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SOGR: Chapter 12

Today’s words of wisdom from Wallace D. Wattles:

It is really not the number of things you do, but the efficiency of each separate action that counts.

Every act is, in itself, either a success or failure.

Every act is, in itself, either effective or inefficient.

The cause of failure is doing too many things in an inefficient manner, and not doing enough things in an efficient manner.

You can make each act a success because ALL POWER is working with you; and ALL POWER cannot fail.

Power is at your service; and to make each act efficient you have only to put power into it.

Every act can be made strong and efficient by holding your vision while you are doing it, and putting the whole power of faith and purpose into it.


Just Believe with Ilene Gottlieb ~ The Heart Healer

As I posted on Writestream Radio.com, Ilene Gottlieb ~ The Heart Healer is now the new host of Just Believe, which broadcasts every Sunday at 7 PM Eastern:

Ilene Gottlieb ∼ The Heart Healer is Your Guide To Conscious Heart Connection.  From the moment she consciously awakened to her soul connection, it has been Ilene’s passion to guide and support others in remembering that we are all here in these bodies for one soul purpose – to learn how to be consciously connected to our Heart of Love through the human experience.  For when we are consciously connected to our Heart of Love in who we are being in our relationship with ourselves, it is from this place that our conscious choices are made and our actions follow.   Imagine how it would feel to be in our world with all of us remembering our Heart of Love and living consciously in this way.

A Registered Nurse with over 40 years of experience in different areas of nursing including pediatrics, maternal-child health, medical-surgical and hospice, Ilene deals with client’s issues in a loving and compassionate way that is very empowering.  Her intuitive abilities and holistic approach enhance her ability to assess the individual client’s needs and support their total healing process.  One of her most valuable gifts is an ability to help others by empowering them to identify their core issues, understand them and find their way to a place of inner peace, balance and healing.

Certified as a Healing Touch Practitioner, Medical Intuitive and Quantum Practitioner, Ilene has since 1994 maintained a private practice in Vibrational Healing serving clients of all ages.  Where appropriate, she incorporates the use of aromatherapy as well as energy infused tools to facilitate healing.  She offers in addition to Healing Touch, Medical Intuitive Readings and Quantum Healing, the Raindrop Technique and Egyptian Emotional Clearing, both very empowering and therapeutic aromatherapy processes.

For individuals looking for the opportunity to access wisdom from the spiritual realms, as an accomplished, conscious channel, Ilene offers Akashic Records Readings.  These readings, which are also a healing session, empower the individual in gaining clarity on virtually any life issue thereby enhancing their personal, business and spiritual growth.  Questions from the client are answered with information that is in alignment with their soul’s purpose for being here.  From this place of clarity, the

client is then able to make powerful, conscious choices.  Ilene has been blessed to offer these readings nationally and internationally, in person and long distance, providing digital recordings of information that clients have benefitted from for years.

Ilene Gottlieb, The Heart Healer.

Ilene’s passion for teaching conscious heart connection is fully expressed through group Akashic Records Readings and the Heart of Love Wisdom Seekers Spiritual Community. For more information about this group please go to www.IleneTheHeartHealer.com/joinlove. She also offers instruction for both the Raindrop Technique and Egyptian Emotional Clearing processes and facilitates the Feelings Circle, a gentle emotional clearing workshop utilizing guided imagery, several therapeutic grade essential oils and energy wellness tools to literally clear the energy patterns of toxic emotions and trauma.

As a dynamic and heart-centered speaker, Ilene is available to speak on a number of topics including but not limited to Healing Through the Heart Connection, Vibrational Healing, The Energetics of Self Care, Holistic Approaches to Health and Wellness, Stress Reduction, Meditation Techniques, The Energy of Emotions, Emotional Intelligence From An Energetic Perspective, Aromatherapy and The Power of Language.

For further information on Ilene’s unique approach to healing visit her website: www.IleneTheHeartHealer.com.

On a personal note, I met Ilene several months ago when I signed up with the Science of Getting Rich Academy, owned and managed by two fabulous women, Tasha Chen and Diane Shiels Bettencourt. Based on the book by Wallace D. Wattles, this ongoing spiritual and personal development curriculum has been an incredible blessing in my life. In another post, I’ll share more details about it, but through my involvement in the course, I became friends with Ilene, with whom I have gone through Levels I, II, and now III.

When Lisa Tarves decided to host a new kind of show in a different time slot (TBD), we simultaneously and immediately thought of Ilene as we brainstormed a replacement. Since Just Believe is our most popular show on Writestream Radio Network, we wanted a talented, competent, and reliable spiritual professional to take over. Fortunately, Ilene graciously accepted the invitation to host every Sunday (with me acting as her producer), and made her debut on Sunday, July 3. I’m having a blast playing “Roz” to Ilene’s “Frasier.”

For more information, click here.



‘Honey, I’m Fabulous and So Are You!’ from Leo Brown and Writestream Publishing

Inspiring psychic Leo Brown’s new book is now available for pre-order on Amazon:

LeoBrown_front_coverBad, bad Leo who? You think you know a little about psychics, mediums, and healers, right? Ever wonder what they’re really like? What their personal day-to-day lives are like? What brought them to become the person who helps others to make their most important life decisions? Get to know one of these gifted psychics who despite the odds placed against him, pressed forward and walked through hell, only to have come out of the back door. His story proves that despite your issues and hangups, you are not only special but you are FABULOUS!

Reserve your copy today and look for the official release on April 15.


Congratulations, Dr. Scot Hodkiewicz!

Last year, I edited Dr. Scot Hodkiewicz’s incredible memoir, Getting to Heaven by Going Through Hell, which details his physical and spiritual recovery in the aftermath of a horrific crash caused by a drunk driver. Yesterday, he posted an update on his Facebook Author Page, which included a link to this excellent review in Readers Favorite.com:

11063544_887025864672232_6982750384450871627_nIn an extremely inspirational and wonderful read by Dr. Scot Hodkiewicz, Getting to Heaven By Going Through Hell is a book that readers will not easily forget. Follow the true life story of Scot as he recovers from the effects of a horrific car accident caused by a drunk driver. Recounting his experiences with anger, despair, and addiction to pain medications after the accident had left his body mangled and his spirit shattered, this story is highly personal and emotional. When God finally breaks through to him, even in his very darkest times, the story takes a dramatic and wonderful turn, one that will keep readers rapidly turning the pages until they get to the very satisfying ending.

I loved Getting to Heaven By Going Through Hell. Loved. It. How’s that for a review? Author Dr. Scot Hodkiewicz has done a wonderful job in writing an extremely private story in such a way that offers hope and healing for many. This book brought tears to my eyes, not once or twice, but many times. It is written in a highly engaging manner and readers will find themselves loath to take a break from it. I am so pleased to highly recommend this book to any reader looking for an inspirational true story with a strong Christian focus. I wish the very best to author Dr. Scot Hodkiewicz and hope that he will consider writing another book in the very near future. If it’s anything like this one, it will certainly be a must-read!

I’ve worked with multiple authors in ghostwriting and editing (as is the case here) on both fiction and nonfiction. Getting to Heaven by Going Through Hell has been my most inspirational by far. It reminded me that amid tragedy, there is hope; amid pain and sorrow, there are always earth angels ready to assist; and that seemingly terrible events do occur for a good reason. Dr. Scot and his family are exceptional people who have recognized the gift they’d been given and demonstrate appreciation to God by passing along the kindness they received at their lowest point to others.

If you need a lift, purchase Getting to Heaven by Going Through Hell on Amazon today.

Note: Cover Design by Kia Heavey.

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