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3d-final (1)In 2009, the infamous Santelli Rant ignited a nationwide grassroots movement against wasteful government spending. Known as The Tea (Taxed Enough Already) Party, the phenomenon spread like wildfire across the fruited plain, with the specific purpose of restoring Constitutional principles and fiscal sanity to Washington, D.C. By 2010, the everyday Americans who comprised the bulk of the Tea Party had made tremendous inroads by swinging the House of Representatives back to Republican control. It seemed that this political tour de force was well on its way to recapturing the Oval Office in 2012. But a funny thing happened on the road to the White House. What began as an earnest movement comprised of America-loving patriots was soon sabotaged by opportunists with a self-serving agenda. Combined with the naïveté of inexperienced candidates for office, nefarious schemes from Republican Party operatives, and a glaring lack of organization, it s no wonder the Tea Party s efforts to influence elections has fizzled out spectacularly. All is not lost, however. In his new book, Ego in a Tea Bag: How Greed, Corruption and Deceit Threaten a Great American Movement, author, blogger, and political activist Ken Crow delves into the roots of the Tea Party, exposes the profiteers of patriotism, and lays out a practical, workable plan for achieving the goal of limited government and securing the promise of the United States of America for generations to come.



Writestream Tuesday welcomes Shlomo Attia on July 1

Steps To Salvation author Shlomo Attia.

Steps To Salvation author Shlomo Attia.

I’m finally jumping back into the Writestream Tuesday broadcast seat on July 1 to interview a very special guest at a special time of 7 p.m. Eastern:

Join author, blogger, writer and internet radio host Dariaanne for a very special Writestream Tuesday at 7 p.m. Eastern when she welcomes entrepreneur and author Shlomo Attia to the show to discuss his new book, Steps To Salvation. Daria and Shlomo will not only discuss the many spiritual, political and historical themes of his concept-driven book, which while entertaining and informative, is also a vehicle for his many practical ideas for improving vital industries and curtailing centralized power in order to bring Salvation to earth.

During the live broadcast, Dariaanne and Shlomo will also share their experiences and insights on the colloborative process, and their plans for a book launch party at Tropical Acres Steakhouse in Fort Lauderdale on July 5. They welcome your calls, questions and comments at (347) 945-7246.

Check out Shlomo’s blog here.

Kudos to my good friend and author Renee Gatz for politely but firmly coaxing me into taking a bow regarding my role in ghostwriting the book by using my Writestream platform to not only promote Shlomo and his ideas but also my methods of collaboration and writing.

Please join us in the live chat and call us during the broadcast. Look forward to seeing you there! And if you’d like to purchase Steps To Salvation in either paperback or e-book, click here to visit Shlomo’s Author Profile on Lulu.com.


No, Beyonce and Hillary are not female role-models


LLL-B-tm copyOn Friday nights, I co-host Love Liberty and Lip Gloss for the Writestream Radio Network with two lovely women: Lisa Tarves, host of Just Believe on Sundays at 7 p.m. and her daughter Kristyn Fetterman. Intended to be a fun, lifestyle-oriented call-in program, each week on Love Liberty and Lip Gloss we bring on a guest to opine on a particular topic of interest to women — from dealing with difficult people to internet dating and everything in-between.

The show came into existence late last year when Lisa and I had a brainstorming session and decided we needed something in the programming line-up with more of a pop-culture vibe. Together we came up with the name to reflect the fact that we’re all American women and to denote three major areas of a woman’s life:

  • LOVE – relationships, spirituality
  • LIBERTY – travel, financial freedom, independence, career
  • LIP GLOSS – fashion, make-up, skincare, hairstyles, home decor

Understanding the importance of pop-culture in determining our elected leadership and ultimately the direction of the country, this would also be my opportunity to give voice to the oft-maligned or flat-out ignored female: the simultaneously feminine, pro-life, pro-American, traditional marriage-supporting, football-loving, Constitution-upholding, make-up wearing, career-oriented female.

Because according to our purposefully biased pop culture and media, these women simply do not exist.


That’s one of the major reasons why a truly independent, successful, gorgeous, fit, healthy, glamorous, smart, accomplished, confident wife, mother-of-five and grandmother of two like Sarah Palin absolutely terrifies the overseers of our cultural rot and degradation. It’s also why they have relentlessly smeared, attacked, vilified and outright lied about her from the moment she burst onto the national political stage and posed the first credible threat to their carefully constructed female victimhood propaganda — and their false messiah.

Well that, and also because she actually chose life for her youngest offspring, fully aware of the physical and mental challenges he’d face, and the special added responsibilities that would define her role as mom while raising a child with Down syndrome. So in spite of the fact that Sarah Palin was everything pop culture and the media claimed women should be, do, and have, she committed an unpardonable sin. She actually walked her pro-life talk.

Also unpardonable? The fact that she’s been happily married to the same man — with whom she shares a loving, egalitarian partnership — her entire life. And that whenever she speaks of Todd, their marriage and their family, she absolutely glows. She doesn’t bitch, whine or complain about Todd’s many shortcomings, or about how men in general are stupid, mean, unenlightened and hopelessly inferior to women — all of whom, according to this mini mindset, are perfect creatures whose only human flaw is that they give way too much of themselves to others and always put themselves last.


Look, I’m not suggesting that there aren’t women who need to be more assertive. Or who are truly victimized by immoral neanderthals who believe their only function is to cook, clean and birth children. But the reality is, most American women live pretty damned good lives (just ask any woman living under genuine oppression in a Muslim country). And there are plenty of charities and support systems in place to help those in need. Ironically, said support systems also include compassionate crisis-pregnancy centers which are also demonized by the self-proclaimed champions of all that is female. Heaven forbid these organizations guide a woman to give her baby up for adoption to a loving, childless couple instead of having an abortion.

Oh yes, they ostensibly believe in choice. It’s just that some choices are more equal than others.

But back to my point (I do have one, I promise).

Sarah Palin truly is a living embodiment of female empowerment. But if you’re a non-political junkie American woman, you wouldn’t know that unless you purposely took the time to cut through the pop culture BS and made a concerted effort to get the facts. Because in a female-dominated society enraptured by buzz words like “empowerment”, “self-care”, “independence” and “choice”, a real feminist like Palin is Enemy #1. Apparently, if you’re a woman, the  only acceptable way to actualize the aforementioned concepts is if you are pro-abortion, pro-immorality, pro-big government and pro-gay marriage.


Which brings me to last night’s show. We interviewed a delightful guest, Barbara McNally, author of the book Unbridled. It’s a memoir of her journey from beleaguered housewife to liberated woman after suffering through a marriage to a man who didn’t value her contributions, including the fact that she’d sustained him on his road to success. I’ve seen similar stories play out with women I know personally, and I’m not denying the existence of bad men. I’m simply reacting to this notion that somehow ALL women are noble creatures while MOST men are slime. Having been through my share of disappointing relationships, it would be very easy to fall into that trap. But to be fair, Barbara brought up an excellent point in the interview — the person you become in a relationship determines its value. And that is something over which you have control; therefore, it’s not about blaming the other person but having the self-awareness to end the relationship if it’s the right thing to do.

Barbara herself was an absolute joy to interview — filled with wisdom, humor, inspiration, passion and a sense of morality. She admitted that having an affair was a “destructive” way to assert her independence and end her marriage and advised against other women committing similar wrongs. Through her charity the Mother Lover Fighter Sage Foundation, she also supports the wives of Wounded Warriors by treating them to a “Spa Day.” To listen to the interview, click below.

Check Out Writing Podcasts at Blog Talk Radio with Dariaanne on BlogTalkRadio

It wasn’t until our guest effusively held up Hillary Clinton and Beyonce as role-models that I experienced visible disgust — mostly with myself for not challenging that erroneous idea, or at least offering my own suggestion (yep, Sarah Palin would’ve been a great one). Since LLL is supposed to be a Happy Hour/non-combative format, I remained clammed up. Ok, I’ll admit I also didn’t want to anger my co-hosts (one of whom had a sore throat and could barely speak), or put our guest on the spot.

But seriously, Hillary? Beyonce?

The former, who enabled by corrupt colleagues and a complicit media, has literally gotten away with the murder of four Americans in Benghazi and idolizes an avowed racist/eugenicist, Margaret Sanger? And Beyonce, whose pornographic performance at last year’s Super Bowl was anything but family-friendly?

Is self-objectification the new empowerment? Because if it is, count me out.


Barbara expressed unbridled enthusiasm over Beyonce’s answer to the question: Who is the most important person in your life? (Hint: it wasn’t Jesus, her mother, her father, her husband, her child or any being — supernatural or human — outside of herself). In Beyonce’s world, SHE is the most important person in her life. I guess unabashed self-centeredness is the new philanthropy. As for me, I’d be curious to witness how Beyonce treats the little people — you know, waitresses, baggage handlers at the airport, manicurists, masseuses, make-up artists and countless others who aren’t nearly as important yet somehow manage to contribute well to the quality of her pampered, privileged life.

Anyway, when a friend called me out on my silence on the show last night, I figured the best way to make restitution was via my blog. Admittedly, it’s the coward’s way out because I can type out anything I want for as long as I want without interruption or push-back. However if anything, this experience has taught me to rethink my on-air actions next time I’m confronted with a similar situation. It’s an opportunity to gently, politely and effectively push back against pop culture indoctrination. I’m thinking I can do that in less than 1100+ words. 😉

Thoughts? Comments? Suggestions? I’m open to them!


On Religion, Politics and Culture – UPDATED

GOP Elephant
"Doctor" Kermit Gosnell.

“Doctor” Kermit Gosnell.

So some of you might have read yesterday’s Kermit Gosnell blog post and, knowing me only as the founder of Writestream, were caught off-guard. If so I can’t really blame you since the old adage, “Never discuss religion or politics” has been the silent credo of most Americans for many decades — much to our detriment. It’s my firm belief that these are some of the most important things we ought to be discussing as mature adults, in order to be fully informed Americans capable of making wise decisions at the voting booth at all levels of government. We get the government we deserve, after all, and since the Left has completely dominated pop culture, media, academia and public education for over 60+ years, it’s even more imperative that others who seek out alternative news sources, study authentic history and care about the direction of our beloved USA, speak out courageously and consistently.

Although it’s comforting for me to hang out in the choir loft with the other U.S. Constitutional believers and upholders, staying there exclusively does absolutely nothing to change the hearts and minds of others who are either misinformed or uninformed. This is not a slam at anyone. We live in a fast-paced culture filled with work, family obligations, bills, activities, community involvement, etc. Not everyone gets their news from Twitter, or from the countless reputable news sites online. And with the blatant bias of network and cable news (and yes, I include Fox News in that assessment, as they’ve gone way downhill over the past several years), and the subtle-but-evident leftist agenda infiltrating just about every entertaining program on television and cable, it’s no wonder so many Americans are unaware of what’s really going on.

A few years ago, I was involved in a small business with two other women who felt the same as I did but were very careful about keeping their feelings hidden, lest they alienate any potential or existing clients. I know of many other businesspeople who use aliases on Twitter and blogs for the same reason. These are completely reasonable positions, given the hostility toward “Tea Party” Americans (which of course is predicated on the lies perpetuated in the media, pop culture, academia, etc) as “racists”, “xenophobes”, “misogynists” — the list of false epithets goes on and on.

But I am taking a different approach. If politics is culture, I am going to do everything I can to integrate my love of books, authors, internet radio and social media with my long-held beliefs in the exceptionalism of the United States of America whose entire way of life and culture has been purposely destroyed by

Like Sarah Palin, I will continue to fight like a girl.

Like Sarah Palin, I will continue to fight like a girl.

people with evil intent. Think I am exaggerating? Check out Agenda: Grinding America Down. For that matter read all of the posts in the culture and politics categories. My aim here is to get out of the choir loft regularly and share the ideas of the US Constitution, our Founders, limited government, personal responsibility, national security, etc. with a new audience.

It’s obvious that our permanent political class isn’t going to do it. And it should be quite obvious to anyone who reads or follows me that this is NOT about political parties. Yes, I am a registered Republican and always have been out of necessity since right now we’re stuck with a two-party system. But I despise the leadership of the gutless, spineless, rudderless and unprincipled GOP just as much as I despise the Leftists who run the Democrat Party. I appreciate bold, courageous and unwavering leadership — the kind consistently demonstrated by people like Sarah Palin and Jim DeMint. If I had my way, a viable third party would emerge and the GOP would deservedly go the way of the whigs as punishment for having lost all sense of moral clarity and righteousness.

Case in point: the Gosnell trial. What a missed opportunity for the GOP! This is a party that is relentlessly (and falsely) maligned as “a party of white men”, “racists,” “misogynists” and “rich people”. The Grand Jury report from the Gosnell case provides a stellar, factual, real-life opportunity for the GOP to rebut all of these falsehoods and point to where the culture of abortion has taken us. It’s rife with examples of actual racism (Gosnell had much higher standards of treatment for suburban white women than he did for the poor black women who came to his clinic); infanticide (remember, many of these babies were alive OUTSIDE of the womb and killed for the “crime” of being alive); and a compelling argument as to why ZERO taxpayer dollars should ever be used to unleash this brutal war on the unborn.

The Gosnell case also offers the perfect vehicle for initiating an enlightening discussion about Margaret Sanger, founder of Planned Parenthood — a notorious racist/eugenicist who wanted to wipe out the entire black population, along with others she deemed “unworthy” such as the handicapped.

Given this excellent opportunity to inform Americans about what’s really going on in the abortion industry, the GOP leadership as usual, was silent. Crickets.

Not a word spoken about it.

CRFNewLogoCould it be partially due to the fact that former Pennsylvania governor and squishy “moderate” Republican Tom Ridge bears some responsibility for the atrocities committed by Gosnell? Under his tenure, state oversight of abortion clinics was loosened, so as to appear “reasonable” and “pro-woman”, I can only suppose. While most Twitterers yesterday rightfully focused on the media’s dereliction of duty with respect to the Gosnell case, I also called attention to Tom Ridge and GOP crapweasels (to use Stacy McCain’s excellent term) because they are also complicit in this horror. Like Sarah Palin, I am so done with the GOP’s “truce on social issues” and its enabling of evil. What ails this country goes so far beyond economic issues. Many of us out here in the blogosphere fully understand that. But as long as we have a permanent political class in D.C. that is more concerned with preserving its own power than in doing the right thing; as long as the GOP consultants operate out of self-centeredness and fear of pissing of so-called “moderates” and “independents” for the sake of a fat paycheck — the fate of the country be damned — I am afraid we’ll be in this predicament for a very long time. Or at least until everything comes crashing down around us.

If that’s what it’s going to take to get people in power to finally do the right thing — or better yet, help new, principled leaders emerge out of the ashes — then it’s all to the good.

In the meantime, I’ll keep mixing religion, politics and culture with Writestream, authors, book reviews and other uplifting topics on my blog. You don’t have to  like it. You don’t have to agree with me. But I do hope you’ll at least continue to read with an open mind. And if you’re feeling particularly curious, listen to Steven Rosenblum and me on CRF Radio, sponsored by DadgumRight.com. Tonight we’re debuting Zook and Redbone’s brand new commercial, in addition to welcoming Representative Paul Broun, M.D. to the program to discuss among other things, amnesty and gun control.

And finally to the GOP leadership: Take your so-called “truce on social issues” and shove it. Pursue that strategy at your own risk because I am definitely not alone in my desire to see you crash and burn. Like so many of my compatriots on Twitter, Facebook and the blogosphere, I will not sit quietly and enable evil, nor will I excuse those who do for the sake of preserving their own political power at the expense of our nation and its people — especially the most vulnerable among us.

Who’s with me?

UPDATE: Fantastic post from Lisa Richards, entitled If Baby Killer Kermit Gosnell Tortured Animals to Death Versus Black Babies The Left Would Demand His Life. How true! A sample:

If 20 pregnant women and 20 pregnant dogs were lined up before a firing squad and fired on, which group’s potential murder would the Left be most horrified over; dogs or human beings?

By the way the Left is ignoring Dr. Kermit B. Gosnell’s torturous murders of born children in his abortion clinic; I have to assume the Left’s horror only extends to the killing of animals and not human beings—unless of course it’s the killing of an Islamic terrorist, then all hell will break loose and we’ll see riots in the streets for the dead terrorist.

Maybe that’s why the Left is ignoring Kermit Gosnell: He’s a medical terrorist who performed abortions in the most heinous manner imaginable.

Dr. Kermit B. Gosnell regularly delivered live babies and murdered them. This news is not important to the left wing, pro-abortion mainstream media, because Dr. Gosnell did not slaughter kittens and puppies.

Visit Conservative Daily News to read the whole thing.

I would only add the observation that in my own life I have also witnessed the same disconnection among some extended family members and friends who relentlessly post about animal abuse on Facebook or Twitter yet remain silent about abortion. This certainly isn’t true for all of them but there are a few in particular who seem to channel all of their energy and outrage into fighting for dogs and cats while ignoring the human slaughter that goes on in this country day in and day out. While I vociferously condemned Michael Vick at the time for his repugnant abuse of dogs, I was simultaneously disgusted that Americans from coast to coast (and one of my relatives in particular) just couldn’t seem to let it go, even after the guy served his time, turned his life over to God and made every effort to repent his past misdeeds.

A few people even unfriended me from Facebook a few years back because I remained a Philadelphia Eagles fan (as I’ve been my entire life) even after they signed Vick. I wonder, how many of these people know about Gosnell? Do they feel the same outrage?

As someone who loves cats and to a lesser extent, dogs, I abhor any kind of animal abuse. However, I am even more repulsed by the human slaughter of abortion, which is not only legal in this country but funded by taxpayers. OUTRAGEOUS.

Once again to the GOP and Libertarians: Take your “truce on social issues” and shove it. You are also a disgrace.


Save the Whales, Kill the Babies, Protect the Butchers

KermitGosnell2In spite of the Empty Chair media, Kermit Gosnell is trending on twitter. This sick, pathetic excuse for a human being is on trial in Philadelphia for the murder of seven babies at the Philadelphia Women’s Medical Society — babies who’d survived abortions only to have Gosnell and his staff viciously murder them by snipping their spinal cords. It’s up to Americans of good conscience to keep this trending on twitter and to demand media coverage. The same sort of coverage they breathlessly provided endlessly for …oh let’s see….George Zimmerman, Sandy Hook, Sandra Fluke, any abortion clinic bomber, animal-killer, football player’s imaginary girlfriend, etc.

But in the case of the Philadelphia “doctor” whose own personal Hippocratic oath reads, “Do as much harm as possible in the name of the Almighty Dollar” instead of the actual “First, do no harm”, the mainstream media has displayed a stunning and blatant lack of interest. As my dear friend, journalist Harriet Baldwin noted in her Examiner piece:

The “mainstream” or dinosaur media has largely ignored the Gosnell Abortion trial so unless you are an avid follower of news via the internet, chances are you haven’t even heard the details of babies born alive screaming outside the womb and Gosnell and his abortion workers snipping the spinal cords of live babies.

Gosnell, 72, is charged with murdering seven babies at Philadelphia Women’s Medical Society and with the death of the woman, who suffered cardiac arrest after she was given too much anesthesia.

A Gosnell worker described the abortion house of horrors as “raining fetuses and blood all over the place.”

It has been reported by worker/witnesses that the babies’ screams sounded like “a little alien.”

Brent Bozell, President and CEO of the Media Research Center and 20 other Conservatives- have petitioned the major news outlets to cover the trial, which for the most part, has been blacked out.

List Of Conservatives Speaking Out On Media Blackout Of Gosnell Trial

One has to wonder why the major media “news” outlets have all but blacked out the details of this monstrous murder trial and it’s horrifying details.

This is just the type of story that should have grassroots activists on their feet, on the phones and writing e-mails to ABC, CBS, NBC and MSNBC and ask WHY?

The old guard media seems to be having a feeding frenzy over gun control and aiding in the usurpation of the rights of lawful gun owners- but not on the Gosnell Trial, taxpayer fundedPlanned Parenthood or even the warped, life and beliefs of Margaret Sanger who wanted to eradicate the Black race.

"Doctor" Kermit Gosnell.

“Doctor” Kermit Gosnell.

Baldwin also referenced Sarah Palin’s pointed Facebook commentary in which she rightfully took aim at squishy “let’s call a truce on social issues” Republicans while linking to Kirsten Power’s Gosnell opinion piece in USA Today:

As many in our party call for “social truces” and encourage candidates to stop talking about social issues, I’d remind them to heed the advice of Lady Thatcher: “This is no time to go wobbly.” If our country does not start to focus on returning to a culture that respects life, how can we ever expect to solve the growing problem of violence?

I wonder if “calling a truce on social issues” was the underlying motivation for squishy GOP moderate Tom Ridge to relax the government accountability standards for Pennsylvania abortion clinics during his tenure.  According to Business Insider:

The clinic was not inspected from 1993 to 2010, when FBI agents finally raided the place. They found moaning women covered in blood-stained blankets and jars with severed fetus feet, according to the 281-page grand jury report.

The grand jury report that lays out allegations against Gosnell has an entire section called “How did this go on so long?” The simple answer is politics.

Pennsylvania’s health department stopped routine inspections of abortion facilities in the state after Tom Ridge, a pro-choice Republican, became governor in 1995.

Health department lawyers “changed their legal opinions and advice to suit the policy preferences of different governors,” health department official Janet Staloski said in grand jury testimony. In this case, she said the state didn’t want to be “putting a barrier up to women” who wanted abortions.

In 1999, high-level Pennsylvania officials met to consider starting up regular inspections again but decided not to, state lawyer Kenneth Brody testified, according to the grand jury report. He told the grand jury that officials were concerns that abortion clinics wouldn’t meet inspection standards and then there “would be less abortion facilities.”

To the so-called GOP “moderates” who rule the consultant and D.C. political classes, and to the licentious libertarians who want to scrub all morality and basic humanity from the public square while simultaneously enabling evil – shame on you!

Thanks to an unconstitutional decision erroneously rendered by the Supreme Court, abortion is not only legal in the USA, but the federal government can and does force taxpayers to fund it — to the tune of $542 million to Planned Parenthood alone in 2011. Given that financially supporting an organization founded by a racist/eugenicist is mandatory for law-abiding, taxpaying Americans, it is not only entirely reasonable but essential that there be strict oversight of all abortion clinics receiving taxpayer dollars. So even if you believe abortion is the taking of innocent human life, your hard-earned income is partially used to keep the abortion mill churning.

And to all of the anti-war libertarians who side with the Left on matters of national security, here’s a little reminder about the US Constitution: among the limited duties it ascribes to the federal government protection from foreign and domestic enemies is one. War is hell. War sucks. So does the reality that there are evil nations and people who want to harm us. Thus, sometimes war is justified to protect Americans, American interests and our allies. That is quite different from nation-building, which I fundamentally reject.

What’s not enshrined in the US Constitution? The right to taxpayer-funded abortions. 

While I’m on the topic of hypocrisy, where are all of the so-called feminists who care so much about women, especially poor, vulnerable women? Nowhere to be found in the case of Kermit Gosnell. As I tweeted earlier:



We can rightfully call out the massive genocide of tyrants like Lenin, Stalin, Hitler, Mao and Pol Pot, but when you get right down to it, the most horrific, widespread slaughter of human beings is abortion. The fact that it’s even legal in a country like the United States of America is an absolute travesty and disgrace. We can also chastise China for its forced abortions and one-child policy but that too rings hollow coming from a country that claims to be founded upon the principles of life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.

GrindingDownYou know what else rings hollow? The squishy GOP and self-centered libertarian rallying cries to sweep social issues under the carpet. Our culture of abortion has wrought near irreparable damage to this once great nation, by design. Are we as constitutional conservatives and people of faith going to sit down and shut up when it comes to calling out the evils of abortion and monsters like Gosnell? Or are we going to fight for the heart and soul of this country?

As my good friend Michael Fanelli pointed out on Facebook, the devil never rests. Can he count on us to be passive accomplices in the destruction of all that is good about the USA?

Finally, to those who don’t believe in God I would add that even if you are ok with abortion to some degree, if you’re not viscerally horrified by the Gosnell story you might want to check and see if you have a heart. How any decent American could turn a blind eye to this is further proof of the success of the Communist Agenda.

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