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Latest Reviews of Water Signs

My first novel is now on sale for $2.99 in Kindle format while I dedicate myself to completing the sequel this year. In the meantime, I am thrilled to have recently received the following reviews:

Water Signs is one of those rare books that makes you feel like you want to meet the characters in person. Yes, they are that real. It is beautifully written with passion for our country and romance. It is one of those books that is just like a good movie, where you hate to see it end. Speaking of more…please Daria, write the sequel as we are left sitting on the edge our seats wanting more. Madeline Rose and her charming husband Kenny will enrich your lives with their love for each other. Yes, a perfect romance does exist.


I fell in love with Rose from the very beginning and couldn’t wait to know more and more about her story. I am rooting for her and hope the author will consider writing a sequel. I would like to be informed if she does. Her writing style kept me engaged and intrigued. I appreciate an author like DiGiovanni who has a keen knowledge of English language and who writes as if you were right there with the main character. Kudos to you!


Water Signs on Kindle for $2.99

WaterSigns2.jpgBetter late than never, my 2008 novel Water Signs is now available on Kindle for $2.99. It’s been an interesting journey, navigating through this brave new media marketing world over the past six years. Although I haven’t actively promoted the book in a very long time, I recently realized that 1.) My network of contacts, friends and clients has dramatically increased thanks to platforms like Facebook and Twitter, providing a large new base of potential readers, and 2.) Now that I’ve completed two ghostwritten books and have a handle on social media projects for clients, I can make the time to (finally) finish Sea To Shining Sea.

One of the many benefits of being an independently published author is that you can never really penetrate your market; therefore, there are endless opportunities to reach new readers. And what better way to pave the way to sequel success than to have my audience fall in love with (or in many cases, all over again) Water Signs just before the sequel’s release?

If you would like to download Water Signs to your Kindle for $2.99, click here. For insights into the book’s various themes, literary techniques and characters, click here.

Thank you to everyone who supports my writing — I appreciate you! :)


My Interview with Brooke Musterman of Reptilian Rantings

Many thanks to my good friend and author Brooke Musterman for featuring me on her blog Reptilian Rantings! Please see excerpt below and visit Reptilian Rantings to read the entire piece:

What does a typical day look like for you?

Lately a typical day consists of planning and executing weekly twitter chats for The Peoples Vote, blogging about the upcoming launch and latest developments with the company (e.g. our upcoming meetings with reps in Washington D.C.), then putting out the content on all TPV social media platforms (twitter, FB, LinkedIn, etc). I also spend a lot of time reaching out to radio hosts, bloggers and journalists, to book interviews and secure features about the company and its founder Chuck Kirkpatrick.

I also maintain my own blog www.dariadigiovanni.com where I write about politics, current events, family happenings and other things like book and restaurant reviews. I’m also attempting to finish my sequel to Water Signs, Sea To Shining Sea, and am still stuck in Chapter 5!

As you can imagine, I probably spend way too much time on the computer!

But I do find time for Leslie Sansone’s 4-mile Walk At Home workout, which keeps me in shape mentally and physically.

Thank you Brooke!


Water Signs Featured on SVT Publishing!

Hard to believe it’s been over four years since I first sat down to write and subsequently publish Water Signs. And thanks to my good friend Don Smith, the novel is still generating interest. Check out his feature article The Signs of Summer Reading with Daria DiGiovanni on SVT Publishing:

SVT PUBLISHING: Let’s cut to the chase, what inspired you to write Water Signs?

DARIA DIGIOVANNI: Several reasons: It is a loosely autobiographical tale featuring characters that represent the American dream.

My hero, Ken Lockheart is a US Navy veteran who hails from a close, traditional and blue-collar family. Wanting something more out of his life than his Jersey Shore town can give him, he enlists in the Navy to serve his country (facing harsh disapproval from his father, who doesn’t support his ambition, but takes it as a personal insult). Ken doesn’t blame others for his circumstances, but works hard while he strives for something better.

Maddy’s father, is based on my own dad, and he is the son of hard-working immigrants. He works his way through college and medical school, always grateful for the opportunity this country affords him, and goes on to have a great career.

My book also presents a positive portrayal of Italian Americans versus the stereotype that is prevalent in our culture. The Rose family is based on my own family – hard working, upstanding people and proud Americans.

Maddy represents the struggle to honor one’s values and upbringing while trying to function in the modern dating world (conflict between morality and desire; women’s magazines never seem to represent her viewpoints; still sees herself as a chubby adolescent, even though she’s blossomed into a lovely young woman).

This story shares how Maddy and Ken both overcome challenges that test their faith, their relationship and their strength, but through the course of the novel, they come “full-circle” with a renewed faith in God and spirituality, and deep, abiding trust in each other.

Read the rest here.

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