Friday Feeling: How Ambition & Desire Magnetize Success & Abundance

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Using ambition and desire pushes a person into actions that create what is wanted. Eager desire, a true love regarding what is wanted, is a powerful force that magnetizes success and all things wished for. Living a better life, acquiring abundance and prosperity and being truly successful requires an eager desire. We each have the remarkable ability to acquire success and whatever we want through focused ambition and desire.

“The backbone of an eager desire to change is discipline.” – Jim Rohn



Midweek Meditation: Embrace Problems as Gifts

Continuing on in our weekly series featuring excerpts from the wonderful book God Will Make A Way, we’ve arrived at Principle Six – Embrace Problems as Gifts:

The Two Directions

We can allow our problems to turn us upward. We can shift our focus off the issue itself and onto how God sees the issue. Problems give us an opportunity to look beyond our small world, our familiar answers and trusted habits, and peer out into the unknown, where God is waiting. When we’re at the end of ourselves, that’s the place where God truly is. Like a lost child searching for the voice of his parents, we search the heavens and reach out for the One who knows the problem, the solution, the lesson and the ways. The limitless God is always there for us.

Next we look inward. The transformation we go through does not end with our taking the upward view to God. Once the problem drives us to Him, God then takes us through a journey into ourselves, to demonstrate what He wants us to learn. He is constantly teaching, encouraging, guiding, healing and directing us as He helps us understand what’s going on inside us — that is, in terms of our attitudes and reactions. When we ask Him to show us the inner workings of our own hearts, it’s as if he starts shining a bright spotlight into the recesses of our hearts, lighting up hurts, wounds, weaknesses and opinions that need His touch and our submission to Him.