Help Water Signs Go Hollywood!

Help Water Signs Go Hollywood!

I just created an IndieGoGo Campaign to help fund my dream of bringing Madeline and Ken’s story to the screen:

It’s every writer’s dream to have their book turned into a movie. And now that dream is coming to fruition and I need your help.

Water Signs, my first novel, which is a loosely autobiographical tale of first love and second chances has the opportunity to GO HOLLYWOOD! My book has been called “A Truly Great American Romantic Novel,” but how it came into existence is a story unto itself…

In 1994, after relocating to Florida I discovered that the man I was deeply and wildly in love with was engaged to another woman. Too painful for my heart and soul to bare, I forced myself into having amnesia about him. Summoning all my strength, I accepted the experience as a catalyst for personal and spiritual growth. I embraced the Sunshine State as my new home.

Or so I thought.

Fourteen years later, on a Sunday afternoon, a psychic blew the floodgates of memories wide open by speaking his name and describing the relationship. Everything I thought I’d forgotten about him and about “us”, came rising back up to my consciousness.

I didn’t have a choice. I had to write about it. With the help of detailed, handwritten journals I had kept, I began the story; within four months, I’d written the first draft and a few months after that, I published Water Signs: A Story of Love and Renewal.

I had no idea the impact my autobiographical tale of first love and second chances would have on others. One reviewer says, “Water Signs is one of those rare books that makes you feel like you want to meet the characters in person. Yes, they are that real. It is beautifully written with passion for our country and romance. It is one of those books that is just like a good movie, where you hate to see it end.”

I want to get this story out to the world in a huge way! It’s my dream!

Making my book an Amazon Bestseller and building a platform of engaged readers could mean the difference between a producer green-lighting the project or tossing it into the garbage.

Please consider contributing to my fund to help bring this beautiful story to a larger audience through the magic of movie-making. I am grateful for any amount you can donate and have created some perks as my way of saying “Thank You.” Check them out on my page.



I’ve created some perks on the site, beginning with donations as little as $5, since every dollar counts. Click here to see my IndieGoGo Campaign.


Miracles from Heaven

I had the chance to watch this incredible film the other night, based on my mom’s recommendation. With all of the ugliness in the world, it was a refreshing reminder that miracles are all around us and a Higher Power is in charge.

Jennifer Garner turned in an outstanding performance, as did the entire cast, especially young actress Kylie Rogers, who plays Annabel.

And here’s an interview with the real life Christie and Annabel.

In today’s crazy political and social climate, I’ll take many more films like this, please.


A Review of Salon 46 Hair, Nails and Day Spa in Hollywood Florida

Owner Mary Jo and stylist Kandi Shrove.

Owner Mary Jo and stylist Kandi Shrove.

Wow, I just returned from a much-needed hair appointment at the fabulous Salon 46 in Hollywood, and couldn’t wait to sing their praises on my blog! It’s always a little daunting to entrust your hair to a new stylist and salon, and in my case since I’d been happily using the same wonderful hairdresser for many years, I was especially apprehensive. But I figured life was all about change and at times, trying something new. Even if you’re happy with the way it’s been for decades, it never hurts to get out of a rut and do something different.

And I am so glad I did.

The reasons for my visit to Salon 46 were many — including convenience and the glowing recommendation of a friend. I’m sure my female readers understand what it’s like when you get to that point where you’re just absolutely sick of your hair, especially if like me you put it through various processes like highlighting and color. Mine had been badly in need of a trim and shaping up but partly because I’d gotten into a comfort zone knowing my faithful hairdresser would never chop off more than I wanted, I was nervous about someone else nodding in agreement, then lopping off several inches anyway.

That was definitely not the case with Kandi, who was not only friendly and personable, but extremely talented and capable. Which should not have come as a surprise since everyone I’d dealt with prior to walking into the salon today had been friendly and helpful, starting with Mary Jo, co-owner with her mom Mary Lou.

Located at the corner of 46th and Sheridan, Salon 46 exudes an atmosphere of chic yet down-to-earth professionalism, with large glass windows; a clean, modern interior; neat displays of funky jewelry and high-quality hair products; and even a nice little “coffee corner” where customers can enjoy a cup while waiting for their color to work its magic. While it is obviously clean and trendy, it has none of the pretenses of other high-end salons, so I felt very comfortable even before I met Kandi.

Posing with Kandi after a successful hair treatment!

Posing with Kandi after a successful hair treatment!

One of Salon 46’s hairstylists and extension specialists, Kandi spent a few minutes asking me questions about my preferences, making sure to clarify everything before starting. As she worked on me, we had a nice conversation on everything from life in South Florida and writing for a living to social media and the upcoming Easter holiday. A few feet away, another stylist was busy at work on an adorable little boy’s hair, displaying great patience and skill even when he started crying about his sideburns. By the time she was finished, he looked even cuter than before so if you have kids, this is definitely a kid-friendly salon. And yes, in the end the little boy broke out into laughter once he realized what an excellent job she’d done on his hair. 😉

As for me, Kandi provided the perfect haircut, layering just enough to provide some bounce and swing while maintaining a long look. To her credit, she also managed to cut my bangs at just the right length — not too choppy or too long — something no one has ever done before. Usually I leave a salon consoling myself that my shorn bangs will grow out in a few weeks and to deal with the fact that they’re sticking out of my forehead temporarily, but thankfully not this time. And being a talented, innovative colorist, Kandi whipped up a blend of three shades to successfully concoct a color that complements my skin tone, remains true to the original, and covers up some (gasp!) grey.

In addition to its professional staff of skilled stylists and its pleasant atmosphere, Salon 46 also offers reasonable prices. For more on their services visit the Salon 46 Facebook Page and the Salon 46 website. And if you go, be sure to send me feedback about your experience. 🙂

Thank you Mary Lou, Mary Jo and Kandi — I will definitely be back!



How to Rescue Pop Culture from Progressives


After reading my post yesterday about the Golden Globes, one of my readers sent the following email:

My only problem is when Conservatives say we abdicated the culture to the liberals. I don’t quite understand what that means. I didn’t abdicate anything, at least not to my knowledge. What are we, who are working with families, supposed to do? Are we supposed to publish newspapers, start networks, or make movies? If you’re not in one of those fields, I think you first have to be good parents and stay on top of your kids like we do. Good parents don’t let their kids be liberals.You also have to talk to your neighbors and join groups like the Tea Party. I don’t raise these questions to be funny. I just want to know what the plan(s) is or should be. I hear this complaint about the culture from conservative pundits but I don’t hear any solutions, other than the vague “we’ve got to get the culture back”.

First, to reply to his frustration with conservatives who note that we have abdicated the culture, I suggest watching the film Agenda: Grinding America Down to fully understand the scope and magnitude of the cultural challenges we now face, due to a concerted effort on the part of American communists to detach the USA from all moral anchors. The communists rightly saw America’s morality as its strength, the source of its economic prosperity and military power, thus they brilliantly (if diabolically) infiltrated our most revered institutions in order to take us down from within, without firing a single shot.


As for the “conservative abdication of the culture” issue, I don’t think it’s about blame as much as it’s about getting people to understand the urgency to get into the cultural game. Most pundits I hear acknowledge that good, upstanding people are busy working, raising kids, going to church, helping their communities and otherwise contributing to their families, friends and society as a whole. But it’s no longer enough to declare, “I don’t watch so-and-so”, or “I have no idea who so-and-so is because I don’t listen to that trash”. As I said yesterday, the only reason I give a damn about what Julianne Moore falsely claims about Sarah Palin is because way too many Americans who vote give credence to her and other celebrities in our increasingly secular, vapid, Jerry Springer-ized culture.

That said, I certainly agree that one of the ways to stop this insanity is to stop putting any financial support behind it. Which means you first have to be aware that a particular film, actor, director, etc. harbors deeply hostile views toward all things traditionally American — from free enterprise to individual liberty to personal responsibility to belief in God. Yes, they are free to make anti-American garbage and you are equally free as an American consumer to boycott their product.

But don’t stop there. Talk to your friends about it. Inform other people you know who aren’t as politically or culturally astute yet in virtually all aspects of their life are basically conservative. Even with the degradation of American society, most people — whether they admit it or not — live traditional lives. Most Americans love our country and see it as a force for good in the world. Most believe that “government is doing too much”, according to the exit polling done on Election Day 2012.


So why then, if most folks believe government is too involved in our lives, would they vote to send Obama back to the White House? What is wrong with this picture?

It’s incredulous that there could be such a disconnection but this dichotomy exists among a broad swath of Americans, from the highly educated to those with only a high school diploma. I recently wrote about college-educated family friends who are well into their Golden Years and pride themselves on their moral standards and work ethic who nevertheless voted for Obama twice.

Do you think this couple even knows who Sandra Fluke is, or that the DNC booed God three times at their convention?

Yes, we can rightfully blame the Obamaphile media for not covering such things, but the more insidious problem exists within the culture — television shows, films, music — that subtly embed their agenda in an entertaining package. And why is it that the media would deliberately refuse to expose the elevation of sluts and the attempted dethroning of God at the DNC? Because if a majority of Americans knew what they actually stood for, they’d never vote for a Democrat — or a squishy RINO for that matter.

That’s why I believe there’s still hope. But we have to move quickly. Here are my initial thoughts on how to practically and positively influence our culture:

1. Know Your Enemy – Stay informed of the bad actors, so to speak. You don’t have live and die by celebrity rag sheets, but read blogs like Big Hollywood for a full understanding of who the America-bashing celebrities are. Again, it’s not about caring about their opinion because they’re important people; it’s about caring because their opinion — for better or for worse — matters to many Americans who in turn, vote in elections.

2. Refuse to Support America-Bashing/Culturally Toxic/Agenda-Driven Films, Music, TV Shows, Artists – This naturally follows #1 because once you know who they are, you can withhold your hard-earned dollars from their propagandized products. If enough people stopped financially propping up these clowns, maybe they’d finally be forced to start producing something of quality and value — or pave the way for talented pro-America newcomers to fill the void.

3. Talk Religion and Politics – Remember the old adage about avoiding these “controversial” topics among friends, strangers, co-workers and acquaintances? Well, it’s completely bone-headed and has inflicted a tremendous amount of damage on our culture. There are civil ways of approaching the most pressing issues of our time through the lens of religion and politics, and since a majority of Americans still believe in God and live traditional lives, it’s not as daunting as you might think. Sure, there will be plenty of disagreement, but isn’t it a thousand times more productive to talk about things that directly affect our lives instead of exclusively opining on the weather? Besides, disagreement can also lead to the discussion of new ideas and the discovery of angles you might never have contemplated before.

4. Use Social Media – Ah yes, I hear it all the time. Facebook, Twitter and social media are time-wasters! “I don’t care what Mary is cooking for dinner tonight, or how many baskets Joe’s grandson made at his basketball game.” A completely understandable attitude that also misses the point — and an important opportunity. Social media gives you a chance to communicate with people you might never have known, or in the case of long-lost friends from high school, ever seen or heard from again. Share important information with them, engage them in dialogue about current events and yes, talk religion and politics.

5. Start a Blog or Internet Radio Show – Back in the day, Thomas Paine wrote the pamphlet Common Sense to gin up support for the American Revolution. In the 21st Century, freedom-loving patriots have the benefit of new technology to help them get the message out to Americans from all across the fruited plain. In our present-day cultural revolution, we can use platforms like a blog or a blog talk radio show to discuss cultural issues that in turn, affect our election results and public policies. Promote conservative authors, writers and artists by reviewing their work on your blog and radio program. Uninformed voters might not listen to Rush Limbaugh because they’ve bought into the media lies about him, but they might listen to you, especially if they know you as a friend, co-worker, family member or acquaintance. Even if your audience only includes your own circle of influence, you’d still be making a difference.

6. Start Your Own Film Festival – Invite friends over to watch some of the excellent offerings from conservative film makers like Stephen K. Bannon. Watch The Undefeated, District of Corruption, Occupy Unmasked and Fire From The Heartland, to name a few. Another great choice is In The Face of Evil: Reagan’s War in Word and Deed, which not only offers a compelling biography of Ronald Reagan, but also an important history lesson about the 20th century which many don’t learn in school. Which reminds me, if you have kids let them watch also.

7. Start a You Tube Channel – Building on the same principle as starting an internet radio show and blog, create a YouTube channel, where you can post videos of yourself discussing a particular topic. A few stellar examples of people who do this quite effectively are Steven Crowder and Bill Whittle. If you also possess a talent for singing, writing songs and acting, consider creating online “films” that inspire and educate. At the very least, if you don’t have the time to start your own channel, share these types of videos with your contacts on social media to help spread the word.

This is by no means an all-inclusive list, so I will definitely add to it as new ideas come to me. What suggestions do you have? I’d love to hear them and include them in a future post.

UPDATE: Many thanks to the wonderful Bernard Lutchman for the recognition on his blog! Check it out here.

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