Book Review of Water Signs: A Story of Love and Renewal

I’m grateful for this book review of Water Signs: A Story of Love and Renewal from a new reader, to whom I gifted a paperback copy:

I finished Water Signs last week. What a story; what a life! As I read, I loved feeling all wrapped up in it as if it was my memory too. You my dear are a great writer! Loved the happy ending that tells of true unconditional infinite LOVE of family and friends and life!

Really inspired me to thinking, for all the rest of us living just day by day or thought by thought, what would our story look like if we took time to put together the thoughts that turn into sentences that turn into days, months, years of occurrences – our life’s story. Wow!!!

LOVED LOVED LOVED Water Signs. Waiting for the movie!

Thank you, thank you, thank you Judith, for this amazing feedback ~ even after all these years, when I receive a glowing review like this, it’s an exhilarating feeling. And yes, like most authors, I have fantasized about the movie possibilities. For now, I’m happy to bask in the glow of another 5-star book review.

If you would like to preview and/or purchase Water Signs in paperback or Kindle, click here.



Your Book Your Brand Your Business Debuts on February 5

Your Book Your Brand Your Business Debuts on February 5

Tune in on Monday, February 5 at 5 PM Eastern with guest Michelle Kulp:

Michelle Kulp helps experts, entrepreneurs, healers, speakers, consultants and coaches write, publish and promote their books and become #1 bestselling authors!

Through her “Amazon Bestseller Program” she helps authors create multiple streams of income with their bestselling book.  Her Amazon Bestseller program is a one-stop shop for authors who don’t have the knowledge, expertise or skill-set to publish and market their own books.  Michelle takes her 15 years of online experience and provides a much-needed service to experts who want to use a book to attract new clients, elevate their credibility and create new income streams.

Michelle’s motto is Stop being the best kept secret in your industry!  Elevate your impact, influence and income with a #1 bestselling book!

During this live broadcast, she’ll discuss her Bestselling Author Program and the many ways in which a bestselling book can help you expand your influence, build your brand and create multiple streams of income. We’ll also talk about our experience at Tasha Chen’s Manifesting Event, where we spoke to a live audience of 300 energized, passionate entrepreneurs.

I’m excited to be part of a professional network with high quality production values, and I look forward to sharing valuable information with my audience on writing, publishing, and succeeding every Monday at 5 PM Eastern. For each episode, I’ve booked expert guests who will offer insights on various aspects of publishing. If you’re serious about leveraging a book to achieve even greater success, please join us.

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Your Book, Your Brand, Your Business at The Manifesting Event with Tasha Chen

Your Book, Your Brand, Your Business at The Manifesting Event with Tasha Chen

Even as a seasoned, professional writer, it’s difficult for me to adequately describe how it felt to discuss Your Book, Your Brand, Your Business at The Manifesting Event with Tasha Chen. Spending three full days with Tasha, Diane, and 300 like-minded, high-energy people full of passion and purpose reinvigorated my belief in the principles of The Science of Getting Rich and deepened my appreciation for the genuine, down-to-earth way in which Tasha and Diane coach others based on those principles.

Michelle Kulp and I provided the main sponsorship for The Manifesting Event, which gave us the opportunity to speak to the audience about why your book is your new business card and how to leverage it to create multiple streams of income.

My cousin Tiffany flew down from Philly to support me and I could not have been more overjoyed to share this incredible time with her. From the time we reconnected a few years ago, she has been one of my staunchest supporters and I love her like a sister.

Tiff only had enough power in her phone to take video of the first half of our talk, which began with the best intro music, thanks to Michelle. 😉 Professional video of all presentations and event highlights is coming soon.

Thank you to everyone involved for making the past three days so memorable, rewarding, and fun!