Happy Birthday Governor Palin!

Note: The following piece was originally written and posted at The Conservative Diva for Governor Sarah Palin’s birthday last year. Reposting it its entirety as the sentiments remain as strong today as ever — especially after having the opportunity to meet her in person last September at the Restoring America Rally in Iowa. Thank you Governor Palin for being such a strong role-model, dedicated patriot and relentless reformer!

I began following the career of Sarah Palin almost a year before Senator John McCain wisely selected her as his running-mate. I’d first seen her on Larry Kudlow’s show, where he’d often devote most of the discussion to issues of energy independence and domestic drilling. From that very first exposure to the highly accomplished, energetic and intelligent champion of conservatism, I’d thought to myself, “This woman really need to be on a national stage. We need her leadership desperately.”

Fast-forward about 10 months later. To my grave disappointment (to put it mildly), once again the ruling class of the GOP poked the conservative grass-roots in the eye and admonished us all to “calm down” after sticking us once again with a wishy-washy moderate — the allegedly “electable” presidential candidate in Senator “Amnesty” John McCain. With Obama and his messiah complex looming large and casting a spell over much of the electorate (teleprompters and empty rhetoric just aren’t what they used to be two years later — backed up by radical actions — thank goodness), it was a truly depressing time.

 My brothers Mark and Paul, with whom I share my political passion, had also been on the Governor Sarah Palin bandwagon by this time. And when her name was repeatedly floated around as one of RINO McCain’s possible VP choices, it spelled the difference between holding our noses and voting and actually getting out there and fighting for the success of the Republican ticket.I’ll never forget the day of the big announcement. I’d been working for a large financial services company at the time, and was in a conference with my then-boss and another co-worker, making it really tough to sneak away to my computer and check the latest news. Paul kept texting me for updates and vice-versa. And when — in the middle of a meeting — I read his text “PALIN”, I nearly jumped out of my chair with excitement. Later that day, Mark, Paul and I started the now-defunct blog Palin Drone, in honor of our VP Candidate from Alaska.And who can forget her electrifying debut at the RNC?

My entire family loves Sarah, and we’ve never wavered in our support and admiration of her and her family. In fact, the more the left and right elites attack her, the more she stands up to them with gusto and humor, the more we come to respect her. The woman has an indestructible spirit and an endless supply of courage. I don’t know if I could withstand even a fraction of the utterly depraved vitriol she’s had to endure for well over two years now (though I’d like to think so), yet she only seems to grow even stronger with every new attack. If there’s a greater example of grace under fire in terms of modern-day political figures, it’s the Tea Party leaders Palin has fully supported — elected representatives like Governor Jan Brewer, Congresswoman Michele Bachman and Governor Nikki Haley.

On a personal level, Sarah Palin has also proven herself to be a class act. Some time after the election and in the midst of revitalized political activity via the Tea Party movement, I sent her a copy of my novel Water Signs. On the first page, I wrote a handwritten note in which I expressed my gratitude to the governor for being our VP candidate and putting up such a righteous fight during the 2008 campaign. I also told her how much I admired and respected her courage and grace.

Not long after, I received a notecard emblazoned with the seal of the Governor of Alaska. The inside of the card read:

“Dear Daria,

Thank you for sending me a copy of your book, Water Signs, and for your kind words. I appreciate your thoughtfulness. God bless.


Sarah Palin”

Like I said, a class act all the way.

This small gesture revealed Palin’s genuine “servant’s heart” and her appreciation for the everyday Americans she sought to represent in D.C. I know that was the driving force behind her passionate support of Tea Party candidates throughout the relentless 2010 election season and ultimate “shellacking” of Obama and the progressive agenda — no matter how hard the GOP establishment tries to convince us otherwise.

Happy Birthday, Governor Palin. May God bless you with many more!


Photoshopping Trig: The Left’s Latest Descent Into Depravity

Published by Canada Free Press, July 3, 2009:

After eight years of the Bush presidency and the 2008 election campaign, I am not quite sure why anything the left says or does surprises me. From the abhorrent film Assassination of a President (made while George W. Bush was still in office and presiding over two very difficult war fronts) to David Letterman’s “slutty flight attendant” slurs against the Governor of Alaska, I should know by now that the when it comes to destroying their political opponents, nothing is sacred to these people.

Not even an innocent baby.

Not even an innocent baby who happens to have Down syndrome.

Last week, I came across this nauseating item while perusing one of my favorite blogs, Gateway Pundit. The fact that it was posted by a Democratic party operative speaks volumes about the character (or lack thereof) of today’s Donkeys, for whom Palin Derangement Syndrome is apparently an incurable affliction. The self-proclaimed champions of “choice” sure are angry with Sarah Palin for going with the “life” option, thus the superimposition of the face of pro-life talk radio host Eddie Burke on baby Trig’s body. As commenter Tom W. explains:

“He (Eddie Burke) once called pro-choice women ‘baby killing maggots’, so his face was put on Trig’s body because — as a leftist told me — it’s the face of one person who should’ve been aborted put on the body of another person who should’ve been aborted.”


Read the rest at Canada Free Press.