Archive of my interview with Hugh Hewitt on December 27, 2013



If you missed my appearance on the Hugh Hewitt Show last week, click below to listen. It was a pleasure speaking with this popular a.m. talker from Southern California about Writestream, blogging, social media, culture, political activism and the Conservative Libertarian Fiction Alliance. Since my on-air conversation with Hugh I’ve heard from several authors whom I’ve scheduled for Writestream Tuesday interviews, attracted new Twitter followers and added new members to the CLFA on Facebook.

I’m very thankful for the opportunity to shine a spotlight on talented patriots and hope that this will lead to more exposure in the future. Thank you, Hugh and your staff for your warm hospitality and professionalism!


My interview on “Off The Hook” with Lisa Mei of Big Dawg Music Mafia

Last night I had the honor of appearing on Lisa Mei’s excellent program, Off The Hook, part of the Big Dawg Music Radio family. In addition to being smart, talented and beautiful Lisa is also a warm, welcoming and gracious host so it’s no wonder why Big Dawg attracts so many loyal listeners, fans and artists! Since I migrated to this blog a few years ago, I’ve had the Big Dawg player embedded in the side bar and I encourage my readers to click and enjoy the original, creative music produced by Big Dawg’s incredibly gifted artists.

Look for Lisa to appear on a future Writestream Tuesday to tell us more about her career and her efforts at Big Dawg Music Mafia and Big Dawg Music Radio. To listen to my interview with Lisa, click below.


CRF Radio with Rep Steve King (R-IA) and Mike Baker, Guest Co-Host Ellen Snyder


Tune in to CRF Radio tomorrow night at 6 p.m. Eastern when Steve welcomes guests, Representative Steve King of Iowa and Mike Baker of Diligence LLC. Filling in for me as guest co-host is the one and only Conservative Diva and extraordinary friend Ellen Snyder.

Ellen graciously agreed to take my place during tomorrow night’s broadcast so I can attend another dear friend’s special birthday party. She always does a fabulous job as co-host, even though she rarely gives herself the credit she deserves; if you haven’t listened to her on the air before, you’re definitely in for a treat.

Also, Rep. Steve King’s appearance should be very interesting as the last time he was scheduled to be on our show in the segment preceding our excellent guest Harriet Parke, news of Senator Tom Harkin’s resignation broke, prompting King to cancel at the last minute. Is this honorable member of Congress planning a bid for the US Senate? Tune in tomorrow night at 6 p.m. Eastern to find out!