The Writestream: Married to the Mossad with Author Shalva Hessel

UPDATE: Due to some unforeseen tech problems, this episode will be rescheduled in 2018. 

The Writestream: Married to the Mossad with Author Shalva Hessel

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A Woman Who Joined Her Husband On Missions  For The Mossad Shares Her Stories

The fight against terrorism often happens outside the media radar in a world of secret missions and James Bond-style intrigue. And while these exploits in espionage conjure a macho image, it’s often women who take a leading role – and face dangers in the bargain.

“Women are especially suited and needed for fighting terrorism and crime,” says Shalva Hessel, author of “Married to the Mossad” (, a fictionalized version of her own real-life story.

Hessel knows something about the subject because she joined her husband on his secret missions for the Mossad, the Israeli national intelligence agency.

Shalva Hessel, author of “Married to the Mossad” (, was raised on Moshav Hibat-Zion in central Israel. She is a software engineer and has managed information systems for companies around the world. When her husband, who served in a senior role in the Mossad, left on secret missions, she joined him as part of his cover. Today she lives in Tel Aviv and is involved in charitable ventures, as well as business management.

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