6 Ways to Be a Good Internet Radio Guest

6 Ways To Be A Good Internet Radio Guest

In this age of advanced technology, it’s easier than ever to write and publish your book. No longer are any of us at the mercy of gatekeepers in traditional publishing houses who basically force authors to justify the existence of their books and jump through hoops to prove their worthiness as a contender for a traditional publishing house’s money and marketing efforts.

With independent publishing, you can bring your product to the market yourself, engage your audience, and keep 100% of your royalties. That’s the good news.

The “bad” news? The democratization of publishing means you must be willing to do what it takes to connect with your readers both in-person and online. In terms of social media, what is one of the best ways to do that? Seek out guest opportunities on internet radio programs that cater to your audience (more about that in another post).

If you’re nervous about speaking, you can relax knowing that neither the listeners, nor the host, can see you. As a radio host, I make a conscious effort to make my shows conversational, fun, and most importantly, helpful to our guests and listeners. While there is no one “magic bullet” to selling books, every effort you make to engage your audience is critical.

With that said, how can you prepare for an internet radio show, especially if you’re a newcomer?

1. Remember, No One Knows Your Material Like You – Years ago, a former boss helped me overcome my public speaking fears during a performance review when she stated “Don’t be nervous. You have the information they need.”

This holds true for authors of fiction and nonfiction. You, the author, have something of value to offer the listeners. Having spent countless hours writing, researching, editing, and revising, YOU are the authority on your work. Let that fill you with confidence as you step behind the microphone, so to speak.

2. Distill Your Book Into Talking Points – This was a tough one for me back in 2008 because my book has a seemingly endless list of themes to convey. But when I participated in Blurb! Talk Radio back in 2009, I was forced to boil it all down into a two-minute commercial, which felt like a drag at the time. But I realized the value of the experience, especially when I won the Book of the Week Award. Even if I hadn’t, I’d learned an important skill.

In your case, come up with 10-15 major takeaways (supported by examples) from your book. These are the most important points you want readers to ponder. To make this process easier, I send my guests a confirmation form which requests up to 15 questions I should pose on the air. Remember, this is all about YOU. Help me help you put you — and your work — in the best possible light.

3. Elaborate On Your Answers to Questions – As a radio host I can tell you there is nothing worse than a guest who gives short, one-sentence answers. Not only is it exhausting trying to keep a 50-minute interview entertaining when the guest cannot articulate thoughtful answers, it’s boring for the listeners. I once interviewed a highly successful, award-winning author who simply could not discuss her work comfortably and allow her personality to shine through. If it felt like a chore to me, I can only imagine how the listeners felt. If you follow suggestions one and two above, this one should be much easier to accomplish.

4. Be You – Since your book is a reflection of who you are, listeners want to get to know you on some level. During the interview, just be yourself. Don’t take this too seriously; view it as an opportunity to practice communicating your ideas, reach a broader readership, and yes, have a good time.

5. Dial In Early – Depending on the hosting platform, you’ll have at least a few minutes to call in and speak to the host or producer before going live. This provides an opportunity to perform a sound-check, and gives you, the author/guest a chance to relax a bit before the show. On the day of your interview, call in early to ensure the best possibly quality and your peace of mind.

6. Have Fun – Finally, just enjoy it. No one expects perfection from internet radio — and Lord knows I’ve had my fair share of technical snafus during any given broadcast. Don’t take it all too seriously. If your call drops, just dial back in; if you mess up an answer, be willing to laugh about it.

Do you have more questions about how to be a good guest? Need help with indie publishing?

Contact me here.



Writestream Tuesday with Author Mark Calde

I’m excited to interview accomplished author Mark A. Calde on Writestream Radio at 1 PM Eastern today. We’ll discuss his career and his fourth novel, Bascomville:

WT_MarkCalde_BASCOMVILLECOVERIn 2016, Mark A. Calde publishes his fourth original novel, Bascomville, a sprawling romantic family drama about first love and the dark secrets that families keep hidden behind closed doors.

Telling the story from the point of view of young Max Bascom, who eyes his father with contempt and his mother with pity, the novel takes the reader on an insightful, absorbing and compelling journey which shows that despite the turmoil we see in the world today, the biggest wars we fight are usually confined within our own four walls.

Holding a mirror up to all our lives, the story spans ten years and follows Max’s relationship with his next-door-neighbor sweetheart Janice, as they navigate their own unique family dynamics, while embarking on their own emotional journey into adulthood.

This is Mark’s fourth novel. His first book, Shadowboxer, a suspense thriller, was published in 1976 by G.P. Putnam’s Sons New York. The Chicago Sun-Times said: “Calde pulls all the pieces of this original puzzler together in masterly fashion!” His second novel, Conquest, a historical family drama, was published by St Martin’s press in 1980, and seven years later, The Solomon Stone, a contemporary action novel, was published in paperback by an imprint of Ballantine Books.

Mark, who was born in Hollywood, CA., and studied communication arts at Loyola University, has been married to his wife Shelley for 46 years; they have two children and five grandchildren.

If you would like to tune in, click on this link to Writestream Tuesday with Author Mark Calde at 1 PM Eastern. Can’t listen live? No worries, all episodes are archived so you can enjoy them at your convenience. During the live broadcast, we welcome your calls at (347) 945-7246, but be sure to press “1” as Blog Talk Radio alerts me that the caller wants to get on the air, versus simply listening by phone.


FYI, there are big changes ahead for Writestream Radio and Writestream Tuesday with the addition of a new host and show and new guest hosts. Stay tuned for details!

UPDATE: Did you miss the live interview? Click to listen.


Author Daniella Bova on her Writestream Experience

“I absolutely love appearing on The Writestream Radio Network, particularly Writestream Tuesday. Daria DiGiovanni is the epitome of class. She is professional, friendly and makes authors feel at home. Being interviewed by Daria is like chatting with a good friend over a cup of coffee. She takes an interest in each author’s work, and gives them ample opportunity to talk about their books. Daria also gives each guest plenty of time to let listeners know where they can be found on social media, blogs and websites.”

Thank you, Daniella – I am looking forward to interviewing you on February 24!


Writestream Interview Feedback

I started the Writestream Radio Network back in March of 2013 in an effort to create a diverse network catering to as many tastes and interests as possible. Of course the effort wasn’t completely altruistic because by building an influential network, I would have much more value to offer to prospects and clients seeking writing, editing and social media services. In recruiting Lisa Tarves , John D. Gresham, Dr. Billie Eizenberg, and Sheena Benjamin Wise, I’d hoped that the time they’d spend preparing and producing their weekly broadcasts would also help them take their respective businesses to even greater levels of success.


And in spite of the time and work commitment we’re all enjoying the opportunities Blog Talk Radio provides for exposure, knowledge and professional development. Still, it can be challenging at times both financially and personally to keep the network afloat. Much like the discipline of writing, online broadcasting is a solitary activity. It can be lonely at times while it occasionally makes you wonder if it’s all worth it.


That’s one reason why this email from recent guest Chuck Hooper made my entire day:

Daria, I have been a guest on several radio shows, and I have to tell you that your questions and comments were the most relevant and focused. You are excellent at this and I’ll be sure to catch more of your interviews. Is the interview archived and accessible? I would of course like to listen to it in hopes I can learn how to become a better guest for such gracious people as yourself.

I’m grateful that you read the book and it achieved its purpose. I especially appreciate your love of liberty and country and willingness to defend both. 

On Writestream Tuesday I make it my mission to promote independently published authors because I know how difficult it is to experience success in an age when everyone can publish a book. My weekly show affords me the chance to develop and improve my interviewing and communication skills because I believe we learn best by doing. So when a guest takes the time to share their impressions the way Chuck did, it truly uplifts and assures me that my work is not in vain. Now with the addition of the Right Wing Riot, the Tuesday show also offers an irreverent, informative and entertaining take on culture and politics from three very accomplished writers. I’m thrilled to have them sharing airtime.


Which brings me to an appeal: if you’re enjoying the guests, hosts and information shared on the Writestream Radio Network, please consider making a donation or becoming a sponsor to help keep us on the air.  Click here for our PayPal page. Contact us here for more information on sponsorship opportunities.


Thanks….and keep rejoicing in the flow of creativity!

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