A Special Valentine from Create Your Life with Tasha Chen

A Special Valentine from Create Your Life with Tasha Chen

This morning on her monthly show on the Writestream Radio Network, host Tasha Chen offered listeners a gift of love, along with special guests Greg Boudle and PJ Dixon.

Are you addicted to the story you tell yourself about your life and your circumstances? That’s the question they explored today during the 30-minute episode. Each host discussed their own personal journey of self-love and triumph over hardship while sharing advice on how to overcome the obstacles YOU create in your life, what to do to get out of your head and into your heart, and how to live with EASE versus obligation.

If you missed the live broadcast, click below to listen.

Visit Tasha Chen at ScienceofGettingRichAcademy.com for more information.


Create Your Life with Tasha Chen Debuts on Writestream Radio Network!


As an ongoing student of her excellent curriculum based on the book The Science of Getting Rich and a friend of this remarkable lady, I’m beyond ecstatic to welcome Tasha Chen to Writestream Radio Network. Create Your Life with Tasha Chen debuts on Tuesday, September 13 at 8:30 AM Eastern and will air the second Tuesday of every month:

Prove to yourself that you can easily turn your desires into reality! Explore easy and practical ways to access the inner power we all have as creative beings and finally live a life you  truly enjoy.  Tasha Chen’s wisdom and remarkable insights will keep your dreams alive and guide you till the grandest vision of your life has manifested and you are living the life you deserve.

About Tasha:

tashachen125Tasha is the QUEEN of Creating Life on her own terms; and teaches you the easy scientific formula for creating abundance in your life. Her program is the only one that really shows people HOW to implement the Law of Attraction to create real results in their business and in their life. Areas of focus include -Financial Abundance and Deservedness, Relationship Bliss, Physical Health and Vitality and Spiritual Connectedness, Tasha’s expert, wise and discerning guidance will gently (yet firmly) put you on the path to the abundance that is your birthright. Tasha works with clients internationally by phone/Skype. RESULTS GUARANTEED in 30 DAYS.

Please visit Science of Getting Rich Academy.com for more information. You can contact Tasha via email at tasha@scienceofgettingrichacademy.com or by phone at (772) 341-9427.

To listen to Create Your Life with Tasha Chen on Tuesday, September 13 at 8:30 AM Eastern, click on this link. Tasha welcomes your calls at (347) 945-7246 and your participation in the live chat room.

UPDATE: Missed the live show? Click to listen.


The Powerful Month of September

I just got off of an energetic intention-setting call led by my amazing friend and coach, entrepreneur Tasha Powell Chen. A few nuggets of information I received included:

  • It’s the first Day of the Month and a New Moon — everything in nature is urging us to ASK, ASK, ASK!
  • It’s the 9th Month of the Year — and 9 is a powerful, creative number, a symbol of Wisdom and Initiation
  • It’s the Last Quarter of a 9-Year Cycle — time for reflection on the past nine years and how they have prepared and led each of us to where we are now
  • September is the Month of Wisdom and Discernment

Perhaps not coincidentally, my monthly Pisces horoscope from MyStarsHoroscopes.com reads:

PiscesWe’re heading into the last trimester of 2016, but it’s New Year’s Eve all over again for you, Pisces! A glowing lunar eclipse in your sign on the 16th sets the stage for major changes ahead. You always experience a full moon in Pisces around this time of year, but 2016 delivers a full moon eclipse your way. As a result, get ready to close out chapters from your past. Deals and projects that you’ve been working on over the past six months may finally come to fruition. You’ll be ready to move on to another level of living that you may not have experienced before. And if you’re not  ready? The eclipse will still take you to a different place whether you like it or not!

But this isn’t anything to fear. The cosmos, in its wisdom, knows that we can get stuck in ruts and inertia can set in. That’s what eclipses do: they shake, rattle and roll us so that we’ll see the light and move on. This one may make you aware of people and situations in your world that are holding you back, as Mars is in a tough angle. Mars doesn’t like being cornered and neither will you. Chances are that you’ll break free of a job, relationship, group activity or family tie that has worn out its welcome. If you’ve been dutifully keeping a stiff upper lip and your opinions to yourself in recent months, don’t be surprised if you speak up, loud and proud, around eclipse time.

And as eclipses always occur in pairs, there’s a solar event taking place on the 1st. This one occurs in your partnership sector which deals with both romantic and business alliances. As this is a new moon, a fresh beginning can start in love. Singles could find a keeper over the next six months and attached Pisces will make more of a commitment to their lover. Truth be told, if your romance is not built on solid ground you may consider moving on as stern Saturn urges you to look way down the road—do you want to put even more time into a situation that’s not working out? But Neptune could cloud your thoughts, and Mercury is retrograde in this part of your chart until the 22nd. Don’t make any major decisions in love until after then.

The solar eclipse could also introduce you to a person who’s interested in teaming up with you in some sort of business alliance or project, and it could prove to be quite profitable. That’s because on the 9th ( a drumroll, please) lucky Jupiter enters your finance house for the first time in 13 years. This house, the eighth, is all about investing, such as buying real estate (a rental property or your own home), retirement plans, stocks, windfalls (such as an inheritance or nice legal settlement) or entering into a joint venture. Jupiter governs profits, and this is the house of passive income. Teaming up with someone else is the way to go.

For example, if you’re thinking about going the entrepreneurial route, Jupiter can help you line up investors. A friend or relative may ask you to invest in a startup of their’s. You could patent an invention or make some wise investments in the stock market.

Jupiter blesses you in yet another way, as the eighth house also governs sex, intimacy and shared emotions. The next 13 months could be some of the sexiest on record for you! You may be more open to sharing your thoughts with a loved one, and spending more quality time with a lover will become a priority. Single Pisces are in a hot steaming’ place to meet a new flame, thanks to the solar eclipse and Jupiter rolling into your commitment sector. Attached Pisces will see their relationships go to a higher level: engagements, babies, cohabitating, or renewing vows. When the Sun enters Libra on the 22nd it will be joining benevolent Jupiter, so the next four weeks could be game-changers when it comes to your love and family life.

Pluto has been retrograde since April, forcing you to examine your deepest held wishes and aims. You may have realized over the past five months that things you thought that you wanted are no longer important, leading to a revised wish list. You change as a person when Pluto backstrokes through this part of the sky, and this small but mighty planet was also asking you to consider the company you keep: friends, neighbors, team members and groups that you’re a part of. When Pluto goes direct on the 26th you may move forward with a smaller but tighter cadre of friends and associates whom you trust implicitly.

And as one door closes, another opens. Megawatt Mars enters this part of the sky on the 27th, introducing you to a whole new set of people. Networking is the way to go in October, so get ready to crush it on social media, make plans with your tribe and join clubs and organizations that will introduce you to like-minded people.

So many exciting plans in the works that are about to come to fruition! I’ll be posting updates soon as official announcements go out, but let’s just say I’m gearing up for a fabulous fourth quarter!

Not a Pisces? Visit MyStarsHoroscopes.com to find yours.  Ready to manifest your dreams, supported by the love, knowledge and support of the “tribe?” Visit ScienceofGettingRichAcademy.com to learn more about Tasha and her wonderful curriculum.


SOGR: Chapter 12

Today’s words of wisdom from Wallace D. Wattles:

It is really not the number of things you do, but the efficiency of each separate action that counts.

Every act is, in itself, either a success or failure.

Every act is, in itself, either effective or inefficient.

The cause of failure is doing too many things in an inefficient manner, and not doing enough things in an efficient manner.

You can make each act a success because ALL POWER is working with you; and ALL POWER cannot fail.

Power is at your service; and to make each act efficient you have only to put power into it.

Every act can be made strong and efficient by holding your vision while you are doing it, and putting the whole power of faith and purpose into it.

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