Air Disasters — A Metaphor For Our Country?

Lately I’ve had a morbid fascination with watching episodes of Air Disasters or Air Crash Investigations on YouTube. Maybe it’s because on some subconscious level they’re a metaphor for the current political climate and perilous situation the United States and its founding document, the US Constitution are now facing, thanks to the Obama Administration? To be fair, as I noted on a recent Facebook comment thread, constitutional conservatives who are fighting back against today’s rampant tyranny can also thank George W. and H.W. Bush for helping to lay the groundwork.

If only H.W. Bush had simply followed Ronald Reagan’s blueprint of peace through strength, lower taxes and limited government instead of raising taxes and turning us into a “kinder, gentler nation” (whatever that means); if only his son had enacted fiscally sound domestic policies instead of saddling the USA with further entitlements and bureaucracy like No Child Left Behind, Department of Homeland Security and massive Medicare expansion.

Come to think of it, why won’t big-government, entitlement-loving liberals give George W. Bush credit for his big-spending initiatives? If they possessed an ounce of intellectual honesty, they would. Yes, I know. Never. Gonna. Happen. Still worth pointing out, though.

For those who revere W., I believe he is basically a good, decent person who loves the USA and the US military. And yes, he did do a lot of things right, including the Bush tax cuts, which by the way are now the current tax rate and ought to be referred to as such. Of course, calling them the current tax rate wouldn’t serve Barack Obama’s statist agenda, aided by his class warfare rhetoric so don’t expect him to start being honest any time soon. If his lips are moving, he’s lying. Ditto for his commie/progressive enablers.

Anyway, back to Air Disasters.

As horrific as some of these episodes are, they are also illustrative in their demonstrations of authentic human courage — whether expressed by the passengers, crew and air traffic controllers in the face of spine-tingling danger, or by the dogged determination of the investigators charged with solving the mystery and thus aiding the process of implementing new and improved safety measures designed to make flying safer.

Perhaps my interest in these reenactments of tragic aviation events stems from the glaring lack of decency, integrity, courtesy, courage and honesty in our current depraved culture. And if you think that’s an exaggeration, check out the twitter streams of vacuous, Obama-worshipping celebrities like Sarah Silverman and Aubrey O’Day.

It’s refreshing to watch actual demonstrations of courage and heroism as displayed by Ethiopian pilot, Captain Leul Abate:

Or the three brave FedEx employee pilots and flight engineers who managed to survive a bloodbath inflicted by disgruntled co-worker Auburn Calloway and land their plane safely:

Then there’s the miraculous story of British Airways Flight 5390:

Of course, not every episode has a happy and miraculous ending but they are so well acted out and recreated that it’s hard to stop watching.

In terms of the election metaphor, here’s hoping that intrepid patriots can rouse their sleeping citizens out of autopilot (e.g. voting by party lines because they believe the propaganda that the Democrat Party is a champion of the working class, or that all Republicans have the best interests of the US Constitution at heart) and support only those candidates who fervently believe in the system of government forged by our Founding Fathers and will work as hard as they possibly can to land the plane intact by preserving our freedoms — in spite of the formidable headwinds and turbulence (lobbyists, special interest groups, etc).

If you missed it, in a recent afterburner episode, Bill Whittle made a striking point about the Euro using the crash of Air France Flight 447:

Metaphors aside, since I’m not an avid flyer who nevertheless has to board a plane every now and then, I’m not so sure it’s a good idea to keep watching these admittedly addictive broadcasts. In spite of the fact that millions of planes take off and land safely all around the world all the time, and that the chances of suffering a fatal accident while flying are slim at best. Let’s hope for the sake of our country, pro-American candidates face similar odds in November…or it will truly be a disaster for all patriots who cherish their freedom and want a return to limited government principles, American exceptionalism and strong national defense.


Occupy Unmasked

From Citizens United and Stephen K. Bannon, comes a film I will definitely be watching and reviewing.

Occupy Unmasked – Official Movie Trailer – Citizens United Productions from Citizens United on Vimeo.

It’s time for every patriot to start spreading the truth and enlightening fellow Americans of the high stakes of this coming election — regardless of the cost. Last night on the Smithsonian Channel, I watched a documentary on Benito Mussolini and his black shirts, which instilled me with a renewed appreciation for the courage and intelligence of my ancestors who fled Italy for a better life in America long before this maniac came to power.

And yet, we’re on the brink of ceding the blessings of freedom that our Founding Fathers risked everything to secure. Don’t let it happen. Get informed. Understand why capitalism is the best system in the world for lifting people out of poverty and why government must be limited if man is to be free.