“A Love Story You Can’t Miss!”

“A Love Story You Can’t Miss!”

What a wonderful surprise to see this latest review of Water Signs, posted by Jennie L:

I often sift through books and read the reviews and endorsements to see what people are saying about the book and I’m Happy to say I was both pleased by the reviews for this book, but even more so when I read it for myself!! Well worth five stars and beyond. It’s one of those books that REALLY moved me, like a deep emotional impact and it was just a wild adventure that really allowed my imagination to soar. Since reviews helped me in deciding to get this book I wanted to help other readers know they are in for a REAL treat with this book and I know it will leave footprints on your heart. 🙂

As a writer, it doesn’t get any better than that. Knowing your book was received with love, appreciation, and understanding is the best reward for living and writing; if it leaves footprints on the heart of just one reader, the effort was well worth it. Thank you, Jennie, for taking the time to read and review!

If you would like to purchase your copy of Water Signs in paperback or eBook, click here.


Help Water Signs Go Hollywood!

Help Water Signs Go Hollywood!

I just created an IndieGoGo Campaign to help fund my dream of bringing Madeline and Ken’s story to the screen:

It’s every writer’s dream to have their book turned into a movie. And now that dream is coming to fruition and I need your help.

Water Signs, my first novel, which is a loosely autobiographical tale of first love and second chances has the opportunity to GO HOLLYWOOD! My book has been called “A Truly Great American Romantic Novel,” but how it came into existence is a story unto itself…

In 1994, after relocating to Florida I discovered that the man I was deeply and wildly in love with was engaged to another woman. Too painful for my heart and soul to bare, I forced myself into having amnesia about him. Summoning all my strength, I accepted the experience as a catalyst for personal and spiritual growth. I embraced the Sunshine State as my new home.

Or so I thought.

Fourteen years later, on a Sunday afternoon, a psychic blew the floodgates of memories wide open by speaking his name and describing the relationship. Everything I thought I’d forgotten about him and about “us”, came rising back up to my consciousness.

I didn’t have a choice. I had to write about it. With the help of detailed, handwritten journals I had kept, I began the story; within four months, I’d written the first draft and a few months after that, I published Water Signs: A Story of Love and Renewal.

I had no idea the impact my autobiographical tale of first love and second chances would have on others. One reviewer says, “Water Signs is one of those rare books that makes you feel like you want to meet the characters in person. Yes, they are that real. It is beautifully written with passion for our country and romance. It is one of those books that is just like a good movie, where you hate to see it end.”

I want to get this story out to the world in a huge way! It’s my dream!

Making my book an Amazon Bestseller and building a platform of engaged readers could mean the difference between a producer green-lighting the project or tossing it into the garbage.

Please consider contributing to my fund to help bring this beautiful story to a larger audience through the magic of movie-making. I am grateful for any amount you can donate and have created some perks as my way of saying “Thank You.” Check them out on my page.



I’ve created some perks on the site, beginning with donations as little as $5, since every dollar counts. Click here to see my IndieGoGo Campaign.


My First Byline in ‘The Happy Times Monthly,’ (Happy Herald)

My First Byline in ‘The Happy Times Monthly,’ (Happy Herald)

Someone once said that the only reason to look back is to see how far you’ve come. In terms of my writing and publishing career, I just realized it has been 20 years since my first article was published in a local South Florida paper known as ‘The Happy Times Monthly,’ now the Happy Herald.

Back then, the internet was not as advanced as it is today and believe it or not, I didn’t even own a personal computer. I actually typed the article on a typewriter and snail-mailed it to Founder/Publisher Brigitte Lang, after a good friend suggested I should start putting a writing portfolio together. Funny thing is, weeks went by and I never heard anything back from Brigitte. Then, one hot summer day in Boca Raton, another girlfriend called me to share the news that she’d just been in Whole Foods and had seen my headline article (along with the photo I’d submitted) in a stack of free papers. She was nearly out of breath, she was so excited. Having known about my brother Ralph, she was thrilled to see his story in print.

Not only had I finally been published, but my first article was chosen to be the headline. And, although it had not been my motive for writing it, the piece captured the attention of someone else – the man on whom Ken is based in Water Signs. When he saw it, he called the newspaper for my number to congratulate me. Since Brigitte maintains an excellent policy of keeping her contributor’s phone numbers private, she took his name and number and promised to share the information with me. Which she did.

I described the mixed emotions I felt back then in the novel, especially upon discovering Ken was now a father to a baby girl. On one hand, I appreciated the pride he expressed in me, knowing it had been a lifelong dream; on the other, I relived the pain of what had happened, mainly because of an inability to communicate. Ironic, I know.

Anyway, fast-forward about 11 years later, and this real-life event became a pivotal scene in Water Signs: A Story of Love and Renewal:

Beneath the headline ‘My Brother – My Hero,’ and the byline bearing the author’s name, Madeline and Louis smiled back at him, seated at a round dining table. Wow. She’d finally achieved her goal of becoming a published writer. He well remembered the endless conversations, by the ocean, snuggled up on the couch, or wrapped up under the satin sheets of his waterbed, during which Maddy would eloquently share her dreams for the future. In spite of everything, he still missed that connection.

Enter to win a signed paperback copy here.

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