“Working with Daria is a Dream!”

“Working with Daria is a dream!  I have been a marketing strategist for the last 25 years.  What I love about Daria is that she is smart, professional, courteous and extremely talented.  She is a great writer, but has no ego about it so she can easily adopt someone else’s voice.  She does great research and she is always ahead of schedule which makes my life so easy!  Plus, she is fun to talk to.  I highly recommend Daria for any writing project you have.  You wont be disappointed!!”

~ Jody Layne, SMART Growth Marketing

I highly recommend SMART Growth Marketing for your digital marketing campaigns. Visit them at www.smartgrowthmarketing.com for more information and to schedule your complimentary business coaching call.



Love, Liberty & Lip Gloss on Having It All

LLL-B-tm copyPlease join Lisa Tarves, Kristyn Fetterman and me tomorrow night, December 13 at 7 p.m. Eastern for Love, Liberty & Lip Gloss when we’ll welcome another fabulous guest to the show:

Kara Hawkins is the founder of Kara’s Press, a freelance copywriting business that focuses on alternative health, wellness and fitness markets. Prior to copywriting, Kara was highly successful in sales and marketing for the medical industry … where she was perfectly happy working nonstop … until her kids came along.

The struggle to manage work, home and family took a toll on Kara’s life. Her health was declining, her relationships were strained, and her kids were unruly. Through a series of small steps, Kara launched a successful home based business and took her life back. And she’s going to share her secrets with you. Because she firmly believes that embracing her femininity is what finally allowed her to “have it all”.

As always, we welcome your calls and comments at (347) 945-7246 and your participation in our live chat. Pour a glass of wine, make a cup of tea or indulge in the beverage of your choice and join us for Love, Liberty & Lip Gloss at 7 p.m. Eastern!

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