Signs of America’s Decline – Boca Raton Edition


I often write about my frustration with certain patriots who fail to make the connection between a strong moral foundation and financial prosperity. These are the same well-intentioned people who think political candidates and leaders should only focus on the economy while we “call a truce” on social issues. This logic is flawed for so many reasons which I’ve already delved into extensively on the blog. If American communists were smart enough to understand that America’s economic power flowed from its solid moral underpinnings, certainly concerned activists ought to wake up to that reality too.

Don’t believe me? Watch Agenda: Grinding America Down and read the Communist Party USA’s 45 Stated Ideals.

Read ’em and weep because they’ve pretty much accomplished them all, thanks to the intentional dumbing dumb of the American public school system (which is why the Department of Education must be abolished and education returned to the states) and the infiltration of leftists into academia, pop culture and the media.

We must counteract this by casting off the flawed belief that we cannot or should not speak about religion or politics in polite company. Frankly at this point if you’re not getting out of your comfort zone to educate low informed or misinformed voters, then all hope for saving this country is lost. And that includes engaging in cultural commentary and (gasp!) being judgmental when warranted.

Case in point: the breakdown of parental guidance, discipline and involvement.

A good friend of mine, a mother and grandmother, went shopping for lingerie the other day at Macy’s in the upscale Town Center Mall in Boca Raton. While heading for the dressing room she encountered a young teenage couple, probably no more than 15 or 16 years old. The boy was sitting in a chair outside of the dressing room while his girlfriend tried on various, sexy ensembles which she would then come out and model for him. As she did, he snapped photos of her with his i-phone.

Did I mention these were teenagers in a public dressing room?

The inevitable result of a "Sex In The City" culture: rampant promiscuity, abortion and moral decline.
The inevitable result of a “Sex In The City” culture: rampant promiscuity, abortion and moral decline.

Perhaps I will sound like a prude to some but What the hell are their parents teaching them?

My very non-threatening friend, who barely stands at five-feet tall and weighs about 100 pounds, was appalled and very sweetly said to them, “You two should get married and have babies. Remember, first comes marriage and then the baby carriage.”

That was all that was needed for the two of them to get out of the Macy’s lingerie department as fast as they possibly could, earning my friend the accolades of the Macy’s clerks who shared her disgust but couldn’t legally ask them to leave. My friend suggested that they go to the HR department to make a suggestion to amend store policy to disallow the taking of photos of underage girls modeling sexy underwear in their dressing rooms.

A few years back another friend of mine whose daughter is now grown and married, used to tell me how other Boca Raton parents would openly mock her for always wanting to know if there would be parental supervision when her daughter was invited to various parties and other events. They’d laugh and tell her “Oh you worry too much!”

My friend, who was also blessed with a traditional upbringing featuring two involved and caring parents, bemoaned the fact that so many South Florida parents were more caught up in their own social lives (since most of them were divorced and dating) than in the welfare and raising of their own children. A perfect example of our culture of self-absorption.

While both of these incidents took place in Boca Raton, this uppity oh-so-sophisticated town is not alone. Self-centeredness, the decline of morality, the contraceptive culture, the notion of “liberation” as the ability to have sex without commitment whenever and with whomever you choose, the acceptance of abortion as a “taxpayer-funded right” thanks to Roe v. Wade, and the general dumbing-down of America have all wrought dangerous — and perhaps irreparable consequences.

I hope it’s not too late and I will keep engaging the culture to the extent that I am able to influence it.

Part of that effort involved starting the #YouMightBeMorallyBankruptIf hashtag on twitter and joining in the #Gosnell twitter awareness effort. As I blogged the other day, the GOP has missed a HUGE opportunity with this case to factually rebut the false racism and war on women charges constantly leveled against it by the media, pop culture and Democrats. Unfortunately, the GOP leadership is just as morally bankrupt.

So it’s up to us as individuals to do everything in our power to expose monsters like Gosnell and to keep informing the public about what really ails our beloved United States of America. I hope you’ll join in the effort — our country is worth it!


What Ails The USA Encapsulated In One Jerry Springer Episode


Visiting PA for the Christmas and New Year holidays, I went out to run a few last-minute errands with my mom today. After fighting way too much traffic and crazy supermarket crowds, tired and hungry we finally stopped at a local mom-and-pop pizza place to get some lunch. I never thought I’d have a moment of clarity amid this casual atmosphere, but as we ate our tuna subs in a corner booth, we couldn’t help but notice the blaring TV which was right in our line of view and within close earshot.

And what were they broadcasting? A Christmas special? The local news?


Jerry Springer.

As we ate and tried unsuccessfully to ignore the hideous display of human exhibitionism and moral decay, I realized the show was a perfect encapsulation of everything that ails our country and hence, our politics. Today’s episode featured a scantily-clad, trash-talking mother-daughter duo and although I didn’t fully get the entire story, at one point the mother screamed at her own offspring that she was “the result of a two-week fling”.


What’s even worse is that this show is still on the air because evidently enough Americans view it as legitimate entertainment. So at this tragic point in our culture, outrageous white trash (not being racist, simply providing an accurate description) like this woman and her daughter are glorified on television, while successful, hard-working entrepreneurs and job-creators are vilified as the “greedy 1%” who don’t pay enough taxes.

Just in case you’re interested in losing a few brain cells, here’s an episode of Jerry Springer, though not the one we saw today:

This little interlude came on the heels of the realization that longtime family friends voted for Obama because Ann Romney expressed in an interview “It’s our turn,” meaning that Obama’s policies had been such dismal failures for the country (as evidenced by double-digit unemployment, massive government expansion, $16 trillion deficit, etc), it was time for her husband to implement a new strategy to fix our anemic economy.

Perhaps an unfortunate word choice, given our corrupt Democrat Media Complex, but one would think that other issues would take higher priority when deciding something as important as voting for the next President of the United States — not to mention the boundless arrogance demonstrated over the last 4+ years by our “For the first time in my life I’m proud of my country” First Lady.

One would be gravely mistaken.

Without a hint of irony, the woman in this husband and wife team — who by the way prides herself on her high moral standards — strongly informed those in attendance at the little gathering that Ann Romney “lost the election for her husband” and that “no one should feel entitled to the presidency”.

And yet, she voted for the most self-serving, entitled President and First Lady in the history of the United States, not to mention, sided with the likes of slutty Sandra Fluke and the party that booed God three times at their national convention.


These are not recipients of “Obama money” and food stamps; these are educated people. They came from middle-class families who worked hard to put them through school, had productive jobs, raised two children and attended weekly mass as they do to this day. I can say with certainty that the wife is completely opposed to abortion, promiscuity, laziness, deception and moral relativity. On more than one occasion, she’s railed against those who consistently tell lies, including her own children.

But apparently, she has no problem voting for a liar and siding with a party whose entire M.O. hinges upon lies and propaganda. By siding with the Party of Death and Depravity on Election Day, she contradicted everything she supposedly stands for — all because Ann Romney said “it’s our turn”.

It’s all part of a pattern.

Back in 2008, she criticized Sarah Palin for owning guns and participating in beauty pageants to pay her way through college (something most sane people would find honorable and responsible). I never understood that thought process until her recent comment about Ann Romney led me to the understanding that this woman harbors jealousy and ill-will toward successful, attractive females. Palin and Romney are simply two public examples but over the years there have been others to which she’s demonstrated the same animosity on a personal level.

OCareCouple all of this with the fact that both the husband and wife still get their news from the legacy media and it’s a prescription for disaster. Adding insult to injury, the highly educated husband inexplicably believes that “we still don’t have enough information about Benghazi” and readily admits that his vote was at least partially motivated by race, both in 2008 and 2012. Being a southerner, it was his way of “making up for sins of the past”.

And yet, I am pretty sure he’d never vote for Herman Cain (and it’s to the everlasting shame of the corrupt media we never had the opportunity), Mia Love, Allen West, Tim Scott, Nikki Haley or any other conservative who happens to be a minority. Nor would he ever acknowledge that those who did send these folks to public office via the ballot box did so out of principle, not skin color.

I’ll remember to “thank” them both for their superficial decision-making process when the inevitable economic collapse finally happens. Or when the husband, who has a history of heart ailments is told “take a pill and go home” because he’s “too old” for treatment under Obamacare. Right now, I’m having a difficult enough time mustering any enthusiasm for visiting them.

I am after all, a fully-informed voter who lives by my principles in spite of our Jerry Springer-ized culture.


RIP American Republic

For a variety of reasons including but not limited to now-resolved computer issues, it has taken me two days to publish my post-Election Day thoughts, although I let loose in a series of Facebook status updates in real-time the other night:

Our once great Republic has crumbled. I am especially ashamed of my gender and its obsession with abortion. God help us all, this country cannot survive its fools.

Thanks to the uninformed and others obsessed with Roe v Wade, we will all find out what Comrade Obama meant when he told the Russian President he will have more “flexibility” after the election.

Connecticut has forfeited the right to call itself the Constitution State since it has fallen so far from Constitutional principles. 92% for Obama??

Add Pennsylvania to the list of states that has completed abandoned its proud history in the fight for independence

If you voted for Obama, shame on you! You have aided and abetted the destruction if our once great Republic. Just wait til you find out how expensive “free” healthcare is, and how bad the forthcoming sequestration will be for our economy. Thanks for nothing freeloaders.

Although I’ve had 48 hours to allow the horror to sink in, it has only increased with hindsight, exacerbated by the exit polls, demographic breakdown and news like this from Michelle Malkin, which was entirely expected:

This is just the beginning.

In case you missed it, Boeing announced massive layoffs and facilities closures yesterday. More: Small business owners are dropping the axe as they brace for the costs and burdens of Obamacare.

In case you missed it, I reported on Obama’s layoff bomb last week.

Read the entire, depressing account at Michelle’s site.

Speaking of depressing, 67% of single women voted with their Lady Parts this time around:

Two-thirds of single women voted for President Barack Obama on Tuesday – showing that unattached women are a powerful Democratic voting bloc.

These women were galvanized not only by traditional “women’s” issues such as birth control and abortion rights, but also by Obama’s jobs message and health reform, analysts say.

NBC News national exit polling shows that 67 percent of unmarried women said they voted for Obama. That’s in line with the 2008 election, when 70 percent of single women helped usher the president into office. This proves it wasn’t a single-election phenomenon: unmarried women have solidified into a powerful voting force, experts say.

Educational sign on car in the Boca Raton Community Center lot, site of early voting.

Seriously ladies (and I use the term loosely), “liberation” now means total dependency on Daddy Government? And are you really that gullible to believe the propaganda that Mitt Romney was going to take away your birth control and reverse Roe v. Wade (even though no President has the power to overturn a Supreme Court decision)?

These are of course, rhetorical questions. Because the cold, hard data proves these ill-informed and easily led Julia’s know nothing about the Obamacare bill and its deleterious effects on our economy (already happening as small biz owners being laying off employees to stay under the 50 employee threshold) and our healthcare (IPAB, excess taxes on medical device manufacturers, etc). But hey, reading is hard. Informing yourself is square. Voting on facts is passe. Just ingest the propaganda the left spews out and live the life of government-dependent Julia, whose cradle-to-grave existence is funded by people who do get off their butts and work for a living.

To say I am ashamed of my gender would be a HUGE understatement. You haven’t come a long way, baby. In fact, you’ve regressed pathetically far from the era of the American pioneer women and the European immigrants of yesteryear who came to this country in search of OPPORTUNITY, not government largesse. Once upon a time, it was considered shameful, or at the very least, a temporary if necessary evil to accept food stamps, welfare and other government goodies. Back in the day, private citizens, private charities and religious institutions bore the responsibility of helping others back onto their feet after a major setback or unforeseen circumstance.

But now, instead of “I am woman, hear me roar”, apparently the motto is “I am woman, hear me whine” — oh and, give me lots of free birth control and abortion on demand, even if it violates the religious liberties of my employer (should I actually work for a paycheck).

For shame. And just one stark example of the inherent connection between morality and economic prosperity. In a society that deems generational welfare an acceptable career choice while simultaneously demonizing those who do produce, i.e. business owners (as evidenced in movies, TV, music, etc), it’s no wonder half of the electorate — including single women — voted for more dependency at the expense of national security and prosperity.

Our once proud Republic, founded by courageous patriots like Patrick Henry, whose motto was “Give me liberty or give me death” has been destroyed by fools whose motto has transformed into “Give me free stuff”. Sad, pathetic, depressing.

I weep for my country as I realize we have selfishly squandered the beacon of liberty our Founders risked their very lives to secure. Yes, I will keep fighting but I fear that the battle may not be won when only half of us actually understand that the United States of America and its watershed document, the US Constitution, cannot be upheld and preserved by a nation of freeloaders but only by a moral and religious people as noted by Founding Father John Adams.

If I didn’t believe their souls were enjoying the blessings of the afterlife in the presence of God, I’d be inclined to think our Founders were turning over in their graves. Shame on my fellow countrymen — and fellow members of my sex — for destroying everything they worked so hard to secure, the greatest nation the world has ever known.

Worth reading today: From Us, the Bitterati by Jay Nordlinger. It’s a little long but Nordlinger eloquently speaks for all of us who love our freedom and anxiously await the forthcoming pain of a second Obama term.

And ladies, believe me, there will be pain — lots of it. I hope the “free” birth control was worth it. Thanks for nothing.

UPDATE: Another must-read from The Lonely Conservative – It’s The Culture, Stupid