Get Fit, Feel Fabulous with Britt: Day 16

This morning, Britt and I hosted and produced her show, Get Fit Feel Fabulous from the same location. In the first half, we had a fascinating discussion about life coaching and Chinese medicine/acupuncture with guest Bonnie McClure. Afterward, Britt interviewed me about my experience so far with Isagenix. Click below to listen:

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Get Fit, Feel Fabulous with Britt: Day 9

I just finished interviewing the amazing Britt Allen for her show’s debut on the Writestream Radio Network, where we talked about everything from her childhood in Norway to her work as a life coach. On Day 9 of the program, I also shared my feedback on the increased energy I am now experiencing, in addition to noticeable weight loss. If you missed it live, click to listen.

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Writestream Tuesday with ‘The Barefoot Guru’ Donna DeVane

Are you ready to unleash the power of your consciousness and live your life to the fullest? Seeking a practical way to incorporate spiritual principles into your daily routine? Then please join me for Writestream Tuesday with ‘The Barefoot Guru’ Donna DeVane on November 4 at 1 p.m. Eastern.

Donna DeVane, The Barefoot Guru.

Donna DeVane, The Barefoot Guru.

Here’s a bit about Donna DeVane from her website

Donna DeVane offers the Healing Tools for everyone who is ready to move into a new experience and consciously create the life adventure that delights, pleases and satisfies all levels of Divine Human experience. Starting with information on the chakras and how to balance them, releasing blockages from this life time & the human DNA history, the student / reader is engaged with exercises that make the spiritual teachings real and meaningful in today’s world without all the cliches and empty promises.

You are guided and given the tools to do your Shadow Work through over 24 weekly lessons and more than 20 years of healing experience. A Journey Back To Self is the only guidebook you need on your Journey to Remembering Who You Are and moving past limiting beliefs to Living Consciously.

Donna also offers ongoing support on her weekly radio show A Journey Back To Self heard live on the Awakened Radio Network.

Donna has written several books giving you the tools you need to self empower including, “How To Thrive In A Survival Mindset World”, “How To Be Happy And Live Free”, “How To Stay Motivated For Success” and her newest adventure in print “I Can Fill This Space With Any Thing I Want Consciously Creating Life”.

Donna’s books are available in print, kindle and audio at Amazon, Audible and ITunes.

Donna offers one on one opportunities for your spiritual growth with personal guidance as well as weekly radio shows on The Awakened Radio network, articles and blogs.

I am truly excited to chat with this highly accomplished woman about her work, her books, and her tips for creating our best lives possible. During the broadcast, we welcome your calls and questions at (347) 945-7246, which is also the number you can dial to listen via phone. Otherwise, click on this link to Writestream Tuesday with ‘The Barefoot Guru’ on November 4 at 1 p.m. Eastern.


After my interview with Donna, stay tuned for some ‘Public Service Satire’ with the Luminaries of Liberty – Scary Smart, Ms. Always Right, and The Prince of Whitebread. And don’t forget to visit their site Right Wing for your daily dose of ‘Truesbury’ and common sense.



Writestream Seeks Wednesday Show and Host – UPDATED to SATURDAY

UPDATE: SEO Strategies with Snapperhead will be taking the Wednesday slot. We are now seeking a host and program that fits one of the descriptions below to air on Saturdays. Please contact me if interested.

Writestream’s Director of Marketing Lisa Tarves and I are sorry to announce the cancellation of Family Power Hour, due to personal reasons. We have thoroughly enjoyed the talents, expertise, and personalities of fabulous hosts Dr. Billie Eizenberg and Family Law Attorney Sheena Benjamin-Wise and will miss them. However, we completely understand their decision and wish them much success.


As part of our effort to transform Writestream into a full seven-day per week network, we are actively seeking a new host and program for the Wednesday time-slot, in ONE of these three areas:

  • A paranormal show with an exclusive focus on ghosts, hauntings & other supernatural occurrences (NO psychic readings as Lisa does them on Just Believe)
  • A motivational show hosted by a seasoned, professional life coach designed to help listeners reach their full potential
  • A health and fitness show covering nutrition, diet, exercise and healthy living

Hosts must be proven professionals in one of these subjects and have a big social media following, preferably on Facebook and Twitter.

Do you fit one of these descriptions or know someone who does? Please contact me here. Thanks, and keep rejoicing in the flow of creativity!

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