter more accessible to the greatest amount of people possible, I came up with competitive rates that include the above-mentioned services. Basically, I do more for less. And judging by these testimonials, my clients are very happy with my work.

But back to Writestream.

Lisa Tarves and I share the responsibilities for growing this network, which entails a significant amount of time spent booking guests, setting up episodes, blogging about them on our site, and then promoting them constantly before and after the interviews. Up until this point, we haven’t charged our guests a dime.

However, Writestream costs us money including Blog Talk Radio membership and website hosting, just to name a few. This year, we’re working hard on a collaborative marketing venture, a website redesign, and plans to launch our own publishing company by the end of the year.

To help defray costs, I set up a Go Fund Me account a few months ago. If you would like to contribute, please visit www.gofundme.com/writestream. If you’ve been a guest on our network (on any of our programs) we hope you’ll consider sending us a testimonial about the experience. Contact me here.

Lisa and I would like to thank everyone who has cheered us on over the past two years, and of course, all of the folks who have contributed to our fund. We’re passionate about our work as authors and social media marketers, which is why we’ll continue to work hard to produce quality programming and books.

Soon we’ll be unveiling our new site but in the meantime, please like us Facebook and follow us on twitter.




Get Fit, Feel Fabulous with Britt: Day 29


Less than 24 hours to go before the big reveal! I’ll be posting a Before and After photo, along with inches and pounds lost after 30 days. In the meantime, if you missed today’s show, click to listen.

Check Out Lifestyle Podcasts at Blog Talk Radio with Writestream Radio Network on BlogTalkRadio


Get Fit, Feel Fabulous with Britt: Day 28


I am bit late in publishing today’s entry for some very good reasons. Another close friend and her husband decided to give the program a try, so I spent some time on the phone explaining products and helping with the order. Then I got a call from Writestream’s Military Monday host John D. Gresham, who is traveling through my part of the state tomorrow and wants to get together. Imagine: after five years of online/social media friendship, we finally get to meet in person! Looking forward to it, and will definitely post pics. ;)

Damalis and I are two days away from taking our 30-Day measurements and weight, and remain hopeful and excited! Once again, when I looked in the mirror this morning I was delighted by what I saw: noticeable results. I have no doubt that within another 30 days I will have reached my weight loss goals and can transition into ongoing maintenance. Not that I mind, because this program is NOT a hardship. The products taste good and they work, plus they ensure that I am maintaining muscle mass, which is very important. This program defines living well, as opposed to “dieting” but I have to admit I am psyched about fitting back into my clothes — and of course, getting new ones for my new “look!”

Damalis and I have plans for a shopping adventure once we both reach our goals. Can’t wait!

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