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My dear friend and Writestream Radio host of Just Believe, Ilene Gottlieb ~ The Heart Healer, will be participating in an Angel Intuitive Summit organized by former Just Believe guest and guest-host, Angel Lady Terrie Marie:


For more information and/or to register for this FREE virtual event, visit the Angel Intuitive Summit website. Ilene Gottlieb offers heart-centered wisdom on Monday, September 12 at 2 PM Eastern.

Don’t forget to tune in to Just Believe with Ilene Gottlieb ~ The Heart Healer Sundays at 7 PM Eastern on Writestream Radio Network.


Writestream Tuesday: Take a ‘Leap of Faith’ with Colby Psychic Rebel

I love interviewing successful, talented authors who have something of value to share with my listeners. In the case of Writestream author, Colby Psychic Rebel, it’s practical wisdom for light-workers seeking to take a Leap of Faith. With her new book, Leap of Faith: How To Build Your Spiritual Business, Colby has created “a revolutionary handbook giving you all the tools and essentials necessary to build a spiritual practice that is fulfilling and abundant.”

Longtime Writestream listeners will remember Colby’s multiple appearances on Just Believe with Lisa Tarves (now Just Believe with Ilene Gottlieb ~ The Heart Healer). On Tuesday, August 23 at 1 PM Eastern, she joins me for Writestream Tuesday to discuss Leap of Faith: How To Build Your Spiritual Business:

Book Poster 11x17 Print ReadyLeap of Faith: How To Build Your Spiritual Business is a revolutionary handbook giving you all the tools and essentials necessary to build a successful Spiritual business that is fulfilling and abundant!
Are you a spiritual lightworker stuck in your day job? Do you have a desire to follow your passion and start your own spiritual business practice? Tired of sitting in an office or settling on your life purpose? If you want to break free from the mundane and live your life purpose, Leap of Faith is your answer!

Leap of Faith: How To Build Your Spiritual Business is a ground breaking self-help book that offers tips, strategies and practical guidance to help you understand how to startup your business, build confidence and achieve results.

Leap of Faith is a break-through book in the spiritual industry giving you the insight as to what is needed so you can get started on your path and stand out among others as a lightworker! Perhaps you’ve entertained the idea of doing spiritual work on a full-time basis but are not sure how to start? Perhaps fear is holding you back from living your dreams or finding your life purpose. If you need courage, faith and understanding as to How To run your own Spiritual Business, this book is your answer.

Leap of Faith covers everything you need to know to take that next step and start your very own business. Leap of Faith includes: branding, marketing, social media, taxation,tax deductions, bookkeeping, legal requirements, headshots, websites, booking systems, business etiquette, and even helps you to determine what business structure is best for your practice.

Leap of Faith is dedicated to providing all of the information you need to build your own successful spiritual business, regardless if your area of expertise is psychic, medium,reiki, crystals, astrology, channeling, angel readings, chakras, energy orhealing.From spirituality to metaphysical, this book is for any lightworker looking to build a successful spiritual business whether you are a startup, web-based, home-based or location based. Leap of Faith covers the areas crucial in distinguishing yourself as a professional in your field and providing a bridge that allows you to create a thriving spiritual practice.

Leap of Faith is an all-inclusive resource providing you with the solid foundation needed to unlock your truest potential and live your dream with abundance.


To listen to the interview, click on this link to Writestream Tuesday: ‘Leap of Faith’ with Colby Psychic Rebel on August 23 at 1 PM Eastern. During the broadcast, call in with your questions at (347) 945-7246.

About Colby Psychic Rebel:

Colby Psychic Rebel.

Colby Psychic Rebel.

Colby is a rebel and trailblazer. Not your stereotypical psychic. She’s an internationally recognized Psychic Medium, Master Teacher, Radio Host and Author. She recently launched her book Leap of Faith: How To Build Your Spiritual Business.

Colby has endured vigorous testing and is a Certified Master Spiritual Teacher of both Psychic and Medium thru the Lisa Williams International School of Spiritual Development (LWISSD). This is both an honor and privilege as she was personally invited to the program by the world-renowned psychic medium Lisa Williams. Furthermore, Colby is a Certified Spiritual Advisor™ Advanced Psychic and Advanced Medium through LWISSD. She has also studied with esteemed masters at the accredited Arthur Findlay College in Standsted, England.

You can listen to Colby on her radio show Psychic REBEL Live on or catch her podcast Psychic Rebel on itunes. Additionally, she also appears as a guest on Calling Out with Susan Pinsky. Colby is also a published author in the esteemed publications OM Times Magazine and Finer Minds.

Pre-order Leap of Faith: How to Build Your Spiritual Business.

Visit for more information about Colby and her services.

UPDATE: Missed the live episode? Click to listen and discover Colby’s special offer for anyone who pre-orders the book.


SOGR: Chapter 12

Today’s words of wisdom from Wallace D. Wattles:

It is really not the number of things you do, but the efficiency of each separate action that counts.

Every act is, in itself, either a success or failure.

Every act is, in itself, either effective or inefficient.

The cause of failure is doing too many things in an inefficient manner, and not doing enough things in an efficient manner.

You can make each act a success because ALL POWER is working with you; and ALL POWER cannot fail.

Power is at your service; and to make each act efficient you have only to put power into it.

Every act can be made strong and efficient by holding your vision while you are doing it, and putting the whole power of faith and purpose into it.


Just Believe with Ilene Gottlieb ~ The Heart Healer

As I posted on Writestream, Ilene Gottlieb ~ The Heart Healer is now the new host of Just Believe, which broadcasts every Sunday at 7 PM Eastern:

Ilene Gottlieb ∼ The Heart Healer is Your Guide To Conscious Heart Connection.  From the moment she consciously awakened to her soul connection, it has been Ilene’s passion to guide and support others in remembering that we are all here in these bodies for one soul purpose – to learn how to be consciously connected to our Heart of Love through the human experience.  For when we are consciously connected to our Heart of Love in who we are being in our relationship with ourselves, it is from this place that our conscious choices are made and our actions follow.   Imagine how it would feel to be in our world with all of us remembering our Heart of Love and living consciously in this way.

A Registered Nurse with over 40 years of experience in different areas of nursing including pediatrics, maternal-child health, medical-surgical and hospice, Ilene deals with client’s issues in a loving and compassionate way that is very empowering.  Her intuitive abilities and holistic approach enhance her ability to assess the individual client’s needs and support their total healing process.  One of her most valuable gifts is an ability to help others by empowering them to identify their core issues, understand them and find their way to a place of inner peace, balance and healing.

Certified as a Healing Touch Practitioner, Medical Intuitive and Quantum Practitioner, Ilene has since 1994 maintained a private practice in Vibrational Healing serving clients of all ages.  Where appropriate, she incorporates the use of aromatherapy as well as energy infused tools to facilitate healing.  She offers in addition to Healing Touch, Medical Intuitive Readings and Quantum Healing, the Raindrop Technique and Egyptian Emotional Clearing, both very empowering and therapeutic aromatherapy processes.

For individuals looking for the opportunity to access wisdom from the spiritual realms, as an accomplished, conscious channel, Ilene offers Akashic Records Readings.  These readings, which are also a healing session, empower the individual in gaining clarity on virtually any life issue thereby enhancing their personal, business and spiritual growth.  Questions from the client are answered with information that is in alignment with their soul’s purpose for being here.  From this place of clarity, the

client is then able to make powerful, conscious choices.  Ilene has been blessed to offer these readings nationally and internationally, in person and long distance, providing digital recordings of information that clients have benefitted from for years.

Ilene Gottlieb, The Heart Healer.

Ilene’s passion for teaching conscious heart connection is fully expressed through group Akashic Records Readings and the Heart of Love Wisdom Seekers Spiritual Community. For more information about this group please go to She also offers instruction for both the Raindrop Technique and Egyptian Emotional Clearing processes and facilitates the Feelings Circle, a gentle emotional clearing workshop utilizing guided imagery, several therapeutic grade essential oils and energy wellness tools to literally clear the energy patterns of toxic emotions and trauma.

As a dynamic and heart-centered speaker, Ilene is available to speak on a number of topics including but not limited to Healing Through the Heart Connection, Vibrational Healing, The Energetics of Self Care, Holistic Approaches to Health and Wellness, Stress Reduction, Meditation Techniques, The Energy of Emotions, Emotional Intelligence From An Energetic Perspective, Aromatherapy and The Power of Language.

For further information on Ilene’s unique approach to healing visit her website:

On a personal note, I met Ilene several months ago when I signed up with the Science of Getting Rich Academy, owned and managed by two fabulous women, Tasha Chen and Diane Shiels Bettencourt. Based on the book by Wallace D. Wattles, this ongoing spiritual and personal development curriculum has been an incredible blessing in my life. In another post, I’ll share more details about it, but through my involvement in the course, I became friends with Ilene, with whom I have gone through Levels I, II, and now III.

When Lisa Tarves decided to host a new kind of show in a different time slot (TBD), we simultaneously and immediately thought of Ilene as we brainstormed a replacement. Since Just Believe is our most popular show on Writestream Radio Network, we wanted a talented, competent, and reliable spiritual professional to take over. Fortunately, Ilene graciously accepted the invitation to host every Sunday (with me acting as her producer), and made her debut on Sunday, July 3. I’m having a blast playing “Roz” to Ilene’s “Frasier.”

For more information, click here.


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