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On Wednesday, August 19 at 8 p.m. Eastern, discover the heroines of Leila Lacey’s #CurvyGoddess romance series when @Writestream hosts a Twitter chat with @LeilaLacey1. The author will tell us all about her fictional characters and give away four of these gorgeous shirts:



Never participated in a Twitter chat? Click on this link to Writestream Publishing for an explanation and tutorial. Hope to tweet with you on Wednesday, August 19 at 8 p.m. Eastern!


Social Media, Book Sales and Managing Expectations

Although I originally broadcast this episode back in 2011, the advice is still relevant. It’s a delicate balance between budget, time, and expectations but if you’re going to make an impression and sell books as an independent author, social media is a necessary tool (in addition to “traditional” events like local speaking engagements). As someone who manages social media for individuals and businesses, it’s always a challenge to help authors understand its value when all they can see is the bottom line. I get it. You have limited resources and need to see a return on your investment asap. I wish we lived in a world where there was a direct correlation between effort (e.g. an appearance on a Blog Talk Radio show) and results (immediately following your interview you sell 100 books). Sadly, we don’t.

Then again, with traditional print advertising, there’s never been a guarantee that an ad costing X amount of dollars would directly result in X amount of sales. Either way, it’s a time commitment for the social media consultant hired to manage your blog and/or platforms so you can concentrate on the other more important obligations in your life — such as family and day job.

Anyway, I happened across the archived episode back when I was in a different business partnership. I hope it’s helpful for anyone curious about using social media platforms for success as an independent author. And let me close by adding I am very grateful to be in business with Lisa Tarves now!

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Coming Soon: Hashtag #Heartbreak – Tales from the Twitterverse

A social media consultant finds more than she bargained for in the age of new media and explains her love-hate relationship with twitter in the aftermath of a failed relationship. 

photo (24)This is very much a work in progress, inspired by recent events. The names of course will be changed for liability purposes (not necessarily to protect the innocent) but for the most part, the story will mirror real life (again). Those who know me and the other person involved in what I hope will be a simultaneously funny, touching, sad and hopeful drama (possibly an ongoing serial, I haven’t yet decided) will recognize the living, breathing inspirations for the two main characters. That’s fine with me. Perhaps being a secret for so long should have been a wake-up call.

Consider it a cautionary tale for the 21st century, fraught with real human emotion, lots of drama and plenty of baggage (mainly on the part of the male protagonist I’ve dubbed Zigmund) behind the loving tweets, IMs, emails and text messages (yes, I have them all, plus photos). I’ve got a strong feeling way too many people will be able to relate — which means I definitely must write it!

Be careful who you trust in the twitterverse.


Update on Steps To Salvation


After several years in the making we are finally in the home stretch! Without a doubt this has been the most challenging, thought-provoking and creative project I have ever worked on, for various reasons. And I do believe Shlomo and I met for the purpose of producing this book, as dramatic as that might sound to some readers. When they (hopefully) read Steps To Salvation, I believe that will become clear. Although we’re very different in many ways, my client and are also alike in our spiritual development, belief in limited government, support of positive (pure) capitalism, and our desire that the world finally learns from history so that we can stop repeating its mistakes and every country on the globe can function as a constitutional republic.

Yep, that’s a tall order. But as Jamie Wilson says,  “News stories inform your mind. Fiction and art inform your soul.” 

To that end, I’ve worked diligently to make Steps To Salvation as entertaining as possible while also showcasing Shlomo’s practical ideas for energy, education, medicine, money, food and other important industries. Some of the themes of this fictional story will probably anger traditionally religious people (especially the belief in reincarnation and The One God Religion) as well as those with a collectivist mindset in terms of politics. Many aspects of plot will most likely shock a majority of readers including the Arusha Race Unity Regional High School graduating class characters — all of whom have been forced to take on the name of an evildoer from the End Days.


We carefully selected the historical figures referenced in the book and in the interest of brevity, could not have possibly based a character on every malevolent human that ever walked the earth and made life miserable for the innocent. Sadly, there are just way too many of them to mention and doing so would’ve mandated about 5,000 pages instead of my goal of 200. So when you read, keep in mind that the characters selected related specifically to a concept we wanted to get across. For example, Adolf Hitler and Eva Braun’s love story (the 2415 characters, not the real people from the 20th century) embodies the concept of complete atonement and final payment of a karmic debt.

There are so many layers to this multi-faceted novel I couldn’t possibly do them justice in a single blog post. Once the book is released next month, Shlomo and I will create a series of weekly videos in which he will delve into each idea with more depth and clarity. Steps To Salvation is actually the first step in a long series of projects my client is envisioning and planning. But before anything else can come to fruition, the book must be released and marketed.

So that’s where we are. Please visit Shlomo’s new blog for more information including a synopsis of the story. Follow him on twitter @ShlomoAttia and like his Facebook Page, Shlomo Attia, Author.

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