A Review of Occupy Unmasked

Who’s really behind the Occupy movement? That is the question Stephen K. Bannon and Citizens United’s new film Occupy Unmasked effectively answers, not from sitting behind a keyboard on the sidelines, but by walking among the actual protesters in the thick of the action.

“We are finally telling you the true story of the radicals behind the occupy movement,” promises the late, great Andrew Breitbart in the film’s trailer. This courageous patriot (may he rest in peace) and his entire team fulfill this promise in a documentary that is alternately shocking and frightening. If you thought you knew the Occupy movement, think again. I did, until I watched this thoroughly researched film, featuring former members of the radical left like David Horowitz, Anita Moncrief, Brandon Darby and Lee Stranahan.

As Bannon noted in our CRF interview last night, he purposely chose former leftists to help expose the roots and goals of the Occupy movement — people who know from personal experience the destructive aims of the left. These folks, along with Andrew Breitbart, show the audience why the Occupy movement is both an instrument of intimidation and — contrary to the false narrative perpetuated by our corrupt media and members of the US government including President Obama — a product of the organized left, not some “spontaneous, grassroots uprising”.

The movie begins by taking us back to the debt ceiling debate in July, 2011 when Obama’s numbers fell to an all-time low, thanks to the downgrade in the US credit rating. As Bannon notes, the left was “boxed into a corner”, realizing their guy was in deep trouble with the American electorate. So what’s a good Alinsky-ite to do? Create a massive “out of the blue” protest, of course.

Except nobody showed up initially.

That’s when New York-based writer Malcom Harris came up with a plan to trick people into coming, aided and abetted by then-New York Times reporter Natasha Lennard. Additionally, as the Occupy crowd swelled and hard-core lefty celebs, media personalities and elected representatives like Tim Robbins, Bill Maher and Nancy Pelosi lauded and promoted it as a “civil” example of grassroots activism, Andrew Breitbart discovered emails implicating Dylan Ratigan and MSNBC and Matt Taibbi of Rolling Stone as orchestrators of an anti-American spectacle that would have no doubt made their hero Saul Alinksy proud.

Breitbart notes of Occupy, “This was community organized”. Part of that organization involved remaining as amorphous as possible in order to draw in as many people as possible. “They wanted to create Woodstock,” Breitbart tells us in the film.

If you’ve ever watched footage of new media personalities interviewing Occupy protesters who had no idea why they were even there or what they were railing against, Occupy Unmasked reveals the underlying reason.

Other things I learned from the movie include:

  • “The issue is not the issue. The issue is always the revolution.” — David Horowitz
  • The left has utter contempt for American institutions, so they purposely create chaos, out of which they draw power
  • Preying on human failings (e.g. feelings of envy, despair, etc) is their M.O.
  • There are three layers to the movement — with the “useful idiots” at the very bottom
  • Those who love America must reach out to basically decent people who align politically with this filth because they don’t realize what has happened to the Democrat Party
  • The old adage about never talking religion or politics has wrought tremendous damage upon the Republic

Please, with November just around the corner, it is IMPERATIVE that patriots break out of their comfort zones and share the truth with the undecided voters in their lives. Sit down with them and watch Occupy Unmasked, which clearly and methodically lays out the facts, aided in this effort by the ones who know best — former leftist agitators. If you love America and want to preserve and secure freedom for future generations, you must share this film with everyone you know.

Thank you to Stephen K. Bannon, David Bossie, Citizens United and everyone involved in making Occupy Unmasked. And to Andrew Breitbart, rest in peace knowing you were a good and faithful servant whose legacy will be carried on by those of us who cherish freedom. God bless you.


Stephen K. Bannon on his new film “Occupy Unmasked”

Last night Steve and I had the privilege of interviewing conservative film maker Stephen K. Bannon about his new film, Occupy Unmasked. This is a must-listen for everyone who loves America — especially the low-information voters who basically live conservative lives yet somehow still identify with the Democrat Party and the left, at least when it comes time to visit the voting booth.

Even as an engaged conservative political activist, this film opened my eyes as to just how dangerous the Occupy movement truly is, and how deep its tentacles reach, thanks to a concerted effort by the mainstream media (some of whom are complicit in its very origins). Please click below to listen to our interview and share this with everyone you know.

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Occupy Unmasked

From Citizens United and Stephen K. Bannon, comes a film I will definitely be watching and reviewing.

Occupy Unmasked – Official Movie Trailer – Citizens United Productions from Citizens United on Vimeo.

It’s time for every patriot to start spreading the truth and enlightening fellow Americans of the high stakes of this coming election — regardless of the cost. Last night on the Smithsonian Channel, I watched a documentary on Benito Mussolini and his black shirts, which instilled me with a renewed appreciation for the courage and intelligence of my ancestors who fled Italy for a better life in America long before this maniac came to power.

And yet, we’re on the brink of ceding the blessings of freedom that our Founding Fathers risked everything to secure. Don’t let it happen. Get informed. Understand why capitalism is the best system in the world for lifting people out of poverty and why government must be limited if man is to be free.