The Writestream: Magnetic Love with Author and Entrepreneur Jennie Lynn

The Writestream: Magnetic Love with Author and Entrepreneur Jennie Lynn

Join me for The Writestream on Wednesday, June 7 at 11 AM Eastern when I welcome Jennie Lynn, author of the forthcoming book, Magnetic Love:

Jennie Lynn [Hogue-Laurent] was born and raised in Southern Massachusetts. Jennie pursued her college education to become a registered nurse and has been practicing for the past 7 years. She is also a fitness fanatic, and has been a successful professional model and earned worldwide triple Pro card status in natural figure, physique, and bodybuilding. She began her writing career as a magazine editor, and her articles have been published in and on the covers of Natural Gainz Magazine, Natural Mag International, Muscle Sport Magazine, and Be Legendary Magazine. Jennie is also a relationship expert, artist, mentor, speaker, transformational life coach, and holistic health coach. Jennie Lynn is the co-founder of Matrix Success Network, which offers customized elite business coaching as well as individualized leadership and results driven, paradigm shifting programs. She and her husband are among the top world-wide consultants in collaboration with legendary thought leader Bob Proctor and the Proctor Gallagher Institute. Her passions include nature, traveling, reading, learning, and business. She ventured into entrepreneurship in 2016 and happily manages several other businesses with her husband Brian. Magnetic Love is the first of many books she intends to write.

Visit Jennie at for more information. To listen to the interview on Wednesday, June 7 at 11 AM Eastern, click on The Writestream: Magnetic Love with Author Jennie Lynn. You can listen by phone at (347) 945-7246. If you would like to ask Jennie a question on the air, press “1.”

Among other things, Jennie will share her motivation for writing the book as a busy, successful entrepreneur and how it is helping her to expand her influence. With a foreword written by Bob Proctor, it is sure to be an international sensation! Watch the video below.

UPDATE: Missed the live interview? Click to listen.


A Special Valentine from Create Your Life with Tasha Chen

A Special Valentine from Create Your Life with Tasha Chen

This morning on her monthly show on the Writestream Radio Network, host Tasha Chen offered listeners a gift of love, along with special guests Greg Boudle and PJ Dixon.

Are you addicted to the story you tell yourself about your life and your circumstances? That’s the question they explored today during the 30-minute episode. Each host discussed their own personal journey of self-love and triumph over hardship while sharing advice on how to overcome the obstacles YOU create in your life, what to do to get out of your head and into your heart, and how to live with EASE versus obligation.

If you missed the live broadcast, click below to listen.

Visit Tasha Chen at for more information.


Happy Valentine’s Day

Here’s a beautiful ballad in honor of the occasion from one of my very favorite singers, the immensely talented Martina McBride:

And don’t forget, Mal Duane’s Alpha Chick is now available for purchase. Whether you have a Valentine in your life or not, give yourself the gift of self-love and take the five steps for moving from pain to power with Mal as your supportive guide. She’s standing by, ready to share the lessons she learned along the way to becoming an Alpha Chick.

Discover the secrets for transforming your life.


A Review of Mal Duane’s Alpha Chick

I first encountered the wonderful Mal Duane on Twitter several weeks ago and was immediately intrigued by her bio and her forthcoming book Alpha Chick: Five steps for moving from pain to power.

Since then I’ve had an opportunity to read and review Mal’s simultaneously uplifting, heart-wrenching and triumphant memoir, which is also complemented by a free action guide you can download at the Alpha Chick site. Described by the author as a “self-love letter for women” Alpha Chick: Five steps for moving from pain to power will be available for purchase on — appropriately enough — Valentine’s Day 2012.

I had the luxury of 24 hours to myself on a recent train trip so I settled in for the long ride with Mal’s book, not knowing I’d get so caught up in it I’d actually finish it in a matter of a few hours! But between her easy, conversational tone and her compelling real-life story I was unable to stop turning the pages as she bravely shared the details of her life’s hardships and insecurities, from the early days of her father’s alcoholism and the cruel taunts of classmates over her looks to the devastating loss of her beloved niece and her own descent into alcoholic addiction.

But this book is not just for women struggling to abstain from taking that next drink. It’s for every woman who has ever dealt with addiction of any kind — whether it be an addiction to negative thinking or to self-defeating attitudes. It’s for every woman who longs to lead a more fulfilling life, filled with meaningful relationships, rewarding and lucrative work, good health, the ability to give back to others and a stronger connection their faith and/or spirituality. Whether you’re dealing with devastating financial issues, health challenges, business difficulties, unsatisfying relationships or anything else that may be blocking you from experiencing the richness of life and fulfilling your own life’s purpose, Mal’s book will not only inspire you to take action, it will guide you every step of the way in becoming an Alpha Chick:

So what is an “Alpha Chick,” you may wonder? An Alpha Chick is a spiritual being who has worked to deepen her connection with and faith in the Divine Presence within in order to meet life’s challenges with purpose and strength. She is empowered to live a joyful life at her true and fullest potential. I thought of the term Alpha Chick several years ago as an appropriate way to describe my four closest friends. We all had experienced dark times in our lives and pushed through them to live with purpose and passion. We were fulfilled and happy with ourselves, and our lives were rich and joyful.

I am telling my painful personal story in this book so you will know that I am similar to you—the symbolic girl next door. My story is a woman’s story. I am just an ordinary woman, not a movie star and not fabulously wealthy. I am considered intelligent but certainly no genius, and my formal education was limited, as I left college in my first year. You and I may share many of the experiences that I reveal in this book; some of them we may have been too ashamed to reveal to anyone else. Yet I put my story on paper so you can see for yourself how I survived. And not only have I survived, I now have the most exquisite life and I am married to the man of my dreams. I am an ordinary woman living an extraordinary life.

Look for Alpha Chick on Valentine’s Day 2012 — and give yourself the gift of self-love!

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