Go Fund Me: Water Signs Marketing Fund

Go Fund Me Water Signs Marketing Fund

After consulting with several trusted entrepreneur friends, I followed my impulse to create a Go Fund Me account for a very specific purpose: to make Water Signs ~ A Story of Love and Renewal a bestseller.

13913971_10210028116210627_5545103186689157129_oIn terms of self-publishing, the process of producing a quality book is a separate and distinct effort from marketing one. Beyond that, book publicity is an entirely different effort, requiring the help of a professional. While social media is an excellent tool for reach readers, it can only take you so far.

Right now, the book has 22 reviews on Amazon – 81% of them 5-star ratings. Most of the feedback readers have sent to me involves gratitude for having created a heroine who represents their values and experiences. Many readers have  confided their own issues with panic and anxiety disorder, and how Madeline’s struggle and triumph gave them hope.

It occurred to me that there are countless others out there who would enjoy and benefit from reading Water Signs — if they only knew it existed. That’s when I got the idea to set up a Go Fund Me.com account for this purpose.

The person I want to hire is a professional with a solid track record of results. I’ve interviewed  a few of her clients and even referred a few of our Writestream Publishing clients to her. She is worth every penny of the $5,000.00 investment.

Which brings me back to my reason for this post. If you’re willing to share or donate, please copy and paste the link below:


Any amount you can give is greatly appreciated. Thank you.


Thank You John Ricciutti and Radnor Studio 21

Once again, John Ricciutti and Radnor Studio 21 gave me an opportunity to discuss Writestream Publishing, ghostwriting, self-publishing, and some of our books on John Ricciutti Presents. In Part One, we talked about Water Signs: A Story of Love and Renewal, To Guard My Every Neighbor, and Moments of Choice: My Path to Leadership.

In Part Two, we focused on the indie publishing industry and what to look for when deciding on a company to hire.

I’m thankful to John for his support. Visit his website jrinterviews.com to discover more interviews and features.


Thank You Michelle Seitz of The Formatting Formula!

I’m always amazed by the wonderful connections I’m able to make, thanks to modern technology. It’s even more  fun when I end up having much in common with that new person. In the case of Michelle Seitz of The Formatting Formula, it’s a shared upbringing in suburban Philadelphia. Like me, Michelle’s kids also attended Cardinal O’Hara High School in Springfield, PA.

I came across Michelle’s profile on LinkedIn when I conducted a search for professional formatters. As Writestream Publishing grows, we know we’re going to need even more fabulous formatting pros to help out with client projects. Michelle responded immediately to my email, which led to a nice correspondence and an appointment to discuss her services.

Soon after, she emailed me with a wonderful review of Water Signs — an unexpected, pleasant surprise. When Michelle asked if she could feature my book in a series of formatting videos she was creating, I happily agreed.

Thank you, Michelle, for crediting Matt Margolis of Logotecture.com, who did a phenomenal job with the book interior.

Subscribe to Formatting Formula on YouTube.


A Reader’s Impressions of ‘Water Signs: A Story of Love and Renewal.’

Received this wonderful feedback via email yesterday from a reader after returning from my interview with John Ricciutti of Radnor Studio 21.  No matter how many times someone reaches out with positive things to say about Water Signs: A Story of Love and Renewal, I still get the same feeling of exhilaration and accomplishment. Once upon a time, publishing a novel seemed like an unattainable dream. Then the internet and advanced technology came along and made it all possible. I’m grateful for the many doors this novel has opened for me, including becoming the co-founder of Writestream Publishing and Writestream Radio Network. Thank you to all who have supported me in my endeavors!

9780996653176I bought your book (Water Signs) and I am half way done. I cannot  believe all of the similarities to my life in Pennsylvania.

-I previously worked in Wayne, PA on Swedesboro Road and Devon
Park Drive.
-I used to rent houses in Sea Isle City and my kids go down to
Ocean City every year with their families.
-My husband used to work at the Power Plant in Eddystone for
-My sister’s name is Monica and I call her Moni.
-Two of my sons live in Media – one on one side of Linvilla
Orchards and the other on the other side.
-We are still Phillies and Eagle fans.
-I bowled at the Showboat Casino many moons ago.
-I love Wawa and wish they had them here in Arizona. If you live  near a Wawa you are going there at least once a day.
-Three of my kids graduated from Cardinal O’Hara High School.

The lists just goes on and on. I can’t wait to finish the book. You are a wonderful author. You keep me wanting more!

If you would like to read the ‪#‎secondedition‬ of ‪#‎WaterSigns‬, it is available on Amazon.com in Amazon Kindle and paperback. Email me with your thoughts at dariaanne@writestreampublishing.com. And don’t forget to post a review. 😉

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