Dorner Derangement

As usual, Michelle Malkin nails it in this interview with Sean Hannity about cop-killer Christopher Dorner. My only quibble, based on posts I’ve seen on Facebook, is that it’s not just the Left that engages in “Blame Whitey” or “Blame Righty” as Michelle aptly notes; it’s also so-called civil libertarians.

Much like the anti-Catholic slurs like “The Pope is a False Prophet”, many of these same folks have been posting things like “The LAPD is a fascist organization”, complicit in the transformation of America into a “police state”. The utter contempt that many Libertarians harbor for the police, the military, the CIA, the FBI and other organizations — in addition to their cultish worship of Ron Paul — make it very difficult for me to focus on the things we do have in common.

Yes, there ought to be accountability in all of these organizations. Yes, we should have a healthy skepticism for all government agencies, many of which are completely unnecessary and only serve to feed the beast. The Department of Homeland Security and the TSA are but two of a multitude of examples of departments that should rightfully be abolished. I’m with them on that.

But as usual, some Libertarians take this to an extreme, actually siding with the Left in decrying “police brutality” and attempting to turn Chris Dorner into some kind of hero, while no doubt echoing the disgusting sentiments of Ron Paul, who recently tweeted in the wake of Chris Kyle’s tragic death: “Live by the sword, die by the sword”.

Having written extensively about Ron Paul over the past five years, I’ve often been at the receiving end of the Paul supporters’ deranged comments, which go something like this: “Get out of my country, you communist-fascist pig!” Check out this Alex Jones post at my old blog to get a full flavor of Libertarian “tolerance”. Many of them are the same people who believe the Pope is in cahoots with the Illuminati to take over the world while denying the existence of global jihad — facts and evidence be damned. Kind of ironic, considering no one has yet been able to prove the Catholic Church’s supposed quest for world domination, yet we have events like the 93 WTC bombing, the USS Cole bombing, the attacks of September 11, 2001, and the London subway bombings — among countless other examples. All instigated, planned and executed by Muslims.

Count this as another argument in support of the inextricable connection between a moral, upstanding society and economic prosperity. If we as a culture cannot bring ourselves to practice moral clarity and understand the difference between good and evil, we can also kiss economic prosperity goodbye. It’s just that simple.

Between the Catholic-bashing and the alignment of some of my Libertarian friends with the Left, it’s been a disheartening time for me lately. If we cannot get our act together and stand united against the forces of evil, our country as we’ve known it will cease to exist. Culture is politics, whether we like it or not. It’s not about declaring “truces” on social issues, but about upholding the Constitution and winning hearts and minds by making a cogent case for returning the power to the people on these wedge issues. From abortion to gay marriage, let the people decide. Let organizations on both sides make their case, and get the federal government out of it. Period.

End of rant.


“The Conservatives” Movie Trailer

The hits just keep on coming today as I discovered this new film from Young America’s Foundation that fights back against class warfare rhetoric and features some of the brightest minds in the conservative movement. Please watch the trailer, share with everyone you know and order the DVD at The Conservatives

Movie Trailer: Levin, Malkin Deliver Answer to Obama’s Class Warfare Rhetoric

Mark Levin in New Movie Trailer: Academic “Propaganda” is “Wrong. Dead Wrong”

By Ron Meyer, Young America’s Foundation Spokesman

America’s universities and schools are the training grounds for class warfare.

Where do you think President Obama and his administration’s economic advisors developed their redistributionist ideology and “fairness” rhetoric? It’s no coincidence most of them have spent their carrier in higher education. The President’s tax-hiking policies–and any public support they receive–originate from Leftist professors who preach collectivism over individual liberty.

Last week, the president said, “If you’ve got a business—you didn’t build that. Somebody else made that happen.”

Conservatives will not sit on the sidelines as higher education and the Obama administration attempts to keep passing along their collectivist agenda to our nation’s youth.

Young America’s Foundation, along with the award-winning director Stephen K. Bannon, will be releasing a new film titled The Conservatives to present a positive alternative to campus leftism. Today, Young America’s Foundation launched the trailer for the movie.

Mark Levin, Michelle Malkin, Jonah Goldberg, Monica Crowley, Ph.D., Dr. Walter Williams, Stephen Moore, and Peter Schweizer—some of the brightest stars in the Conservative Movement—appear in the movie to offer an inspiring “call to action” for young conservative leaders.

Mark Levin begins the trailer by firing a warning-shot right at higher education: “Everything I was hearing [in college] was wrong. Dead wrong.” Later in the trailer, Levin says conservatives can prevail over these progressive professors and convince their peers by making a moral case for free enterprise: “It is the only system that creates wealth for the most people. No other system can. No other system will.”

Fox News contributor Monica Crowley adds, “The free market is the only thing that allows the individual to be who he or she wants to be.”

Read more at Fox News.