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Latest Reviews of Water Signs

My first novel is now on sale for $2.99 in Kindle format while I dedicate myself to completing the sequel this year. In the meantime, I am thrilled to have recently received the following reviews:

Water Signs is one of those rare books that makes you feel like you want to meet the characters in person. Yes, they are that real. It is beautifully written with passion for our country and romance. It is one of those books that is just like a good movie, where you hate to see it end. Speaking of more…please Daria, write the sequel as we are left sitting on the edge our seats wanting more. Madeline Rose and her charming husband Kenny will enrich your lives with their love for each other. Yes, a perfect romance does exist.


I fell in love with Rose from the very beginning and couldn’t wait to know more and more about her story. I am rooting for her and hope the author will consider writing a sequel. I would like to be informed if she does. Her writing style kept me engaged and intrigued. I appreciate an author like DiGiovanni who has a keen knowledge of English language and who writes as if you were right there with the main character. Kudos to you!


Water Signs on Kindle for $2.99

WaterSigns2.jpgBetter late than never, my 2008 novel Water Signs is now available on Kindle for $2.99. It’s been an interesting journey, navigating through this brave new media marketing world over the past six years. Although I haven’t actively promoted the book in a very long time, I recently realized that 1.) My network of contacts, friends and clients has dramatically increased thanks to platforms like Facebook and Twitter, providing a large new base of potential readers, and 2.) Now that I’ve completed two ghostwritten books and have a handle on social media projects for clients, I can make the time to (finally) finish Sea To Shining Sea.

One of the many benefits of being an independently published author is that you can never really penetrate your market; therefore, there are endless opportunities to reach new readers. And what better way to pave the way to sequel success than to have my audience fall in love with (or in many cases, all over again) Water Signs just before the sequel’s release?

If you would like to download Water Signs to your Kindle for $2.99, click here. For insights into the book’s various themes, literary techniques and characters, click here.

Thank you to everyone who supports my writing — I appreciate you! :)


Happy Anniversary, Mom and Dad!

Mom and Dad, dancing at a recent family gathering.
Mom and Dad, dancing at a recent family gathering.

When I remember the things I’m most grateful for, at the top of the list is my upbringing in a loving, stable home with two upstanding, involved parents. My four siblings and I were raised with solid, traditional values, along with a very clear sense of right versus wrong. And yes, a lot of fun in the form of family gatherings, events, friendships and the security of knowing our parents cared about our lives. My mom especially was happily involved in school activities, homework and extracurricular things like dance and piano lessons, sports (my brothers played baseball, football and wrestled) and ensuring that we were exposed not only to Eagles, Phillies, Flyers and Sixers games but also culture, history and conservative political activism.

Given the state of our current self-absorbed culture, I am eternally thankful for being the product of two people who were not only loving but generous with their time.

Happy Anniversary, Mom and Dad….and thank you for everything!



Dad and me in 2009.

Happy Father’s Day!

I love today’s Daily Word in honor of the occasion:

Father’s Blessing

As we express love to our family members, we are channels for the love of God. Today we love and honor our fathers and the father figures in our lives.

Whether they are with us in person or spirit, we express our love and appreciation. We remember what these men have taught us, what they have shared, and what we have experienced with them. We hold them in prayer, knowing prayer is not limited by time or space.

If for any reason we have felt alienated from our father, we allow the forgiving love of God to heal whatever may have kept us from understanding and loving each other. We let the love of God express through us.

The Lord bless you and keep you … the Lord lift up his countenance upon you, and give you peace.—Numbers 6:24, 26

Viewing an Old Movie with New Eyes: Michael with John Travolta

MichaelTravoltaI remember going to theater to see the movie Michael with my mother when it was released in late 1996 and recall clearly that neither one of us liked it very much. Looking back on it now, I realize I was still in the throes of panic and anxiety disorder at the time and had just spent several weeks undergoing medical tests to determine that there was absolutely no physical problem causing the symptoms I was experiencing. By December of 1996, the acute phase had passed but I still hadn’t yet encountered Francis Fox, the woman who would help me put an end to it once and for all.

The purpose of that set-up is to demonstrate that given my state of mind, the message embedded in a film like Michael was too esoteric for my comprehension, although the people who’d recommended it saw the movie strictly as a comedy (which it is). However, there’s so much more to Michael than just some great laughs because the comic relief is a vehicle for a much deeper understanding.

This past weekend while hanging out at a friend’s house I had the opportunity to watch Michael again. And nearly 20 years later, due to various factors including significant spiritual and emotional growth, I saw it with new eyes. I discovered that one of the many messages conveyed through this entertaining, poignant and humorous film is that the angels want us to be happy and enjoy life. Yes, we have responsibilities like work and family, and an imperative to fight against injustice, tyranny and other kinds of evil. But life isn’t just about suffering and pain.

For those who don’t remember or have never seen the film, Michael is an embodied angel who comes to earth. He’s living with an old woman (played by Jean Stapleton) who owns a motel somewhere in Iowa. After the woman sends a letter to a popular tabloid about the angel living in her home, the paper’s publisher sends two reporters to check it out. The owner of the paper is just looking for a big scoop with an even bigger payoff when he sends his skeptical reporters off to do their jobs. But none of them have any idea what awaits them when they descend upon the desolate midwestern town. Nor are they prepared for the monumental impact Michael will have upon their lives as an unexpected turn of events necessitates a road trip back to the paper’s Chicago headquarters — at Michael’s insistence. His refusal to board a plane initially confounds them, but as their adventure unfolds his motives become very clear. Michael’s all about enjoying the journey and showing his new friends how to do the same.

I really enjoyed the set-up for the story and its cast of characters. When Michael foreshadows to Frank (William Hurt) that he will apologize when Michael gives the order, it piqued my curiosity. And when it finally happens, it ushers in a life-changing realization for two of the characters. But Michael has a profound effect on everyone he meets along the way to Chicago — from fawning waitresses to the cute little dog that’s part of their posse. He savors every human experience with unbridled enthusiasm — from the sweetness of sugar (a scene early on in the film involving sugar and cereal grossed me out the first time around) to the joy of dancing.

There are countless examples of the angel’s desire to show people how to live. For those who haven’t seen Michael or don’t remember much about the plot, I won’t spoil it here. Either way, it is highly recommended viewing and I’m thrilled to have taken the time to watch it again, free from the burden of panic disorder and assisted by the insights that come with both age and personal growth.

Featuring a talented cast including John Travolta, Jean Stapleton, William Hurt and Andie MacDowell, Michael will warm your heart, make you laugh and encourage you to live life to the fullest.


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