Leslie Sansone: You Can Do Yoga – A Review

Although the Leslie Sansone: You Can Do Yoga DVD was released in 2012, I just purchased it a few weeks ago from Amazon.com and started using it this past Sunday. From the beginning, I was addicted! Having taken Yoga classes in the past (decades ago) as a means of dealing with panic and anxiety, and, more recently, on the beach with my good friend Britt, I was already familiar with the basic Yoga moves.

However, Leslie’s down-to-earth manner, clear instruction, and well-organized routines make the daily practice of Yoga simple and enjoyable. On the first track, she takes the time to demonstrate and explain each pose that will be incorporated into a free-flowing routine on the second track — setting up her viewers for success. Furthermore, she stresses the importance of breathing normally, explaining that the the first step in mastering Yoga is to learn the poses; the rest can come later. That was a relief to me, since in my past experience with real-life classes, it was difficult to combine the advanced Yoga breathing (breath of fire, etc.) with the actual moves.

For those who love her Walk at Home Fitness DVDs, she also includes a track that integrates Yoga with walking and features two of her popular walkers. If you’re seeking to expand and enhance your fitness regimen with Yoga, I highly recommend Leslie Sansone: You Can Do Yoga.


Four Favorite Brands of 2015

In addition to launching Writestream Publishing LLC and adding a seventh show, Get Fit Feel Fabulous with Britt to our Writestream Radio Network, I also discovered some fabulous brands in 2015:

1. Isagenix – “Solutions to Transform Lives”

I came across Isagenix nutritional products in early 2015 via my friend Britt Allen, host of Get Fit Feel Fabulous. At 75, Britt is a dynamic, active achiever who truly wants to help others become healthy and financially secure. In my first month on these products I lost 20 pounds and about 15 inches, and continue to get closer to my ultimate goal. Beyond weight loss, however, Isagenix products provide optimal nutrition and convenience. And the company has excellent customer service. When my last shipment arrived with a damaged box of IsaPRO chocolate (one of the packets had ripped open, covering everything in chocolate powder), I took pictures and called the corporate office. The rep was courteous and efficient: all I had to do was explain what happened and give him the Lot #. He immediately sent out a replacement box – no photos required.

If you want to be as healthy and vibrant as possible, I highly recommend Isagenix.

2. Glowosity Skin Care – My longtime friend, singer/songwriter/actress Ava Aston extended her brand by releasing Glowosity this year. Lisa and I interviewed her on Love Liberty & Lip Gloss twice in 2015 and I started using her products this past July. Having been blessed with beautiful skin, I’d been frustrated in recent years by things like dryness under my eyes. After just a few days of using the products there was noticeable improvement. Now my skin is soft and radiant. Best of all, Ava has priced her line as low as allowed by law to make them accessible to as many people as possible. It’s not network marketing; it’s simply purchasing great products online and having them delivered to your door. And the products work for men and women. Listen to our interview below to learn more.

3. Hummingwell Wellness Bars – I discovered these delicious bars when I met Writestream client Sabrina Hernandez-Cano, co-author of Miami Breast Cancer Experts. Sabrina is an award-winning nutritionist who developed Hummingwell with her friend Allen Breteson (one of the people to whom the book is dedicated). These bars are especially good with coffee but great anytime for either a snack (one bar) or a meal replacement (two bars).

Visit Hummingwell.com for more info.



4. doTerra Essential Oils – Having used essential oils to help with gum problems with excellent results, I was already aware of at least some of their health benefits. However, after attending a gathering via a good friend who swears by their products, I discovered doTerra. Our host, health coach Eve Colantoni, shared her incredible story (which you can read here) and provided an excellent overview of doTerra and the many uses of essential oils. I’m just getting started but so far I love the supplements, orange oil, and lemon oil I’m using. I must say, the highest quality products always seem to come from network marketing companies; in doTerra’s case, they offer the best deals for wholesale customers who just want to use good products.


Get Fit, Feel Fabulous with Britt: Fitting Into the Dress and Other Milestones

Have you ever purchased something “on sale,” even if it didn’t fit, just because you liked it and the price was right? I’ve been known to do this on occasion but must admit, very rarely have I ever reached my ultimate goal of wearing whatever “steal” I just had to have in the moment.

Little did I know when I purchased this shimmery blue dress at Charming Charlie over my Christmas vacation in Philly that I’d actually — finally — break that bad habit, and you know, fit into it. When I returned to Florida, I figured I’d continue my daily Leslie workouts and low-carb lifestyle, though neither had been producing results because, unknown to me, my body still wasn’t getting the nutrition it needed. It would be another couple of weeks before I’d attend an informational meeting with Britt, followed by another five days to receive my products, which meant I didn’t actually start the program until February 6.

For my 30-day diary, click here.

After 30 days, in spite of losing 12 pounds and almost 15 inches, the dress still didn’t zip up — getting stuck just above my waist. Turned out, I’d gained much more weight across my upper back than I was willing to admit to myself prior to starting the program. Still, I soldiered on.

Then other day, having been well into my third month, I decided to give it another try — with great results!


Yay, it finally fits!

Now that I’ve broken the pattern of impulsively buying something “on sale” even if it’s too small, then failing to lose the weight and inches necessary to comfortably wear the article of clothing, I’m moving onto my next goal: fitting back into my “skinny jeans” (which I most likely haven’t worn since sometime in 2002):

Skinny jeans, here I come!

Skinny jeans, here I come!

For me, setting goals of comfortably wearing beloved articles of clothing is much more meaningful and effective than obsessing over the number on the scale (though I do take my measurements monthly). If your body looks fantastic and in fact, is healthy at 130 pounds, why try to force yourself to weigh 110 just because some chart tells you that’s what you’re supposed to weigh at your height?

It makes absolutely no sense and is probably one of the reasons why so many people simply give up when it comes to achieving their health and weight loss goals. We’re not robots; we’re individuals. And based on our unique physiological make-ups, there is no definitive number that applies to all based on height alone. For more on this, listen to the podcast, Resolution Recharge with nutritionist Sara Richter.

In the meantime, if you are ready to take charge of your health, give your body the nutrition it needs to function properly, experience better health and increased energy, age with vitality, and yes — lose weight if that’s also your desired goal, CONTACT ME to get started.






Owning My Life

I started my Isagenix journey on February 6 with optimism, determination, and for the first time, actual hope. After 30 days, I’d not only lost 12 pounds an 14.25 inches but was well on my way to building a residual income — something I resisted at first, due to past experiences with other network marketing companies and uplines. And it soon became clear to me why Isagenix stands alone in this industry: a fantastic product line, excellent customer service, an incredible compensation plan, a supportive team, and a multitude of easy-to-navigate websites brimming with information in the form of articles, videos, and podcasts.

When I reached the rank of Consultant almost two weeks ago, I received a personal phone call from Ronnie in the home office to congratulate me. I also earned a $50 bonus just for the promotion, along with an override on my team’s volume.

Today, I got the following in the mail from the person waaay at the top of our upline.


Own my life?

Sounds like a great idea to me! If you want to learn more about the program, contact me here to set up a free phone consultation.

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