Happy Second Anniversary CLFA!

With everything going on, I’d forgotten to promote today’s CLFA 2nd Anniversary celebration/broadcast on Writestream Tuesday. Co-hosted by group founders Kia Heavey and Marina Fontaine, we talked about the origins of the CFLA, indie publishing, the creative process, and the individual achievements of members. We even had some group members calling in to share their experiences and tell us about their books and WIPs.

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Book Review: ‘Amy Lynn Golden Angel’

Posted today on Amazon:

In his sequel to the excellent Amy Lynn, author Jack July delivers. Picking up where Amy Lynn left off, Golden Angel portrays an older, wiser and even more mature protagonist, thanks to the hell of war. Unlike the first book, Golden Angel takes readers on a CIA adventure involving Mexican cartels and child trafficking but the author continues his tradition of presenting layered, interesting characters with rich histories and clearly defined motives. While most of the action takes place far from Amy’s hometown in Alabama — including the European continent — Jack July never sacrifices character development for nonstop intrigue. I especially enjoyed his characterization of “President North” — reminiscent of one of my favorite political leaders from the great state of Alaska.

Although beloved characters like Uncle Jack and Carla Jo appear only briefly in Golden Angel, readers will still enjoy Amy’s continued journey of personal growth, self-awareness, and commitment to the values that made the United States of America an exceptional country. Nowhere is this more evident than in the protagonist’s mental separation of “Amy Lynn” and “Elle” — her CIA-assigned alter ego who is also a trained assassin. The struggle between good and evil is clearly defined, along with the need to confront and defeat evil relentlessly.

If you love characters with backbone, courage, and a passion for justice you’ll love Amy Lynn Golden Angel.

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The Notice Serves Up Gritty Realism and an Emotional Wallop

Daniella Bova has done it again. If this new author had any concerns about her sequel living up to expectations, she can definitely put them to rest. Her follow-up to the excellent dystopia Tears of Paradox packs a powerful emotional punch while drawing readers more deeply into the perilous world inhabited by main characters Michelle and Jason. An America in which the assault and seizure of rural and small-town life by an ever-expanding, controlling, and centralized government (e.g. “the sharks”) grows ever more suffocating with each turn of the page.

In a society where family members have become brutal enemies and not even the seal of the confessional can be taken for granted, everyone becomes a suspect in a never-ending quest for survival. Want to live and worship as you please? Too bad. Want to have a baby with your husband? You’d better be willing and clever enough to secure a hideaway unless you want to incur the wrath of Gaia-worshiping zealots whose supposed concern for earth and animals does not extend to innocent human life. Got a problem with men raping young boys? You’d best keep your outrage to yourself…or else.

Are you getting the bleak picture?

Before I depress you sufficiently enough to eschew this book altogether, the author manages to balance the darkness with glimmers of actual hope in the form of human defiance and Godly assistance. A thread of the supernatural (expressed eloquently through the use of water imagery and other effective literary devices) weaves its way determinedly through the novel, strengthening resolve and lighting each step of the way. What God decrees, no man can oppose — not even the sharks — though they certainly put up one hell of a good, demonic fight.

Don’t get me wrong: there are no actual spirit demons in the novel, although based on the evil actions many of the secondary characters routinely engage in, possession is a logical conclusion and the only explanation for those who believe in Father, Son, Holy Spirit, heaven, and hell.

Unlike futuristic dystopia novels, Bova’s books are terrifying precisely because they’re set in the not-too-distant future — an America that has been fundamentally transformed. It’s a place none of us wants to visit or reside in, but within the bounds of fiction, the author provides a spine-chilling glimpse into our looming reality if we don’t abruptly change course and embrace the principles of individual liberty, personal responsibility, limited government, national sovereignty and — lest we forget in our increasingly secular humanist culture — freedom of religion.

Congratulations to Daniella Bova for a job well done!

Purchase The Notice here. Get Tears of Paradox for 99 cents on Kindle here.

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