Us Is Invisible: A Year of Thoughts on Marriage, Parenting, and Life from a Two-Time Loser and Big-Time Winner

I’m excited to announce that Us Is Invisible: A Year of Thoughts on Marriage, Parenting and Life from a Two-Time Loser and Big-Time Winner by Reid Lundy will be released in paperback this month. As Reid’s consultant on the project, I had the pleasure of editing this fun, inspiring, and touching book, which often evoked tears and laughter as I pored through 365 days of the author’s wisdom gleaned from life experience.

From the book description:

Reid Lundy entered his twenties sitting high on a wall of hopes and dreams for the future; full of self, ego, and pride. Before the end of his third decade of life, he had fallen off that wall and shattered into bits and pieces. Before his thirtieth birthday, he’d been married and divorced twice. As custodial father to a three-year-old son, he worked a job that was going nowhere, struggled and sometimes failed to keep the bills paid and the lights on, and resigned himself to the fact that he was just not any good at being married.

Us Is Invisible was not written by a marriage expert. The author is not a degreed or trained therapist, nor a child psychologist – just a guy who made massive mistakes and paid a price for his immaturity, selfishness, and sometimes outright stupidity.

This book guides you through a year of thoughts on marriage, parenting, and life lessons learned from the mistakes and failures of a two-time loser, and the celebrations of the joys and victories of a big-time winner.

Follow Reid on Twitter @ReidLundyTN, connect with him on Facebook and visit his website, www.reidlundy.comI’ll post a link and an announcement when the book is available for purchase on Amazon and everywhere books are sold online.

Thank you, Reid, for sharing your life’s lessons learned for the spiritual and personal growth of others. I’m looking forward to future collaborations.


Day 10 – Tasha Chen’s Science of Getting Rich Academy

Day 10 – Tasha Chen’s Science of Getting Rich Academy

You cannot retain a true and clear vision of wealth if you are constantly turning your attention to opposing pictures, whether they be external or imaginary.

Do not tell of your past troubles of a financial nature; if you have had them, do not think of them at all. Do not tell anyone of the poverty of your parents, or the hardships of your early life. To do any of these things is to mentally class yourself with the poor for the time being, and it will certainly check the movement of things in your direction.

“Let the dead bury their dead,” as Jesus said.

Put poverty and all things that pertain to poverty completely behind you.

Think of the riches the world is coming into, instead of the poverty it is growing out of; and bear in mind that the only way in which you can assist the world in growing rich is by growing rich yourself through the creative method — not the competitive one.

Give your attention wholly to riches; ignore poverty.

Emphasis mine because this was a key point for me from the time I started this program with Tasha.

When you understand that the Universal supply is limitless, that there is more than enough for everybody, it removes all guilt about “taking” from someone else. On the creative plane, there is no such thing as competition, because you are causing what you want to be created — not attempting to steal a creation from someone else. The creative plane offers equal opportunity for all, regardless of race, background, health, social status or any other factor.

Any individual who makes the effort to learn and apply these principles will succeed. And not only that, they will inspire and encourage the people around them to do the same.

As Wattles says, “The very best thing you can do for the whole world is to make the most of yourself. You can serve God and man in no more effective way than by getting rich; that is, if you get rich by the creative method and not by the competitive one.”

What a freeing concept.

Still, this system requires focused concentration and the avoidance of all conflicting ideas, if you are to succeed. In today’s world, I can’t think of anything more valuable than proving the validity of living in the Certain Way and showing others how they can too. Everyone could then release all thoughts of victim-hood, take control of their thinking and behavior, live their dreams, and teach others how to follow their example.

Listen to Tasha’s reading of Chapter 10 below.


Remembering Eternity Author Richard Maddox’s Writestream Radio Testimonial

Remembering Eternity Author Richard Maddox’s Writestream Radio Testimonial

Daria is the gracious host of a wonderful radio program. I was fortunate enough to be her guest recently, and found her easy to talk to and very well prepared. I highly recommend Writestream Radio Network.

If you missed my on-air conversation with this wonderful author, click below to listen. Richard is offering his book for 99 cents on Kindle through September 27. I am in the process of reading Remembering Eternity and highly recommend it!

To connect with Richard, visit his website Click here to download the Kindle version