Tooth Ahoy Authors Lisa Soesbe and Mitchell Kershner, ND on Your Book Your Brand Your Business

Last night, I had the pleasure of interviewing Tooth Ahoy authors Lisa Soesbe and Mitchell Kershner, ND on Your Book Your Brand Your Business about their wonderful children’s book, which educates and entertains kids and parents on the importance of holistic health:

Pirate Pete, captain of the seven C’s (candies, cookies, cake, cola, chips, chocolate, and cereal), is a happy and much-beloved pirate to his crew. However, Pirate Pete’s love of the seven C’s makes life for Tony the Tooth unbearable! Fed-up with the yucky, unkempt mouth of Pirate Pete, Tony leaves Pete’s mouth. Now, without Tony, Pete’s smile just isn’t the same as it once was, and the captain’s left wondering if he can ever bring him back. With his trusty sidekick, Sweet P, the Pineapple Parrot, and the rest of his crew, Pirate Pete sets sail to discover the treasure of a healthy mouth, and the smile that it can bring. Along with Pirate Pete, kids will learn that even pirates can improve their teeth and gums by eating well and having good dental habits. Complete with recipes, an interactive science project, and a whole trove of kid-friendly activities, Tooth Ahoy! invites readers to experience the journey of Pirate Pete and his crew one sight and yummy treat at a time.

More about Lisa and Mitchell:

Lisa Soesbe resides on the Treasure Coast of Florida. She is a children’s book author, blogger, wife, and homeschooling mother of two children. Frustration from her children’s frequent illnesses inspired her to make changes in her children’s diet and lifestyle. After years of researching nutrition and holistic ways of treating her family, she realized that simple changes made a big difference. These diet and lifestyle changes resulted in healthier children. Lisa started sharing her experience and results with her friends and family. Her first book, Tooth Ahoy! : Pirate Pete’s Voyage to Healthy Teeth is currently available in bookstores like Barnes and Noble and nationwide. She is currently working on the Pirate Pete’s Voyage children’s book series with her co-author, Dr. Mitchell Kershner, ND, a series that teaches kids how to grow up safe, happy, healthy and responsible.  The book series teaches not only children, but the parents as well.  You can follow Lisa’s blog at

Dr. Mitchell Kershner, a Naturopathic Doctor and Nutritionist, received his degree at National University of Naturopathic Medicine in Portland Oregon. Upon graduating, Mitchell moved to Northern New Mexico where he was in private practice for 10 years. Dr. K, as his students referred to him, was an adjunct faculty professor at University of New Mexico nursing department . It was there he realized the importance of good nutrition as the foundation of health, especially in the children he was seeing in his private practice.

We had an excellent discussion about the obesity epidemic; the difference between sugar and processed sugar; the process by which Tooth Ahoy came into existence and its incredible success; and the authors’ plans for future books. I’ll embed the interview as soon as it’s available on iHeart Radio. Whether you’re a parent or just someone who wants to experience better health, I encourage you to listen, and I look forward to bringing Lisa and Mitchell back to the show in the future.

Preview and purchase Tooth Ahoy on Amazon.

UPDATE: Missed the live episode? Click to listen.


Writestream Tuesday welcomes Dr. Tania Howard on May 13

drtania-logoIn a departure from my usual format, I am delighted to announce that the wonderful Dr. Tania Howard joins me on Tuesday, May 13 at 1 p.m. to talk about a problem that affects writers and everyone who spends a great deal of time at a computer: Carpal Tunnel Syndrome. An accomplished chiropractor, holistic healer and blogger, Dr. Tania has been a repeat guest on Military Monday to discuss her excellent work with US veterans. Aside from being knowledgeable, intelligent and talented, the Maryland-based health practitioner possesses a sparkly personality and a genuine desire to help others.

Here’s a little more about her from her blog, Dr.

I truly feel like I was chosen to be a chiropractor. But to me, providing treatment was just the beginning of helping my patients to be healthier. Counseling them about living a healthy, balanced life in an unhealthy world was essential, and something I have enjoyed very much.

Many times, I would heard my patients say, “why have I never heard that before?” – “why has no one told me that before?” – “you should write a book,” – and although I love teaching one-to-one in my office, I feel a calling to change the world a little more quickly, and teach one-to-many. That’s why I created this blog.

If you wonder what makes this blog different from all the others; it’s understandable. There are thousands of other female bloggers out there who write to lifestyle, so what does make me different?

Though there are a lot of great women out there, living some cool lives and blogging about it – I have yet to find someone in the health and wellness field that is doing the job that I would like them to do. So, I’m stepping up.

The formal training makes me a doctor – twenty years of working with patients in a successful practice makes me a knowledgeable one – and yet at the end of the day, I’m a mother, a wife, a daughter, a friend, and now a blogger. Take it or leave it!

During the live show, we welcome your questions at (347) 945-7246 and your participation in the live chat. To listen online, click on the Writestream Tuesday Blog Talk Radio Episode with Dr. Tania Howard.