Steps To Salvation is Published!

After almost four years of collaboration, research, writing and editing Shlomo Attia’s novel Steps To Salvation is now published on!



Florida Author’s Debut Novel: New Age Fantasy with a Constitutional Twist

New Book, Steps to Salvation, inspired by author’s Near Death Experience, reveals his practical vision for worldwide limited government, fulfills his promise to the angels ‘to go back and finish his work’.

In his first book, Steps to Salvation, Israeli born-and-raised Shlomo Attia – a resident of South Florida since 1990 — redefines the concept of Salvation and incorporates his own Near Death Experience into a thought-provoking journey through history.

Set in the year 2412 in Arusha Africa, this fantasy novel tells the story of how a terrorist attack at the G20 Summit in 2012 sends twelve world leaders to The Other Side where God’s selected project manager Moses and a cast of Ascended Masters and Advanced Souls give them their assignment: bring Salvation to Earth.

These familiar Biblical and historical figures also provide practical solutions for vital industries like food, medicine, energymoney and real estate.

Since Israel has been isolated for several years prior to the Salvation Twelve’s arrival in heaven, innovative Prime Minister Eyal Grad reveals the success of Israel’s many advancements and accepts the responsibility of helping his colleagues implement similar policies in their respective countries.

In one of its most “controversial” aspects, Steps to Salvation champions the concepts of one God for all and soul reincarnation while criticizing man-made religion for creating incessant conflict throughout the End Days. It also features an Armageddon War during which The Dome of the Rock in Jerusalem is replaced with a replica of the ancient King Herod Temple.

At the war’s conclusion, the Armageddon Commission metes out punishment for 500 families – descendants of the world’s biggest evildoers, elitists and racists including Adolf Hitler, Joseph Stalin, Charles Tudor, Nathan Rothschild, George W. Bush, and Bill Clinton: a forced relocation to the Arusha Race Unity Region for the Race Unity Experiment.

Here they’ll spend the next 400 years atoning for the sins of their ancestors and restoring their names to goodness. When Step One opens in the year 2412 in Mr. Bauer’s history class, a group of seniors are about to take the Steps to Salvation oral exam, which will measure their knowledge and determine whether or not they will graduate, end the Race Unity Experiment, and embark upon a trip around the world to discover how Salvation Time works in various countries and continents.

“During the End Days, the animal nature of man was in control of his spiritual nature, making life on earth hell for ordinary, hard-working people. My book represents the triumph of man’s spiritual nature over his animal nature and provides practical solutions for making life easier for everyone, including my idea for a Citizens Lottery System designed to reward good behavior and circulate money locally for the benefit of all,” Attia explains.

Well-researched and rife with historical events and people, Steps to Salvation is already receiving rave reviews from a variety of critics, one of whom, author Renee Gatz states, “The book contains all the hot-button issues of the day and promises to educate, inspire and based on your personal beliefs could raise your ire, cause you to cheer or find areas of agreement and disagreement. There will be much to discuss and debate at your next book group meeting.”

One of Attia’s passions is inspiring everyday people to stand up to powerful interests and fight for their God-given right to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. Aside from encouraging readers to learn from history, his novel presents a vision of a world in which political dynasties are forbidden, politicians are humble pencil-pushers and lawyers are nothing more than lowly administrators.

It also showcases practical reforms to the justice system, global travel, cinema and the gold industry through its concept of positive capitalism. To read a synopsis of Steps to Salvation visit

About the authorShlomo Attia is an entrepreneur, spiritual seeker, and the owner and manager of a commercial appliance installation and service company in South Florida. He’s also an engineer who builds prototypes for small businesses. Born and raised in Tel Aviv Israel with a natural curiosity, a passion for learning and a desire to contribute to the betterment of the world, he’s always been an avid student.

Steps to Salvation is the first in a series of books he plans to write in order to achieve his goal of helping everyday people thrive in a system of positive capitalism and limited government. He is available for interviews and speaking engagements. For more information, visit and follow him on twitter @ShlomoAttia and on his Facebook Page Shlomo Attia, Author.




New Edition of Cherry Tigris book ‘Toilet Paper People’

Author Cherry Tigris.

Author Cherry Tigris.

Last year I interviewed inspiring role-model and author Cherry Tigris about her memoir of child abuse and survival, Toilet Paper People. Recently, she released a new edition and was kind enough to include a portion of my book review on the front cover. Here’s a description from Cherry’s Amazon Page:

Building armies of dolls out of toilet paper, Cherry Tigris refuses to succumb to a life of beatings and neglect at the hands of her mentally ill adoptive mother. Opting to fight back in the only way she knows how, Cherry Tigris creates a fantasy world of lovers and fighters who will distract her from a brutally unforgiving childhood of broken promises. While learning life’s most crucial lessons at the hands of her toilet paper people, Cherry Tigris develops an unwavering spirit and true grit that is wowing every spine it touches.


If you missed my Writestream interview with the author, click below to listen.

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Writestream Updates

Due to my new, crazy schedule and (thank you, God!) another cool social media contract, I’m taking a bit of a break from hosting Writestream Tuesday. Those of you who host or have hosted internet radio programs in the past know how much of a time commitment is involved if you want to create and produce the very best programming possible. For me it’s a minimum of five hours per week between booking guests, writing up the show on Blog Talk Radio, setting up Facebook events, promoting the show on twitter and other places, researching the guest, reading their book (or at least as much as possible) and then finally sitting down to devote as many as two hours to the actual broadcast.

It’s fun, worthwhile and interesting….but it’s also a time drain. And since my new contract involves representing an entirely new industry via social media engagement, for at least the next month I must take a break from hosting to immerse myself fully in this new challenge. Hey, gotta pay the bills, right? 😉

Fortunately, I have a large circle of talented friends who not only know how to write and produce high-quality books but also how to broadcast entertaining podcasts for your listening pleasure. Last week, prolific author Declan Finn pinched hit with an excellent interview with gifted science fiction author Karina Fabian. If you missed it, click below to listen.

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This coming Tuesday will be a re-run of my interview with Liberty Island authors Jamie K. Wilson and Griff Griffis — who will be teaming up with the multi-talented Kia Heavey for Writestream Tuesday on June 10 to discuss all things pertaining to writing, reading and publishing. Then on June 17, Amy Lynn author Jack July will do the honors behind the Writestream Tuesday microphone. The following week’s program on June 24 will be hosted by Military Monday’s John D. Gresham. He will welcome guests Judy Heise of the Naval Institute Press and Nichole Schiele of Quarto Publishing Group USA.

I hope you’ll tune in throughout the month of June for Writestream Tuesday and thank all of my guest hosts for their help!

P.S. My first live airdate as Writestream host will be Tuesday, July 29. Stay tuned. 🙂





Book Review: Amy Lynn by Jack July

AmyLynnAs I posted on Amazon earlier:

Amazing Amy Lynn will steal your heart, restore your faith

How do I write an adequate review for such an incredible book? Amy Lynn drew me into her tragic, faith-filled, family-loving, patriotic Southern world from the very first page and I couldn’t stop reading until the very end. And even then I found myself wanting more. Because not only is Amy Lynn bursting with rich, multi-layered characters, it’s also a testament to the conquering power of love, resilience, self-reliance, inner strength, moral clarity and unwavering belief in God.

When we meet first meet Amy Lynn, we discover a character who at the tender age of 12 has already experienced enough life-altering tragedy to force her into an early emotional maturity and sobering sense of personal responsibility. This young girl has determined she cannot afford the luxury of self-pity and a carefree childhood. Instead, she busies herself with the back-breaking but necessary mundane chores demanded by her rural Alabama farm. Throughout the course of the novel, author Jack July brilliantly guides his main character through unspeakable, horrific events balanced out by a cast of interesting, sympathetic characters who impact her life in different ways.

One of the many things July excels at is character development. It’s almost as if Amy Lynn is a novel within several novels because at perfect points along the narrative he delves into the background of various players, bringing them to vivid life and providing the reader with a full understanding of their motivations and belief systems. In fact, the book features so many admirable and intriguing characters, it’s hard to select a favorite, much as I adore Amy Lynn. From Uncle Jack and Carla Jo to Leon and Matt, the book abounds with genuine heroes — presented with gritty realism tempered by steadfast faith and a passion for justice. There are also a few repulsive villains who receive swift retribution in the little southern town of Black Oak, Alabama.

It’s a testament to Jack July’s writing skills that I was fully drawn in by the slower pace and appealing simplicity of Amy’s hometown where things like basic courtesy, neighborly assistance and an ingrained sense of right and wrong still hold dominion. Yes, there are plenty of amoral thugs lurking in the woods but their crimes do not go unpunished. Simply put, in Black Oak Alabama, evil is boldly confronted without handwringing over the root causes of the evil-doer’s crimes.

In this coming of age tale, Amy learns about life from many qualified mentors. Although dramatically different in scope, the practical wisdom imparted by both Carla Jo and Uncle Jack is borne of hard-earned experience. From her monthly excursions to the hair salon and shopping mall with Carla Jo, Amy discovers the real definition of being a lady, the simple pleasures of femininity and the traits to look for in true friends. From her regular training with Uncle Jack, she develops the skills she needs to defend herself and assess potentially dangerous situations. Thanks in part to these influences, by the end of the book Amy Lynn becomes a living, breathing embodiment of a truly liberated female — one who can simultaneously play the belle of the ball and the brutal defender of the innocent. In short, she’s an intrepid overcomer — a refreshing change of pace from the whiny, self-absorbed characters so prevalent in today’s pop culture — who will steal your heart and restore your faith in humanity.

It’s hard to delve into too much detail without giving away spoilers but if you’re looking for a compelling read where good triumphs over evil and victory emerges out of tragedy, pick up a copy of Amy Lynn today. It truly is a great American novel that ought to be required reading in every high school. I can’t wait to read more from author Jack July!

On March 18, I interviewed Jack on Writestream Tuesday. If you missed it, click below.

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