Never Forget September 11, 2001 or September 11, 2012

Where where you when the world the stopped turning that September day?

Like so many other Americans I was driving to work that morning, uncharacteristically running late which was why I heard the first report of a plane crashing into the world trade center while still in my car. Funny thing was, I typically listened to motivational DVDs while driving but for some reason that morning I had a regular FM station on while I worried about not arriving at the office in time to administer an assessment to potential financial center employees. At that time I was a recruiter for a large national bank.

Before I got out of the car I heard the morning show hosts speculate that it must’ve been a private plane, as the weather in New York was picture-perfect and no professional airline pilot would make such a fatal error. If in trouble, they would do everything in their power to spare as many lives on the ground as possible. The rest, as the expression goes, is history.

As anticipated, a large crowd was already gathered in the lobby waiting for me as I threw open the doors and prepared to begin what I thought would be just another day at the office. Since our suite had not been equipped with a television and my recruiting assistant had the morning off, I had to rely on the steady stream of horrific news reports delivered by hysterical bank employees in other parts of the building who would rush into my office and ask,  “Did you hear what just happened?”

When someone raced in to announce that all planes had been grounded, that’s when it really hit me: something earth-shattering was taking place. Again, not having the benefit of a television and being required to devote most of my attention to job candidates, it was hard to process what was actually going on. When one employee who was prone to hyperbole burst into my office to announce that the World Trade Center was now a pile of rubble, I didn’t believe him until I had a chance to go up to the lunch room, which housed the only television on our side of the building.

Later I’d find out that my 23 year-old cousin, an employee of Cantor-Fitzgerald, was one of the 3,000 who perished that day.

And now, September 11 is also the anniversary of another horrific Islamist terrorist attack on our embassy in Benghazi. Still, no answers forthcoming from our government. “What difference does it make?” It makes ALL THE DIFFERENCE in the world.

Twelve years later, our borders are still wide open, Sharia Law is creeping into our society, the Visa Express program has made it even easier for Saudis to come to our country without the proper background checks, and Washington D.C. politicians and the feckless games they play have all but ruined the excellent work done by our U.S. military in Afghanistan and Iraq. Dhimmitude continues to plague western civilization in general, which seems hell-bent on self-destruction.

Yet just like on September 11, 2001, there are plenty of heroes. I spoke with one of them, US Army Reserve Captain (RET) and author Montgomery J. Granger, last night on WBTN’s tribute show. To listen, click here.



Andrew McCarthy on the Wages of Willful Blindness

Andrew McCarthy has hit another one out of the park today in a piece for Pajamas Media:

This is the crossroads at which we now find ourselves. On one side are national security conservatives, myself included, who reluctantly accept the stubborn fact that Islamic supremacist ideology is incorrigibly hostile to America and the West. We take the Muslim Brotherhood at its word that it is seeking to destroy the West and destroy Israel, and that it is doing so based on a divine injunction that is easily traceable to Islamic scripture. We understand that there are other ways of interpreting Islam, and we wish those other ways were predominant. But we believe American national security requires grasping that Islamic supremacism is the predominant Islam of the Middle East; it is the Islam of the Muslim Brotherhood throughout the world, very much including its organizations operating in our own country. We understand that Islamic supremacist ideology inspires not only violent jihad but also non-violent campaigns to supplant Western culture with Islamic culture — such as, for example, the campaign waged by the Organization of Islamic Cooperation and the Brotherhood to restrict free speech; their campaign to have sharia-compliant finance broadly accepted in the West; and their campaign to delegitimize Israel as a “racist occupier” while recasting Hamas, the Brotherhood, and even Hezbollah (a Shiite terrorist organization) as “political parties” and “resistance” movements.

On the other side of the divide are the Obama administration and the Republican establishment. They insist that there is nothing inherently supremacist about Islam, which is an ur-tolerant “religion of peace.” Violence, they maintain, not only has nothing to do with Islam but is, in fact, “anti-Islamic.” They see the Muslim Brotherhood not as a threat but as a political organization. You are to understand that the Brotherhood has nothing whatsoever to do with terrorism. To the extent it supports Hamas, that is because Hamas is engaged in resistance, not terrorism. To the extent Brotherhood leaders unabashedly proclaim that they will “conquer Europe” and “eliminate and destroy” America by “sabotage,” in what they brazenly call a “civilization jihad,” such rhetoric is to be expected and excused because Islamic culture is steeped in hyperbole and religious imagery. They don’t really mean it the way it sounds, you see, and, once we all understand each other better, that unfortunate rhetoric will fade away.

Please read the entire article at Pajamas Media, which concludes with a timely and important question: Why should liberty lovers even bother with the Republican Party at this point?