Happy Restoration of the Republic Day!

Grace Community Church in Boca Raton, site of my vote for Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan.

Picked up a patriot friend who votes at the same precinct in East Boca Raton around 9 a.m. this morning. Very pleased to report a strong presence of Romney-Ryan supporters (along with other GOP candidates on the ticket) in a line that moved fairly quickly. Yes, I did notice a few Obama voters (as evidenced by their facial expressions and/or Obama swag) but by and large, the energy was definitely on the RR side. On a positive note, no one had an issue with producing valid photo ID and the election workers were courteous and organized.

After we voted, Carole and I hung out for a while on the corner, waving our Romney-Ryan signs at passing cars — most of which honked their approval, along with the occasional finger from the hopelessly devoted to Barack crowd.

Also heard from three family members in suburban Philadelphia who all reported long lines and lots of enthusiasm for our side. To use my mother’s term, the atmosphere in West Chester, PA was “electric” for Romney, with 25 people phone banking to remind people to get out the vote. She noted that in 2008, there were only four people doing that on behalf of John McCain. In Radnor Township, my brother Mark was patiently waiting in a long line, where he happily remarked that in a dramatic turn of events from just four years ago, most voters were there to support Romney. And in Springfield, my sister Carolyn reported that the extremely long lines were setting a record for turnout, according to a good friend of hers who is a committeeman with the local GOP. She also sadly expressed her disappointment that members of her law firm, which exists to defend doctors against malpractice suits, were mostly voting for Obama.

After the vote, sign waving.

“Don’t they understand that if we don’t repeal Obamacare, most doctors are going to retire and we’re going to be out of work?” she asked rhetorically. It’s a sad state of affairs when ostensibly smart, accomplished people can be so woefully uninformed when it comes to making a decision as important as choosing the next President of the United States. I am just praying that all of these anecdotes amount to a huge victory for freedom not only in Pennsylvania but in enough states to elect Mitt Romney in a landslide.

Let’s take the first step to restoring our Republic, patriots — vote Romney/Ryan 2012!


One Day ‘Til Fundamental Restoration of the Republic

Tomorrow, I’ll be voting for love of country. How about you?

And a strong America. Will you do the same?

Come on patriots, let’s win this thing tomorrow — Get out and vote for Mitt Romney, Paul Ryan and conservative candidates for US Senate, Congress, State Senate and State House. YES WE CAN — Take our country back with strong leadership!


Seize The Moment America

Here we are in the final stretch in what has felt at times like an endless campaign. Right now, I am experiencing mixed emotions — on the one hand, I am cautiously optimistic and ready for November 6 and yet on the other, persistently apprehensive knowing that we’re days away from finding out if the American people are ready to choose freedom, opportunity and liberty over ever-expanding government and ultimately, socialism. We’ll either choose to restore our nation to greatness or consign it to the annals of history as a former Super Power that squandered its status as the “last, best hope on earth” because its citizens fell away from God and valued “free stuff” and government dependency over self-reliance, private charity, character, integrity, faith and hard work.

This NRCC video is an excellent reminder of what’s at stake on Tuesday — choose wisely America.

Heading to a Women For Mitt sign waving rally in Boca Raton at the corner of Glades and St. Andrews from 4 p.m. – 6:30 p.m. If you’re in the area, join us as we stand in solidarity for Romney-Ryan and all of the pro-freedom candidates on the ticket.

May God bless America with a new president who actually loves his country and will do right by its citizens.


Election 2012 Scrapbook

Long lines all day Sunday for early voting in Lantana, Florida. People waited 2-3 hours to cast their votes.

I detailed my experiences over the weekend sign waving at early voting locations in South Florida in my Conservative Diva Weekend post, but with the news of Mitt Romney’s visits to Tampa, Coral Gables and Jacksonville today (dare I say, “victory lap”???) I thought I’d post the rest of the photos as a reminder that Florida is Romney-Ryan country.  Ok, stay focused and keep working hard for a landslide on Tuesday!

In Lantana, Ellen poses with Thomson, a Romney-Ryan supporter we ran into upon arriving.


A sight to behold in the parking lot in Lantana!


Thomson and Susan.


Ellen reviews the Florida amendments with a voter.


A group of dedicated patriots working hard for the restoration of the American Republic.


The fabulous South Florida 912 Group, led by Shannon and Doug Armstrong has done tremendous work over the past nearly four years. We all said a prayer around the flagpole in Lantana.


Posing in front of Ellen’s house prior to leaving.


Sign waving in West Delray with Starla Munn Brown (left) and Ellen.


Just my observation and gut instinct, but there’s definitely an undertow feeling all around the state, even in South Florida where I am currently hanging out and working for the purpose of voting and volunteering to ensure a Romney-Ryan victory on Tuesday. Since I am a purist, I won’t actually be casting my vote until Election Day, and I am counting the days!

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