Lost, Found & Rewired: Mind Tools to Shift You from Stressed and Frazzled to Calm and Vital

Lost, Found & Rewired: Mind Tools to Shift You from Stressed and Frazzled to Calm and Vital

Congratulations to Writestream Author Cynthia Dougherty, Ph.D. on the release of her first book!

The mind is a terrible thing to waste. The world has changed at lightning speed over the last two decades. As a result, most of us are living our lives in a frantic blur of incessant emails, social media engagement, text messages as well as an over-abundance of multi-tasking – which leaves our minds in a state of low concentration, high stress and fragmented attention. Our minds are wasting away in this damaging environment which has become a normal way of life for the majority of people. Lost, Found & Rewired will give you the tools you need to shut off that distracting mind chatter, rewire your brains so you can get back to feeling calm, happy, purposeful, connected and joyful. When you understand how your brain has evolved, then you will be able to learn how to re-wire it and reap the endless benefits.

Written by a neuro-psychologist, but taught in language that everyone can understand.

Here’s some of what you’ll discover in this exceptional book:

  • How your brain conserves energy so it can survive and makes decisions on automatic pilot that may not be in your best interest
  • Why your brain has something in it called a “negativity bias” which causes you to attract the bad and repel the good
  • How negative experiences in your life become neural pathways in your brain, requiring re-wiring to replace the harmful effects
  • Understanding that a big part of your brain isn’t full developed and as a result, is causing chaos in your life
  • How the fight or flight response dictates your life if you aren’t aware of it
  • Why a few moments of intentional stillness a day can have a huge impact in your life
  • Understanding that you have an Inner Caveman lurking around your mind and ways you can get him under control
  • Dozens of Mind Tools that will raise your happiness levels and reduce your anxiety levels that you can add to your daily life
  • How to identify and remove the biggest stressors in your life
  • Ways to handle the daily overload in our lives
  • How to shift from the negative to the positive – even though your brain doesn’t want you to

The emotional, mental, spiritual and physical benefits of mindfulness Lost, Found & ReWired is filled with real stories, exercises, the latest research studies and tools to help take you from frazzled and fragmented to cool and calm! This is a must read for everyone who wants to quiet their minds and find more inner happiness, peace and joy.


About Cynthia Dougherty, Ph.D.

Cynthia Dougherty, Ph.D., has been in the “Helping” business for over two decades. You can reach Cynthia at her website: www.gratefulpeaceofmind.com Her all-embracing wisdom comes from her training as a Wellness and Life Coach, a Certified Meditation Teacher, and a Certified School Psychologist. Cynthia also holds a Ph.D. in Human and Child Development, a Master’s degree in Family Therapy and a Certificate in Neuropsychology. Cynthia has practiced in a wide variety of settings including a clinical practice, schools, hospitals and major corporations. Cynthia now combines her psychology and therapy training with her love and passion and for neuroscience and mindfulness. Cynthia believes that bringing mindfulness into your life both personally and in business will help you optimize your ability to create and live a happy, joyous and fulfilling life. Awareness is the foundation of who we are and what we do and is the key to self-knowledge, transformation and being able to not just survive in the stressful world we live in, but to really thrive! Cynthia helps people reduce their stress by teaching them how their brain operates and then showing them how to re-wire their brains using simple mind tools. Cynthia enjoys coaching people in using mind tools to live a more fulfilling, happier and less fear-driven life.

To preview and purchase the book in paperback and Kindle, visit Amazon.com. Discover more about Cynthia at her website www.gratefulpeaceofmind.com.

Check out the Writestream Publishing Author Spotlight here. And if you would like to discuss your project with us, contact us to schedule your no-obligation consultation today.


Ima Sumac Watkins Offering a Meditation and Intuition Tele-class

Ima Sumac Watkins Offering a Meditation and Intuition Tele-class

Having experienced Ima’s insights, talents, and counseling one-on-one, I’m looking forward to participating in this course. If you missed my interview with Ima Sumac Watkins on The Writestream, click below to listen and learn more about this fabulous woman and her life-changing services.

As noted in the interview, lately I’ve been studying the works of Florence Scovel Shinn. I’d heard of her years ago through my attendance at Unity Church in Delray Beach, where Reverend Nancy Norman often referenced her in sermons. Last year, I found her books on audio on You Tube and started listening repeatedly. Recently, I ordered her complete works in paperback and have been actively reading and taking notes every day.

Due to Shinn’s conversational writing style and ability to explain these concepts in a down-to-earth, humorous way, her books and affirmations resonate with me unlike any previously. There have been many worthy teachers (in the form of real people and books) along the way, so I’m not diminishing anyone else. I’ve learned and continue to gain lessons from all of them. It’s just that at this time, Florence Scovel Shinn seems to speak to me like no other. I highly recommend reading and studying her complete works.

And, if you, like me, also wish to talk with a contemporary practitioner, give Ima a call to register for her tele-class. Learn more about Ima Sumac Watkins at www.About.Me/iwatkins.



Sunday Inspiration: Living the 4T Prosperity Program

4TProsperityYears ago, I took the 4T Prosperity Program twice at Unity Church of Delray Beach – in 2006 and 2007. One of my dear friends who lived in South Florida at the time took the course with me the first time around and even though she has since lived in North Carolina for nearly seven years, we continue to hold a weekly (and when time permits, bi-weekly) prosperity prayer session by phone. On the other days, both of us do the prayers on our own in addition to other individually preferred forms of meditation and reflection.

Whenever I’m in the car, I continue to listen to the CDs that came with the class, alternating lessons in an ongoing effort to fully absorb them into consciousness and apply them to my daily life. I’m by no means perfect at it and I’ll admit it demands a tremendous amount of concentration, discipline and commitment. But if the way I’ve been feeling is any indication, my work is beginning to pay off. One of my close friends remarked that I looked “positively radiant” the other night more than once. While I did dress up and apply extra care to my make-up and wardrobe choices I fully believe that the radiance she was referring to came from within.

It’s not easy to release old, negative programming; ingest new, positive programming and continue to see things with a spiritual eye. One of the many lessons of the 4T class is to “see your circumstances right” — not accepting them as they are but holding them in mind as they CAN be. Visualizing, feeling and giving thanks in advance for all of the things you want to be, do and have. I mentioned last week on Love, Liberty and Lip Gloss that one of the tools that has really assisted me in this effort (not being a visually-oriented person) is my secret board on Pinterest. In the era of new media, Vision Boards and Treasure Maps are so much more efficient because you can add to them constantly – without the mess of cutting up magazines, gluing images and finding places to hide them.

On my Treasure Mapping Board, under each photo or link, I type in a corresponding affirmation. And when I do my prayer work, I always have it open to remind me of the kind of person I want to be (healthy, vibrant, accomplished, loving, joyful, etc) and the things I want to have (good relationships, a new car, a thriving business, etc). When I find good articles on spirituality, health, holistic healing and anything else that appeals to me, I add them to the board.

GodsLoveThere are also plenty of photos of places I’ve been and would like to return to (e.g. Saint Augustine) and places I want to visit (e.g. Maui).

My secret Pinterest Board is almost 9 months old and already some of the things on it have manifested in one form or another. For example, the new i-phone I posted and affirmed that I was completely enjoying? Received “unexpectedly” as a gift from my book client in November of 2013 — a few months after I’d posted the photo and affirmation. Of course, other things may take longer to manifest but that’s exactly the point.

Spiritual growth and development hasn’t been an “overnight success” but rather a long and wondrous journey with plenty of “setbacks” and “obstacles.” I’ve learned it’s not a straight line to a higher consciousness and deeper relationship with God but an ongoing effort that is well worth every second of time you can devote to it. Other things have also unfolded amazingly but in the interest of my privacy I am not disclosing them here. I’ll be taking a class next month that will hopefully assist me in reaching the next level. I’m really looking forward to that!

Anyway, if you’ve never heard of Stretton Smith’s 4T Prosperity Program, I highly recommend it. Not sure if you can purchase the CDs and workbook to use on your own or if they must be used as part of a course but visit their website for more information.

Have a blessed week!