Former NYPD Detective and Acclaimed Author Andrew G. Nelson on Your Book Your Brand Your Business

On Monday, November 26 at 5 PM Eastern, I welcome former NYPD Detective and Acclaimed Author Andrew G. Nelson on Your Book Your Brand Your Business. Please tune in for an insightful interview, where Andrew will share his reasons for choosing a career in law enforcement, how his real-life experience influences his work, and why he opted for indie publishing.

Andrew G. Nelson is a twenty-two year law enforcement veteran and a graduate of the State University of New York. He served twenty years with the New York City Police Department during which time he served as a detective in the elite Intelligence Division providing protection to visiting dignitaries. He retired in 2005 with the rank of rank of sergeant.

He is the author of the James Maguire and Alex Taylor book series’, as well as several non-fiction works: Uncommon Valor & Uncommon Valor II, which chronicle the insignia of the NYPD’s Emergency Service Unit.

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Writestream Tuesday with author Carmen DeSousa – UPDATED with Archive

UPDATE: Missed it live? Click below to listen.

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I am absolutely thrilled to welcome the wonderfully talented author Carmen DeSousa to Writestream Tuesday on November 25 at 1 p.m. Eastern to talk about her books and background. Here’s a bit about Carmen from her website, which I highly recommend visiting:

CarmenA reader and writer since I could hold a pen and paper, it was only natural I would eventually start writing for others, and of course, be a large advocate for independent writers.

My taste in reading includes everything from sweet and silly, to sensual and thrilling. The only thing I will not read is anything extremely graphic in nature, whether it is in the form of a physical attack or sexual in nature. I have a great imagination—that’s why I read— so I don’t need every detail spelled out for me.

And my writing is pretty much the same… There are few topics that I am not willing to take on as an author. Though it may be a tad misleading—especially to potential male readers—I write what I call modern-day fairytales. Think about it…those fairytales we read as a child were anything but mild. What we call a fairytale usually started off as an abused or tragedy-stricken child.

Well, I take that concept and what many people deal with in real, modern-day life and attempt to help my protagonist find a way out of their tragedies and find their happily-ever-after. Because let’s face it, isn’t that what we are all trying to do—find our happily-ever-after?

Carmen and I go live at 1:05 p.m. Eastern when she’ll join me for a 50-minute interview before the Right Wing Riot takes over with some much-needed Public Service Satire. In the first half of the program, I welcome your calls and questions for Carmen at (347) 945-7246 and your participation in the live chat.


To listen online, click on this link to Writestream Tuesday with author Carmen DeSousa or call (347) 945-7246 to listen by phone. Join me for a great interview with a very accomplished author!


A Review of Underlake by Kia Heavey – A Spellbinding, Supernatural Coming of Age Story

Just posted on Amazon:

Although I’m decades older than Underlake’s target audience, I was thoroughly captivated by Kia Heavey’s mesmerizing tale of teen angst with a supernatural twist. Unlike the usual pop culture tropes we see today, however, the main character Katie Welch’s internal conflict stems from having a strong moral compass in a world where most parents have ceded responsibility. In Katie’s upper-crust clique where money is a substitute for time and attention, the prevailing wisdom is that “kids are going to do it anyway.” Which is why Katie’s Manhattan friends — lacking any clearly defined boundaries — are thrust into adulthood at hyper speed.

Therefore, Katie’s organic “old-fashioned” values and inherent longing for a mother who imposes discipline is at odds with her (materially) pampered lifestyle. Although she doesn’t realize it at first, her mother’s insistence on spending a summer in the rural upstate New York resort town of Underlake will ultimately transform her life and validate her belief system. Although she’s only 15, Katie is wise beyond her years and in a culture of moral excess, it was refreshing to read a portrayal of a young teen who recognizes the importance of slowing down and enjoying one’s childhood and adolescence.

Author Kia Heavey.

Once the story unfolded in its pastoral, lakeside setting it began to weave elements of spirituality and the supernatural with beautiful prose, imagery and and an intriguing leading man, John Howe. The author kept me guessing right up until the turning point of the plot, which was refreshingly unique and completely unexpected. Without giving away any spoilers, I’ll just add that as I turned the pages leading up to the final sequence, I found myself hoping Katie’s faith would be rewarded. A master storyteller, Kia kept me in suspense until the end.

While the book celebrates traditional values, it never once devolves into didactic preachiness. I sympathized with Katie but I could also understand her mother’s tortured dilemma. I felt sorry for her privileged friends who are just kids in need of direction and parental affection, struggling to understand their proper role in the world. And in the love affair between Katie and John I saw all of the elements of a genuine courtship — a quaint practice that seems to have been all but discarded in a society where meaningless hook-ups are the norm, not the exception.

Infused with vivid detail, sympathetic characters, a haunting landscape and an aura of mysticism, Underlake combines contemporary sensibilities with timeless morality and champions the conquering power of love and forgiveness. I highly recommend it for readers of all ages.

A few months ago, I interviewed Kia on Writestream just before Underlake’s release. Click below to listen.

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