Bluewater Comics New “American Defenders: US Army” — A Review

Bluewater Comics, creators of such excellent biographies as Ronald Reagan, Sarah Palin, Rush Limbaugh (for the company’s Political Power series) and Jesus Christ (for the company’s Faith series), has just released a wonderful new comic chronicling the history of the United States Army. As with all of the aforementioned efforts, this too has been penned by writer/author/journalist Don Smith, who along with the rest of the Bluewater  creative team, has crafted an entertaining, informative and well-researched tribute.

Featuring attractive illustrations, witty dialogue and purposeful, succinct conversation among toy soldiers, American Defenders manages to effectively encapsulate over 235 years of Army history into 28 pages, beginning with the lead-up to the American Revolution all the way through to the current battle against Islamic jihad in the aftermath of 9/11. Yet the book never gets bogged down by excessive information. Instead, it highlights all of the crucial events and American figures — from General George Washington to George W. Bush — that helped to forge the United States’ destiny, and concurrently, that of the US Army.

While incorporating famous quotes including a wry take-down of the American press by General Robert E. Lee, Don’s narrative weaves humor and fact to create a compelling documentary that’s both educational and revealing. In a short narrative, he expertly captures the personalities of famed American figures and invigorates the story of the American founding, the ensuing clashes between liberty and tyranny, and as a consequence, the inevitable maturation of the US Army from a ragtag militia to a world-class military force.

About midway through American Defenders, Don provides an excellent overview of the Army’s Command Structure, via a Q and A between the characters — something most of us who remain civilians never learned about in school. There’s also a nice mention of the USO and the iconic Bob Hope as he is shown entertaining the troops during World War II. The book ends by reminding Americans that “because they defend, we have to honor them.”

Bluewater Comics’ American Defenders: US Army does a fine job in doing just that. Get your copy today!

UPDATE: Published by Parcbench. Thanks Mike Fidanza!


Laughing at Bell’s Palsy

I am definitely not the only one dealing with a winter of discontent. My good friend, author/writer/journalist Don Smith has recently been afflicted with Bell’s Palsy but as the following video demonstrates, he’s handling it with remarkable grit, forbearance and humor. God bless you Don!

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