Manifesting 123 with artist Ken Elliott

Manifesting123Yesterday on Just Believe, host Lisa Tarves interviewed Colorado artist and author of the book Manifesting 123, Ken Elliott in the first half of the show. Thankfully, I had the time and privacy to sit and listen to the full broadcast, which also featured the wonderful Dr. Rom Weber, psychic medium. Yes, I called in to the show for a quick but accurate reading from Dr. Rom, who gave me a few practical tips to implement asap.

You can listen to the entire broadcast by clicking below:

What I most love about Ken Elliott’s philosophy and experience is that you don’t have to transform yourself into a professional meditator in order to manifest your dreams, goals and vision for your life. Unlike most teachers I’ve studied in the realm of metaphysics, Ken assured us that the process is simple and effective during his fascinating interview with Lisa. Don’t get me wrong: I appreciate, acknowledge and respect the contributions and accomplishments of people like Louise Hay and Stretton Smith. Everyday, I incorporate their principles into my daily routine. However, I often struggle with things like holding a clear image in my mind because I am not the best at visualizing (I’m more auditory and clairsentient).

I might also have a touch of ADD because unless I’ve worked out first, preferably to a Leslie Sansone DVD, I have a tough time sitting still and meditating for more than ten minutes. So listening to Ken talk about how manifesting your desires doesn’t have to be a long, drawn-out, transcendental production filled me with excitement and renewed hope!

Here’s Ken describing Manifesting 1 2 3 in his own words:

I am planning to get my own copy today and become one of Ken’s success stories!


Sunday Inspiration: Feeling Fine Affirmations by Louise Hay

These are excellent affirmations to play in the background as you go about your business, in addition to actively participating in them when you can.

And today’s Daily Word:


Wisdom is often held by our elders—those who have lived long, faced tragedy and triumph, and learned the lessons of life. We are blessed as they hand down wisdom from generation to generation.

Our elders have lived through immense change in our modes of travel, communication, business, and culture. I honor how they have contributed positively to our society’s progress with their talents, ingenuity, and courage.

As my elders share their wisdom with me, I grow toward becoming a wise elder myself. I welcome the opportunity to learn and to share my lessons with others.

We speak God’s wisdom, secret and hidden, which God decreed before the ages for our glory. –1 Corinthians 2:7

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