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Steve and I are psyched to welcome an old friend back to CRF Radio tomorrow night, independent recording artist, songwriter, actress and PolitiChick Ava Aston. As I’ve noted many times here on my blog, Ava and I first met back in 2009 when she was busy putting together a video for her excellent single We The People, an anthem to the American spirit and American exceptionalism. She graciously included some of my photos and footage of various Tea Party events in the video, including the first march on Washington D.C. in September, 2009. Since then, We The People has struck a chord with patriotic Americans nationwide who are working hard for a return to the Constitutional principles that have made the United States of America the greatest nation in the history of the world.

Over the years, Ava has been persistently and diligently pursuing her dream of musical success. As an up and coming artist with constitutional conservative values and a firm belief that culture drives politics, she contributes parody videos to PolitiChicks.TV, sings the National Anthem at various events in the New York/New Jersey area and actively engages her fan base on social media. Ava’s latest project involves the VeeWall Vocal Performance Contest, which offers a cash prize of $100,000 to one lucky winner. With just two days to go, the competition is fierce but you can help a talented patriot out by visiting and voting for Ava.

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Here’s Ava in her own words:

My desire is to spread an authentic positive message people can connect with through my music and spirit. I believe my purpose is to give to people through the talent God blessed me with.

I plan to travel the world sharing music, love, hope and help to those in need.

In a culture gone to excess and depravity, Ava is a shining example of authentic talent, class and beauty. Attractive, sexy, alluring and fashionable, she proves it’s possible to hold onto your values yet still appeal to a broader market. I don’t support her simply because she shares my political and spiritual beliefs — I support her because she possesses a genuine gift for music, lyric-writing and performing. If culture equals politics — and it most certainly does — Ava is a culture warrior worthy of all the recognition and support we can give her. And really, it’s just a simple click and vote. Let’s put her over the top!

Watch and listen to the lovely ballad and video, I Carry You With Me, the song Ava submitted for the VeeWall Contest:

On Saturday, April 27 at 6 p.m. Eastern, tune in to CRF Radio with Steve and me, and our special guest Ava Aston. We’ll chat with her about her thoughts on how culture drives politics, the challenges of making it big in the music scene, and of course, her efforts to win the VeeWall Contest.

As always, the phone lines and chat room will be open for your calls and participation. Join us!

Visit, like Ava Aston on Facebook and follow her on Twitter @AvaAston.

Check out these great parody videos:

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CRF Radio with Generals Thomas McInerney and Paul Vallely

CRFNewLogoTune in to CRF Radio, sponsored by Dadgum Right, this Saturday March 23 at 6 p.m. Eastern when Steve and I welcome two distinguished, returning guests, Generals Thomas McInerney and Paul Vallely:

This week your hosts welcome retired USAF Lt. General Thomas McInerney and US Army Major General & Stand Up America US chairman Paul E. Vallely back to the show. /The generals will deliver their unvarnished take on the confirmations of John Kerry, Chuck Hagel and John Brennan, as well as, what’s happening with Egypt’s Muslim Brotherhood government, Israel, North Korea’s saber rattling and whatever else can be fit into two informative segments.

Listeners are invited and encouraged to call-in to 347-637-1121 with comments and questions.

Join us for what promises to be a hard-hitting, informative show with two knowledgeable guests who never pull any punches in the fight for liberty and the preservation of our national security. And don’t forget to bookmark and visit our awesome new sponsor Dadgum Right for a daily dose of politically incorrect humor and comic relief from fellow patriots and champions of the US Constitution. You can also follow Zook on twitter @ImpeachTheIdiot.

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CRF Radio Announces New Sponsor, Dadgum Right!


Last night on CRF Radio Steve and I announced our new sponsor for the 2013 broadcast season, Dadgum Right and proprietors @ImpeachTheIdiot and Redbone. We are so thrilled and thankful that they have agreed to keep us on the air for the next year and encourage everyone to support their excellent website

During last night’s show, we also talked about CPAC, sequestration, “Wacko Birds”, Obamacare and so much more. If you missed us, click below to listen:

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My favorite speech at CPAC? Sarah Palin of course, whose comedic timing and brilliant use of relevant props rocked the house while effectively conveying the conservative message: