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My dear friends from Martin County Florida, Shona Darress and Gloria Fano have recently created In Touch Events — an event planning company with this worthy mission:

In Touch Events is dedicated to the preservation of liberty through inspiration, illumination and information. To paraphrase a popular progressive bumper sticker, we believe that restoring our constitutional republic requires thinking nationally and acting locally.

Their inaugural event to benefit Operation 300 takes place on Saturday, March 22 at Martin County High School and features amazing speakers like Trevor Louden and Billy and Karen Vaughn. If you live within reasonable driving distance, you won’t want to miss it!

As I’m getting ever closer to completing Steps to Salvation, the reality of hosting an author table at the event with Shlomo Attia is becoming achievable. I’m looking forward to attending and doing my part to help those who’ve sacrificed everything for our freedom.

Please like In Touch Events on Facebook and follow @InTouchEvents1 on Twitter.

Hope to see you on March 22!


Military Monday with John D. Gresham and guest Larry Bond on the Syria Crisis, September 9 at 1 pm Eastern – UPDATED with Archive

Author Larry Bond.

Author Larry Bond.

Please join military historian, author, journalist and host of Military Monday John D. Gresham at 1 p.m. on September 9 when he’ll talk Syria with guest Larry Bond:

As America prepares for unilateral air and missile strikes against targets in Syria, and the Congress continues their war powers debate about the authorization for the strikes, questions continue to be asked by the public about what the strikes will consist of, and are designed to do. What kinds of weapons will be U.S. Military use against Syria, and what kinds of targets will be struck? Will American ships, aircraft, and personnel be at risk while conducting the strikes? And just what effects do U.S. planners expect to inflict upon the Syrians, should the strikes be conducted?

To better understand these and other questions about the upcoming strikes on Syria, join military historian, author and journalist John D. Gresham for Military Monday at 1 p.m. Eastern. His guests this week will be best-selling author/novelist and award-winning game designer, Larry Bond. Mr. Bond, whose Harpoon™ game system is widely used by government agencies and hobbyists to model modern naval combat, has long studied the systems and actions that go into modern warfare, and will provide listeners with understanding of what will be ahead in the weeks and months to follow. Listeners are invited to call in with questions and comments for Mr. Gresham and Mr. Bond, in what will surely be a lively show.

To listen, click on the Writestream Radio link here. Be sure to call in with your questions and comments at (347) 945-7246.


UPDATE: Missed it live? Click to listen.


Military Monday with John D. Gresham

Author/military historian John D. Gresham.

Author/military historian John D. Gresham.

Today I had the pleasure of interviewing Military Monday host, author, journalist, military historian and game designer John D. Gresham on his weekly broadcast. John shared the biggest influences on his career in terms of books, authors and collaborators as well as his insights on how to make it as a successful freelance writer, whatever your specialty or genre. It was a fascinating discussion you can listen to by clicking below. And be sure to read John’s work on the Defense Media Network:

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Military Monday with guest Deanna Wharwood

Author/military historian John D. Gresham.

Author/military historian John D. Gresham.

Today I filled in as host for the wonderful John D. Gresham who was on assignment as a consultant for a new Travel Channel series in New Mexico. John was gracious enough to call in for a few minutes at the top of the show while waiting to board his connecting flight back to D.C. so we had an opportunity to chat a bit about his exciting project.

My guest for the broadcast was the inspirational Deanna Wharwood, also known as the Veterans Coach. A veteran herself who hails from a family of distinguished military veterans, Deanna conceived of her successful business after her own personal experiences of transitioning into civilian life. Coming out of those challenges, she was inspired to create a business dedicated to training, assisting and supporting fellow vets in either starting their own businesses or securing employment. Aside from these accomplishments, Deanna also recently beat cancer. Her amazing spirit and engaging personality were a welcome addition to the show today.

If you missed it live, click below:

Listen to
internet radio with Dariaanne on Blog Talk Radio

Toward the end of the broadcast, Deanna and I put out an appeal for technically-savvy military supporters who would be willing to volunteer to host a virtual event to benefit Fisher House. I know there are plenty of techie folks out there who love our military and would be willing to help. For more information, tweet @VeteransCoach @JosephMRyan1 or @dariaanne. The sooner we line someone up, the sooner we can plan a successful event to raise a lot of money for this very worthy cause. Tech-savvy patriots, contact us please!

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