The Writestream with Ima Sumac Watkins: Creating Our Joy During the Holidays

The Writestream with Ima Sumac Watkins: Creating Our Joy During the Holidays

The holidays are upon us!

Does this make you happy or create more stress in your life?

Tune in to The Writestream with Daria Anne on Wednesday, November 22 at 11 AM Eastern when Ima Sumac Watkins returns to talk about creating our own joy. Our families can be our biggest teachers and the holidays can pose our greatest challenges. Ima will talk about healing the expectations we have of our families and ourselves during this time of celebration.

She’ll also share how to create our own holiday rituals, heal past hurts, take responsibility for our own joy, and experience truly Happy Holidays.

To stream the episode, click on this link. Or listen by phone at (347) 945-7246. Press “1” if you would like to ask Ima a question on the air.

For more on Ima and her professional services, visit


Dealing with difficult people this holiday season? Tune in to Love, Liberty & Lip Gloss!

I’ve jokingly noted on Facebook that although the phenomenon of dealing with difficult people is rare, especially during the holidays, my co-hosts Lisa, Kristyn and I decided we should talk about it anyway. Seriously, carols extolling this as The Most Wonderful Time of the Year aside, for many it’s the most stressful time of the year, for a myriad of reasons. Tonight at 7 p.m. Eastern, we’re going to focus our energy on how to successfully cope with the challenging friends, relatives and acquaintances who are completely unavoidable this holiday season due to mandatory events, gatherings and celebrations. Guiding this discussion will be relationship expert Marie Dubuque:

Relationship expert, life coach and author, Marie Dubuque examines rudeness in the digital age. How do you handle it when someone blocks you on Facebook? What do you say if you’ve just embarrassed yourself at a cocktail party and the host snubs you? From one blunder to another, Marie deals with every aspect of living amongst loud obnoxious people glued to their cell phones all day long. Marie talks about surviving and thriving in a society where rudeness has become a way of life. And she firmly believe you can be polite and kind and still get ahead in this world!

Marie has been a featured guest on radio and television stations across the country. Her articles have appeared in more than 100 publications nationwide. And this is one author who is not afraid of the camera! Her popular YouTube channels garner thousands of views daily.

As always, we welcome your calls and questions at 347-945-7246. So pour yourself a glass of wine, a cup of tea, or the beverage of your choice and join us on the Writestream Radio Network at 7 p.m. Eastern tonight!


Fabulous Friday: A Few of My Favorite Reads

So it’s the day after Halloween, otherwise known as All Saints Day in the Catholic faith. And if you’re like most people, you’re probably looking ahead to the impending Thanksgiving/Christmas/Holiday Season with a mixture of anticipation, dread and excitement.

After all, this time of year is fraught with emotion, even more hectic than usual schedules, and a daunting shopping list. Allow me to offer some suggestions on that last point. Avoid the overcrowded malls and shopping centers by using your mouse and keyboard to click and find the perfect present for everyone this year. And for the readers in your life, here are some highly recommended books:


Tweezer Beeezer – The true story of a mynah bird that adopts a family in Hawaii by Balazs Szabo is a great gift for kids of all ages. Check out my review here and my Writestream interview with the author here.


Just Believe – In what I’ve called a “spiritual primer” author Lisa Tarves introduces readers to the world of Archangels, metaphysical healing and intuition in her own engaging, down-to-earth style. It’s the perfect book for those seeking a better understanding of the eternal nature of the soul and the unconditional love of the Creator. Check out my interview with the author here for more information.


Night Machines — Know anyone who loves a psychological and supernatural thriller? Night Machines by Kia Heavey definitely fits the bill! Featuring a menacing demon, a demented protagonist and a tortured heroine, the book is a wild ride through the depths of human emotion that ultimately celebrates and champions true love, commitment, family and life. Check out my interview with Kia here.

Having had the pleasure of interviewing so many wonderful authors this year about their excellent books, I’ll be updating this list often as we move into the Holiday Season.

Have a great Friday!


Manic Monday: Easter Bread, Birthday Blessings and Freedom

Birthday/St. Patty's Day celebration.

Here we are at the beginning of the work week again….hope your St. Patrick’s Day weekend was festive and memorable! Since my birthday was March 14, this past weekend was basically an extension of a celebration that started last Wednesday at Maggiano’s, when my sister Carolyn, sister-in-law Lisa and Mom treated me to a fabulous lunch. There they also presented me with a gorgeous Ann Klein ceramic watch in navy, and a decadently delicious cake from Clay’s Bakery.

One of my favorite birthday presents this year!

This past Saturday evening, some wonderful friends hosted a lovely birthday dinner, where in addition to a multitude of great presents including Oscar de la Renta perfume, a Steve Madden keychain, a pretty hard-bound journal and pen, a 1928 necklace and so many other beautiful things I will definitely treasure, I also savored one of Pat’s typical gourmet meals — along with everyone else in attendance. It started with a new appetizer, hot asparagus dip, which I managed to eat without the accompanying crackers, opting instead for sliced red bell peppers. Pat also served the familiar pigs in the blanket, but I am proud to report I didn’t eat one, since they’re definitely a no-no on Atkins!

Also a no-no? Lemon Chiffon cake, but hey it was my birthday and since Pat made it at my request I had to at least eat a small piece, right? I don’t know if that link is identical to the recipe she used but several years ago she baked one for another event — and I was immediately smitten. From that point on,  lemon chiffon cake became one of my very favorites (although chocolate still ranks pretty high! ;)).

Presents and food aside, Pat and Bill’s enduring friendship, the result of a very close childhood friendship I once shared with their daughter but lost at the age of 19 (a long story I will blog about someday soon) is a gift in itself. And for the past 25+ years since their daughter rejected everyone who loved her including them, Pat and Bill’s friendship has expanded to include my parents, siblings, nieces, nephews and cousins. It reminds me of the old saying about God closing a door and opening a window, and the old adage that something good always emerges from painful events.

A holiday person in the tradition of my cousin Maris, Pat’s home was decked out in St. Patty’s Day fashion, and she herself wore a beautiful kelly-green blouse to honor her Irish half — along with an apron designating her Italian side! 😉

Our talented cook Pat, posing with Mom in the kitchen.

So now that St. Patty’s Day is over, it’s time to look ahead to Easter. And what better way to celebrate than by baking a traditional Italian offering, Easter Bread? Ah, one of my favorite holiday creations — also in violation of the Atkins diet!

Finally, I want to thank everyone for their support of the Freedom Forum, whose contributions consistently rank at the top of this blog’s most popular posts. These essays were all part of a previous project that never came to fruition, so I am proud and pleased to be able to post them here, in an effort to remind Americans and freedom-loving people everywhere that liberty is not to be taken for granted and that we owe a huge debt to all those who fought to secure it — past and present. It is our hope that by reading these short, but informative pieces, you’ll be inspired to learn more and do your own research. To all of the Freedom Forum writers: Don Smith, Luanne Jacobs, Brooke Musterman, Dave Smith, Steve Parkhurst, Stephanie Janiczek, Joan Schaefer-Poach and Diane Student — THANK YOU for allowing me to publish your excellent work!

What are your plans and goals for the week ahead? Wishing you a productive one!

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