Hummingwell with Isagenix

There are many paths to healthy and plenty of high-quality products to choose from. As you know, I’ve been happily using Isagenix since February of this year, which helped me lose 25 pounds (so far) and about 15 inches. While I haven’t visited the scale or taken measurements lately, I’m just one size away from my goal. More importantly, I’m continuing to experience high energy and overall good health.


When you work from home, temptations abound to goof off, skip a workout, miss a deadline, or eat something bad because no one is watching over your shoulder. But if excellence is defined as doing the right thing when no one else is watching, I’m very pleased with my level of discipline (with work and holistic living) and commitment to a healthy lifestyle.

I’ve recently started on Ageless Essentials with Product B and regularly take IsaLean and IsaPRO shakes as meal replacements, in addition to drinking their recently introduced coffee every morning.



However, I believe there’s always room for more quality products in my life — which is why I ordered Hummingwell Bars. I’d tasted them at the Miami Breast Cancer Experts Book Signing on October 17, since Hummingwell co-founder and MBCE co-author Sabrina had given them out as cute party favors in clear plastic bags wrapped with pink ribbon.  They are absolutely delicious and give me a much-needed chocolate fix. Since two bars = a meal, I’ve been eating two of them with coffee for breakfast, with great results. These bars are healthy, nutritious, and filling.

Best of all, ordering online (both Isagenix and Hummingwell) is a convenient way to do my grocery shopping since my time is limited. In the end, it saves not only time but money. And I cannot overstate the fact that I’m eating well and providing my body with the best nutrition possible. What could be better?

For more information visit If you’d like to get started on Isagenix, contact me here.


Miami Breast Cancer Experts: Your Indispensable Guide to Breast Health

It’s been an amazing, educational journey through the world of breast cancer diagnosis and treatment as one of the Writestream Publishing editors for Miami Breast Cancer Experts: Your Indispensable Guide to Breast Health. Today we released the book’s beautiful front cover designed by Kia Heavey.

Once we have all testimonials back from beta readers, we’ll complete the back cover. The outpouring of support for this project from many influential people has been amazing and I am looking forward to attending the Miami Breast Cancer Experts Book Signing on October 17 at Books and Books in Miami. If you live in South Florida, join us!

Click here for more information.

Here’s a lovely photo of the two authors:

Sabrina Hernandez-Cano and Cindy Papale-Hammontree.

Sabrina Hernandez-Cano and Cindy Papale-Hammontree.

Hope to see you at the book signing on October 17!


Barry Lapes’ Amazing Weight Loss Journey

Do you sometimes get stuck on your way to a goal, especially if it involves weight loss and improved health? I know I’ve been there in the past before discovering Isagenix, the same program the inspiring Barry Lapes employed to lose 237 pounds!

At this point in my journey, I am about two months away from my goal, losing steadily but not too quickly. I’ve learned that it’s really about the journey — the renewed energy, improved nutritional intake, better health — and NOT simply about weight loss. Yes, my desire to lose weight and my frustration at my lack of progress using every method that previously worked for me was my initial motivation for starting Isagenix.

I’ve since sponsored several people who are now enjoying the same wonderful health benefits. Like me, most of them were first attracted to the possibility of releasing pounds and inches, but now they are also experiencing even great benefits like improved sleep and reduced migraines. One of my associates is a committed athlete who researched the products diligently before getting involved and is now starting her own Isagenix business.

Whatever your reason for considering Isagenix, the video below featuring Barry Lapes on Dr. Oz will inspire and motivate you along your personal health journey. If I’m ever feeling “stuck” and/or upset that I still have a few more pounds to go, I plan to watch this video over and over again.

Congratulations Barry! Visit his website Barry Craig Lapes for more information.


Get Fit, Feel Fabulous with Britt: Fitting Into the Dress and Other Milestones

Have you ever purchased something “on sale,” even if it didn’t fit, just because you liked it and the price was right? I’ve been known to do this on occasion but must admit, very rarely have I ever reached my ultimate goal of wearing whatever “steal” I just had to have in the moment.

Little did I know when I purchased this shimmery blue dress at Charming Charlie over my Christmas vacation in Philly that I’d actually — finally — break that bad habit, and you know, fit into it. When I returned to Florida, I figured I’d continue my daily Leslie workouts and low-carb lifestyle, though neither had been producing results because, unknown to me, my body still wasn’t getting the nutrition it needed. It would be another couple of weeks before I’d attend an informational meeting with Britt, followed by another five days to receive my products, which meant I didn’t actually start the program until February 6.

For my 30-day diary, click here.

After 30 days, in spite of losing 12 pounds and almost 15 inches, the dress still didn’t zip up — getting stuck just above my waist. Turned out, I’d gained much more weight across my upper back than I was willing to admit to myself prior to starting the program. Still, I soldiered on.

Then other day, having been well into my third month, I decided to give it another try — with great results!


Yay, it finally fits!

Now that I’ve broken the pattern of impulsively buying something “on sale” even if it’s too small, then failing to lose the weight and inches necessary to comfortably wear the article of clothing, I’m moving onto my next goal: fitting back into my “skinny jeans” (which I most likely haven’t worn since sometime in 2002):

Skinny jeans, here I come!

Skinny jeans, here I come!

For me, setting goals of comfortably wearing beloved articles of clothing is much more meaningful and effective than obsessing over the number on the scale (though I do take my measurements monthly). If your body looks fantastic and in fact, is healthy at 130 pounds, why try to force yourself to weigh 110 just because some chart tells you that’s what you’re supposed to weigh at your height?

It makes absolutely no sense and is probably one of the reasons why so many people simply give up when it comes to achieving their health and weight loss goals. We’re not robots; we’re individuals. And based on our unique physiological make-ups, there is no definitive number that applies to all based on height alone. For more on this, listen to the podcast, Resolution Recharge with nutritionist Sara Richter.

In the meantime, if you are ready to take charge of your health, give your body the nutrition it needs to function properly, experience better health and increased energy, age with vitality, and yes — lose weight if that’s also your desired goal, CONTACT ME to get started.





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