Available for Pre-Order on Amazon: Second Edition of Water Signs – UPDATED

UPDATE: I just approved the book today! It’s now available in paperback on Create Space. If you prefer Kindle or would like to buy the paperback version on Amazon, pre-order here. Both will be live on July 8.

I’m thrilled to announce that the second edition of my 2008 novel, Water Signs: A Story of Love and Renewal, is now available for pre-order on Amazon.com in both paperback and Kindle. To quote an old saying, “I didn’t know what I didn’t know” back then; accrued knowledge over the past eight years has led me to produce the book I’ve always wanted. From the exceptional formatting and cover design to dialogue and editing tweaks, I’m proud to release this new version under the Writestream Publishing LLC imprint.

9780996653176Who knew back then, that the writing and publication of this divinely inspired novel had a much larger purpose than simply a personal catharsis?

Being an author of a well-received, 5-star rated novel increased my level of credibility and ultimately brought me to this wonderful moment, where I am a co-founder of a thriving, independent publishing company with a woman who is not only a dear friend, but a sharp, savvy, and trustworthy entrepreneur.

Since 2008, I have ghostwritten and edited multiple books and consulted with clients on the independent publishing process. Establishing Writestream Radio in 2013, followed by Writestream Publishing in 2015 with Lisa Tarves has been both a joy and a learning experience. I love that I get to work from home, be a voice for others, and help them achieve their publishing goals. No matter how many times we do it, I’m exhilarated when I finally hold the finished product in my hand — whether a client’s work or my own.

I had no idea when I sat down to write all those years ago that I would make so many good friends and contacts, become an internet radio host and ghostwriter, and attract the right business partner. It feels amazing!

For those of you who have read and enjoyed the original version, this is a second edition, not a sequel. The story and characters remain the same; I’ve just improved some elements, added a foreword, enhanced the formatting (with the help of the excellent Matt Margolis), and created the perfect cover design (thanks to the talented Kia Heavey). For those who have never read it, I hope you like it and look forward to your feedback!

Here’s a link to a series of articles that delve into the specific aspects of the novel. Look for an official release in paperback and Kindle on July 15.



Gratitude in Photos

In looking back over 2014 and counting my blessings, I thought it would be fun to post in photos. It would be impossible to represent everything I’m thankful for, but here are some items that top the list:

Mom and Dad, dancing at a recent family gathering.

Mom and Dad, dancing at a recent family gathering.

The continued earthly presence of my parents, their good overall health, and my upbringing in a loving, stable home (something for which I am even more grateful with every interaction with new friends and contacts who’ve experienced horrific childhoods).

photo (13)

Indialantic Beach.

In May, I moved to the Space Coast from South Florida and have never been happier with a location. Through the grace of God, I wound up in a wonderful situation living less then four blocks from the beach and the Indian River for an affordable price. I love where I’m living and plan to make this neighborhood a permanent residence in a single family home someday soon.

WritestreamLogo-800x533The amazing growth of the Writestream Radio Network, which I’ve detailed in this post. I’ve interviewed many inspiring guests, both on Writestream Tuesday and Love Liberty & Lip Gloss. Looking forward to another year of creativity, fun, and accomplishment!

Author/metaphysician Lisa Tarves.

Author/metaphysician Lisa Tarves.

One of the many blessings of new technology for me has been developing meaningful friendships with people all over the country and world. Soon after finding Lisa via a Google search, for example, we became fast friends and Writestream partners. It’s been a blast co-hosting with her on Love Liberty & Lip Gloss and screening callers for Just Believe. I’m also grateful for the reconnection social media has enabled with long-ago friends like Karen Franks of Karen’s Lyme Story and Maureen Miles Bucci, author of A Snobby Girl’s Guide to Dealing with Cancer. Whether we’ve met in person or continue to nurture the relationships online, I treasure each and every one. I can’t possibly name them all but you know who you are. Thank you! 🙂

All five DiGiovanni siblings with our parents.

“The Big Five” with our parents.

All of my siblings, and in particular the example of my brother Ralph.


The publication of Steps To Salvation and the generosity of Shlomo Attia. After four long years in the making, Shlomo and I finally released his novel, the second book I’ve ghostwritten and by far the most educational and challenging. While I’m at it, I’m also grateful for Kia Heavey’s friendship and graphic design talents, which I’ve employed many times since on behalf of other clients like Maureen Miles Bucci.

toastmastersMy involvement in Toastmasters via my new friend Damalis Ayala who introduced me to Lisa Rider, who invited me to join the Girl Talk Chapter in Melbourne. Although I haven’t yet made my ice-breaker speech, taking on various roles in different meetings has already helped me to develop better listening and communications skills, in addition to making new friends and contacts.

LeslieSansoneFitFaithMy excellent health, maintained in part through Leslie Sansone Walk At Home DVDs and a low-carb lifestyle. I’m grateful for low blood pressure, high energy levels, and good vitamins (which are the only things I take daily). Health is something that cannot be measured in dollars and I am incredibly grateful for mine.

What are you thankful for in your life?



Love Liberty & Lip Gloss: Life Lessons for Teenagers with Kelly Tonelli


Are you raising teenagers? Are you a teen struggling to figure out your place in the world?Please tune in tomorrow at 7 p.m. Eastern when my lovely co-host Lisa Tarves and I welcome clinical psychologist Kelly Tonelli to Love Liberty & Lip Gloss to talk about life lessons for teenagers:

Kelly Tonelli is a clinical psychologist working in private practice with patients who are experiencing life transitions, many of whom are teenage girls. She happily relocated from Michigan to Southern California to attend Pepperdine University and fell in love with the sunshine (snow is cold). She’s been fortunate to have spent time working and learning at Children’s Hospital of Los Angeles (CHLA) before going into private practice. She divides her time between her practice, writing, spending time with her husband, and driving her daughter to dance class.

To listen, click on this link to Love Liberty & Lip Gloss with Kelly Tonelli or call (347) 945-7246 to listen by phone. Got a question for our guest? Hit “1” to be placed in the queue.

Here’s a bit about Kelly Tonelli from her website:

Dr. Kelly Tonelli is a California licensed clinical psychologist (PSY 19248) providing solution-focused treatment aimed at symptom reduction.  She works with her clients to identify treatment goals and collaborate on a treatment plan to meet those goals.

Dr. Tonelli provides the following services:

  • Psychoeducational assessment to assist in diagnosis of Learning Disabilities and/or Attention Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder
  • Assessment to aid in diagnostic clarification
  • Solution-focused outpatient mental health treatment aimed at symptom reduction
  • Assistance with negotiating accomodations and special assistance from employers and/or school districts
  • Behavior management to aid in behavioral difficulties that occur within the home and/or school
  • Assistance with medication management through collaboration with the prescribing physician

See you on Thursday, November 6 at 7 p.m. Eastern for Love Liberty & Lip Gloss!


Happy Birthday, Ralph!

Today is my brother Ralph’s 55th birthday. It’s hard to believe it’s been five years since we celebrated his 50th with a Hollywood-themed birthday bash, but here we are. If you’re new to the blog and don’t know his story, click to read ‘A Little Down Syndrome.’ 

Celebrating my brother Ralph's 50th in 2009.

Celebrating Ralph’s 50th in 2009.

Ralph’s story is filled with real-life heroes beginning with my mother and father, and extended family. It’s an example of the miracles that occur when individuals possess real love, commitment, determination, resolve, and faith in God. In today’s superficial world of “designer babies,” abortion on demand (mainly for convenience), and self-absorption, is it any wonder that 90% of unborn babies discovered to have Down syndrome are aborted? What a tragic statistic. How ironic that medical advancement designed to improve health and healthcare for human beings has resulted in a death sentence for those deemed “unworthy” of life?

Ralph with nieces Sophia (left) and Julianna celebrating his 50th.

Ralph with nieces Sophia (left) and Julianna.

I’m certainly grateful for Ralph’s loving presence in mine. Happy Birthday to the most loving, inspiring, and beautiful soul I know!


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