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American Anthem – 2014

My amazing, freedom-loving, lifelong activist mother alerted me to this fantastic video today. Please watch, share and inspire others to make 2014 a triumph for liberty and limited government!

Right 2 Laugh updated

Are you a patriot in the San Diego area? Check out Evan Sayet’s ‘Right 2 Laugh’ on February 21!

Right 2 Laugh updatedLet’s face it: if you’re a constitutional conservative who treasures individual liberty, a strong national defense, a proud work ethic, belief in God and traditional values, there’s not much to laugh about these days. Thanks to Obama’s re-election, we’re discovering in practical terms (though we already knew) just exactly how his “fundamental transformation” of our beloved USA works. And it’s not pretty.

So yes, we must keep fighting to preserve our freedoms as we continue to hold the political class accountable, including those who claim to honor the US Constitution but in reality, are all about preserving their own power.

Which is why comic relief is needed now more than ever.

Enter Evan Sayet, author of The Kindergarden of Eden: How The Modern Liberal Thinks. In addition to being a talented writer and insightful philosopher, Evan is also a constitutional conservative and an entertaining comic.

But he’s not just a comedian who happens to  be conservative — his entire show is political and performed from a conservative point of view.  It’s no wonder Evan has performed at both CPAC and Restoration Weekend to appreciative, America-loving crowds.

Now he’s doing the same in San Diego on February 21 at 7:30 p.m. at the Four Points Sheraton. If you love to laugh but have had it with comedians who constantly use foul language and/or defame our country, our military and everyday Americans, you’ll be pleasantly surprised, not to mention fully entertained by Evan Sayet. In an age where culture drives politics, and said culture is currently in the gutter, it’s also incumbent upon conservatives to support their own.

And at the low-cost of $20, you can’t go wrong. So c’mon San Diego conservatives — make your reservations for Evan Sayet’s comedy show today by contacting Evan at evan@evansayet.com.  And be sure to spread the word!


One of the Most Repulsive Videos I’ve Ever Seen

Do you think this jackass knows a damn thing about Margaret Sanger? You know, the racist, eugenicist founder of Planned Parenthood which thrives on abortion and received $542 million in taxpayer funding in 2011? Susan B. Anthony must be rolling over in her grave: she was all about holding men accountable to women and their families, not “freeing” them from the consequences of their actions by sending their girlfriends/wives/lovers off to the butchers of Planned Parenthood to make an innocent life pay for the consequences of their bedroom activities.

No wonder immoral men love abortion:

Sick. And to think, taxpayers are forced to fund this rampant murder.

H/T: My friend Chriseve Lyons on Facebook

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