The Writestream with Ima Sumac Watkins: Creating Our Joy During the Holidays

The Writestream with Ima Sumac Watkins: Creating Our Joy During the Holidays

The holidays are upon us!

Does this make you happy or create more stress in your life?

Tune in to The Writestream with Daria Anne on Wednesday, November 22 at 11 AM Eastern when Ima Sumac Watkins, also known as Ima Watkins, returns to talk about creating our own joy. Our families can be our biggest teachers and the holidays can pose our greatest challenges. Ima will talk about healing the expectations we have of our families and ourselves during this time of celebration.

She’ll also share how to create our own holiday rituals, heal past hurts, take responsibility for our own joy, and experience truly¬†Happy Holidays.

To stream the episode, click on this link. Or listen by phone at (347) 945-7246. Press “1” if you would like to ask Ima a question on the air.

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UPDATE: Thank you, Ima, for a great show today! Missed it live, click below to listen.


Happy Thanksgiving!

Whatever your plans, enjoy the day, savor the blessings in your life, eat lots of turkey and watch some football!


Things I am Grateful for this Year (in no particular order):




1. The recent, successful conclusion of a project that’s been 3 1/2 years in the making, involving the resourcefulness, intelligence, patience and help of two women who (finally) made it happen. Not going into detail but they know who they are – and they rock! Such a blessing that this is, at last, behind me.



2. Speaking of long-term projects, the publication and release of Reflections on the Ring, a manuscript I’d originally written back in 2010, placed on hold by my client until the timing was right. Check it out here.


LLL-B-tm copy

3. Carrie Lundy, graphic artist and designer of Reflections on the Ring front and back cover, Writestream logo and Love, Liberty & Lip Gloss logo. Need Carrie’s services? Contact me here and I’ll make an introduction.



4. Balazs Szabo, new friend and recent client whose wonderful book, Tweezer Beezer, I am promoting through social media.


Agenda 21 author and now my friend Harriet Parke.
Agenda 21 author and now my friend Harriet Parke.


5. Harriet Parke, new friend and author of Agenda 21, with whom I had the pleasure of visiting this past September.




6. Lisa Tarves and John Gresham, who were with me from the very beginning of the Writestream Radio Network.




7. Good friends, including Dr. Billie Eizenberg who began hosting Family Power Hour with Sheena Benjamin-Wise in August.


Mom and Dad, dancing at a recent family gathering.
Mom and Dad, dancing at a recent family gathering.


8. My awesome Mom and Dad, and their continued presence in my life.


Celebrating my mother's birthday with my brother Ralph, circa 1992.
Celebrating my mother’s birthday with my brother Ralph, circa 1992.

9. My siblings, especially Ralph, who has taught me more than anyone about unconditional love. Also thankful that one sibling in particular had a successful surgery and good medical prognosis recently.




10. My excellent health, thanks in part to daily adherence to the Leslie Sansone Walk At Home program. It’s amazing how toned and strong my muscles have become, and how great I feel. Left my 20s long ago, but feel fantastic! Best of all, my historically low-to-normal blood pressure remains that way.




11. Love – that includes family, friends and a new someone special who came into my life nearly a year ago. Whatever happens, this relationship has certainly taught me a lot about myself and my capacity to listen, understand, empathize and patiently wait for God’s perfect timing. Circumstances aren’t exactly stellar right now, but the person is a man of honor, integrity, faith and patriotism with a big heart and a willing ear and/or (virtual) shoulder. Nice to know there are still men like that out there. Enough said.



12. Being an American – thanks to the courage of my maternal great-grandmother and my paternal grandparents, I was born and raised in the greatest country the world has ever known. Individual liberty and American exceptionalism have been under relentless attack, especially in the last decade, but I will always be grateful to be an American and will fight with everything I have to preserve this nation, along with fiercely devoted patriots from coast-to-coast. We owe that much to the pilgrims who risked everything to forge a new life in an unknown land that would eventually become a beacon of freedom worldwide.

God bless America!