Remembering Eternity with Bestselling Author Richard Maddox on The Writestream

Remembering Eternity with Bestselling Author Richard Maddox on The Writestream

Please join me for an insightful show on Wednesday, September 20 at 11 AM Eastern when I welcome bestselling author Richard Maddox to The Writestream. His book, Remembering Eternity is a bestseller in several categories on Amazon:

The path to enlightenment often takes a detour through the past…

Newly divorced Skylar Seequn can’t sink any lower. His family, his wealth, and his reputation have all abandoned him. In the face of crushing failure, Skylar vows to seek out the one thing that’s always evaded him: lasting happiness.

As he visits the California paradise of his glory days, he finds shaggy surfers, washed-up hippies, and a deranged Vietnam vet. Little does he know, he’s only at the beginning of an astonishing and wonderful adventure. Through the wisdom of spiritual Masters, he’ll take a wild ride through past, present, and future.

Experiencing his first love and the loss of everything he held dear all over again, Skylar’s new view on life may never be the same…

Remembering Eternity: The Sun Inside – The Game Begins is the first volume in an inspiring series of spiritual and metaphysical fiction novels. If you like transcendental journeys and adventures that teach and thrill in equal measure, then you’ll love Richard Dietrich Maddox’s ode to the baby boomer generation.

About the Author

Richard Dietrich Maddox grew up in the Midwest and graduated with honors from Princeton University.  After graduation, he spent five years in Europe studying literature and preparing to teach meditation.  He taught meditation fulltime for two years before serving as the Vice President of Sales for seven successful high-tech startup companies. In 2005, he retired from the business world to concentrate on writing. Visit for more.



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The Writestream with Cybersecurity Expert Chuck Brooks

The Writestream with Cybersecurity Expert Chuck Brooks

I had the pleasure of interviewing an excellent guest today on The Writestream about cybersecurity. Whether you’re an entrepreneur, an employee, a business-owner or just someone who enjoys using social media and new technology for fun and convenience, I highly recommend listening to the archive below with my guest, Chuck Brooks.

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SMART Growth with Darien and Jody: Meet Your Ideal Client

SMART Growth with Darien and Jody: Meet Your Ideal Client

This coming Wednesday, July 12 is the second Wednesday of the month, which means Darien and Jody are my guests on The Writestream. Tune in at 11 AM Eastern to discover how to attract, convert, and close your perfect customer.

Darien Hill and Jody Layne met for coffee one day to discuss collaborating on a project and they realized quickly there was something there. Armed with years of experience on their own, plus a genuine passion for helping people achieve their dreams of success, Darien and Jody joined forces to create SMART Growth Marketing.  SMART, which stands for Strategically Marketing at the Right Time, is the foundation they build their clients’ campaigns.  It’s about putting relevant messages in front of prospects at the right time when they are ready and interested to see them. This dynamic duo believes that authenticity and relevancy is what makes all marketing generate limitless results.  And, of yeah, they always have a great time, too!

Visit: for more.

To listen to the live episode, dial (347) 945-7246 or click on this link to SMART Growth with Darien and Jody: Meet Your Ideal Client, on Wednesday, July 12 at 11 AM Eastern.

UPDATE: Wow, another excellent, informative episode! If you missed it, click below to listen.


Writestream Tuesday with Author Mark Calde

I’m excited to interview accomplished author Mark A. Calde on Writestream Radio at 1 PM Eastern today. We’ll discuss his career and his fourth novel, Bascomville:

WT_MarkCalde_BASCOMVILLECOVERIn 2016, Mark A. Calde publishes his fourth original novel, Bascomville, a sprawling romantic family drama about first love and the dark secrets that families keep hidden behind closed doors.

Telling the story from the point of view of young Max Bascom, who eyes his father with contempt and his mother with pity, the novel takes the reader on an insightful, absorbing and compelling journey which shows that despite the turmoil we see in the world today, the biggest wars we fight are usually confined within our own four walls.

Holding a mirror up to all our lives, the story spans ten years and follows Max’s relationship with his next-door-neighbor sweetheart Janice, as they navigate their own unique family dynamics, while embarking on their own emotional journey into adulthood.

This is Mark’s fourth novel. His first book, Shadowboxer, a suspense thriller, was published in 1976 by G.P. Putnam’s Sons New York. The Chicago Sun-Times said: “Calde pulls all the pieces of this original puzzler together in masterly fashion!” His second novel, Conquest, a historical family drama, was published by St Martin’s press in 1980, and seven years later, The Solomon Stone, a contemporary action novel, was published in paperback by an imprint of Ballantine Books.

Mark, who was born in Hollywood, CA., and studied communication arts at Loyola University, has been married to his wife Shelley for 46 years; they have two children and five grandchildren.

If you would like to tune in, click on this link to Writestream Tuesday with Author Mark Calde at 1 PM Eastern. Can’t listen live? No worries, all episodes are archived so you can enjoy them at your convenience. During the live broadcast, we welcome your calls at (347) 945-7246, but be sure to press “1” as Blog Talk Radio alerts me that the caller wants to get on the air, versus simply listening by phone.


FYI, there are big changes ahead for Writestream Radio and Writestream Tuesday with the addition of a new host and show and new guest hosts. Stay tuned for details!

UPDATE: Did you miss the live interview? Click to listen.

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