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Independence Day: The Greatest Act of Political Courage in History


In less than a week we’ll celebrate one of my top three favorite holidays – Independence Day. I purposely refer to it as Independence Day — not the 4th of July or July 4 — because it’s not the date that’s important but the significance of what transpired on that hot, humid summer day in 1776. And every American needs a reminder.

The dangerous thing about freedom is that it’s so intoxicating it can easily lull those who enjoy it into total complacency. Especially after 100+ years of deliberate cultural, moral and intellectual assault upon every worthy American institution from education to pop culture to academia to media to government (the utterly corrupt, excessively overweight, tyrannical present-day version of which is undoubtedly causing our Founders to roll over in their graves).

A few years back I attended a Tea Party rally on Independence Day in West Palm Beach, where they host the annual event, The 4th on Flagler. After our rally in a more secluded section, we decided to mingle with the crowd and watch fireworks. That’s when I heard a typical, condescending, better than you liberal male call out in a voice dripping with contempt: “You people politicize everything!” (Ponder the irony there….then remember lefties are masters of projecting their behaviors and attitudes onto constitutional conservatives).

Anyway, I couldn’t let that go without a retort so I asked him “What exactly do you think we’re commemorating today? The writing, signing and presentation of the Declaration of Independence was a political act. The bravest political act in the history of the world.”

He just gave me a smug look and went back to whatever he was doing. I knew then that freedom-loving Americans fighting to restore the gift of a free nation truly did have our work cut out for us. Doesn’t it feel as if we’re in the midst of a second American Revolution most days? Except this time the monarchy is within in the form of an entitled, entrenched political class comprised of two despicable parties made up of men and women whose only concern is their own self-interest (with a few exceptions).

To paraphrase Mel Brooks as King Louis in History of the World, it’s good to be part of the Beltway elite. And to rewrite another famous saying, “Those who can, do. Those who can’t become career politicians and punish those who do with excessive taxes and regulations.”

Still, I look upon Independence Day as a way to reflect upon the founding of the greatest country in the history of the world and to recharge my batteries to continue to the fight for liberty. They put it all on the line for freedom. Will you?


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American Anthem – 2014

My amazing, freedom-loving, lifelong activist mother alerted me to this fantastic video today. Please watch, share and inspire others to make 2014 a triumph for liberty and limited government!

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