The Writestream with Ima Sumac Watkins: Creating Our Joy During the Holidays

The Writestream with Ima Sumac Watkins: Creating Our Joy During the Holidays

The holidays are upon us!

Does this make you happy or create more stress in your life?

Tune in to The Writestream with Daria Anne on Wednesday, November 22 at 11 AM Eastern when Ima Sumac Watkins, also known as Ima Watkins, returns to talk about creating our own joy. Our families can be our biggest teachers and the holidays can pose our greatest challenges. Ima will talk about healing the expectations we have of our families and ourselves during this time of celebration.

She’ll also share how to create our own holiday rituals, heal past hurts, take responsibility for our own joy, and experience truly Happy Holidays.

To stream the episode, click on this link. Or listen by phone at (347) 945-7246. Press “1” if you would like to ask Ima a question on the air.

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UPDATE: Thank you, Ima, for a great show today! Missed it live, click below to listen.


Seven Recommended Reads for Holiday Shopping

It’s hard to believe it’s the time of year again (where does the time go?) when I post about my favorite books and interviews on Writestream Tuesday. Although I still have plenty of shows left to broadcast, I wanted to post seven recommended reads (more to come) since so many people like to shop early for the holiday season.


Tears of Paradox by Daniella Bova

Currently enjoying a 5-star rating on, this debut novel from the Chester County-PA based author is the first in a series entitled Storms of Transformation. As author and graphic designer Kia Heavey notes, “It’s far too realistic and believable to be labeled ‘dystopia.’ Scary, scary stuff.”

For those who can relate to family closeness, love of country, sanctity of marriage, and faith in God, Tears of Paradox is a must-read. Available in both paperback and Kindle. Look for Bova’s second book of the series in early 2015.


Counteract by Tracy Lawson

Book 1 in the Resistance Series from Buddhapuss Ink author Tracy Lawson, Counteract is fast-paced, harrowing, and impossible to put down. Although geared toward a Young Adult audience, the novel’s frightening portrayal of government gone wild should also strike fear into the hearts of adults. As I noted in my review, “Question authority? More like submit to authority without question.” And yet, Lawson’s main characters offer hope that all is not lost as they awaken to reality and fight against the forces of tyranny.

Available in paperback and Kindle, Tracy Lawson’s Counteract is a great gift for readers of all ages.


Young Adult

Underlake by Kia Heavey

The second novel from the multi-talented Kia Heavey, whose debut novel Night Machines is one helluva supernatural thrill ride, Underlake solidifies the author’s status as one of the most innovative in the independent publishing world. As with Night Machines, Underlake features an element of the supernatural, yet it mainly serves as an enhancement to the plot . Main character, 15 year-old Katie Welch, is remarkably wise beyond her years in spite of her pampered Manhattan upbringing (or possibly because of it).

Yes, it’s classified as YA but I loved Underlake so much I read it twice! Any book that makes you sad you’ve reached the end is a book worth buying. Available in Kindle and paperback.

both_books_thumbHistorical Fiction

The Golden Pinnacle by Robert Gore

As reader/reviewer Stephen Stark notes: “Gore’s second effort, The Golden Pinnacle, truly showcases his skill as a master storyteller. His work of historical fiction will leave you feeling as if you are actually reading an untold part of American history. Set during the Industrial Revolution, you will be introduced to Daniel Durand as a private in the Civil War and follow him as he becomes one of the most powerful Wall Street financiers. I was left with the feeling that Durand actually was a contemporary of Rockefeller and Morgan. As Durand’s beautiful wife Eleanor remarked, ‘The age was marked by an intoxicating spirit of unfettered freedom, unlimited possibilities, unbounded confidence, and buoyant optimism.’ Gore’s work offers the reader a glimpse into true unadulterated American freedom.”

Available in Kindle and paperback, The Golden Pinnacle is an entertaining way to inform fellow Americans about the miraculous nature of this country, and what happens when the power of the individual is unleashed and unrestrained.


Steps To Salvation  by Shlomo Attia

FULL DISCLOSURE: I am the ghostwriter of the novel reader Steve has called “a genre unto itself.” On the other hand, this offers me the unprecedented vantage point of knowing and understanding the author’s true motivations – to help move the world into a situation where global governments are limited and religious competition and conflict no longer divides and conquers.

As reader Gail states, “Shlomo posits solutions to helping entrepreneurs through a lottery system of funding, solutions to education, the prison system and the rehabilitation of criminals, and other challenges facing present day society.

“Characters in the book are descendants of Historical figures, including the progeny of Hitler, Kissinger, Mao, etc. — those who are the progeny of evil doers are restricted to a colony in Africa called Arisha, and have to devote their lives to the study of their ancestors, their wrong-doings, and admit remorse for the evil they have wrought, and ultimately have to pass a test in order to get to see the rest of the world. This is a totally new way of looking at things as they are and have been in the world, and how we can avoid repeating history.
In these grim times, the book is refreshing, presents interesting solutions and a light at the end of the tunnel — demonstrating that there is hope for a better future after all. I wonder if applying his solutions can help usher in the Messianic Age.

“Without going into details to give away the solutions, Shlomo presents a solution to the current Middle East strife particularly with the Muslims and their hatred for Jews. Read the book to find out how this can be brought about without bloodshed! I read the book in 3 days and could not put it down!”

Steps To Salvation is available in Kindle and paperback.



A Snobby Girl’s Guide to Dealing with Cancer: Surviving Cancer with Humor, Grace and Style by Maureen Miles Bucci

Do you know a woman dealing with cancer? Give her the gift of Snobby Girl. Part memoir and part guide book, Bucci’s Snobby Girl is raw, edgy, and refreshingly honest. She details her own personal journey through the daunting world of cancer diagnosis, chemotherapy, radiation, and the myriad of side effects that go along with them. Along the way, she shares little-known facts to better prepare women for the battle ahead. For example, did you know that when your hair falls out it’s actually painful? Or that Essence of Orange Oil relieves nausea?

These are just a few of a multitude of realities — ranging from harsh to helpful — Maureen divulges.

In an effort to offer real-time help and hope, Maureen founded the Snobby Girl Cancer Club on Facebook in November. Whether you’re a woman dealing with cancer or a loving caretaker, this group welcomes you to share uplifting conversation and camaraderie.

NOTE: Due to the reality of chemo’s adverse effects on eyesight and the fact that this book is part journal, A Snobby Girl’s Guide to Dealing with Cancer is only available in paperback.



Awaken to Who You Are by David Adelson

From the author’s website, where you can download his book for just $5.99: Over 40 years of spiritual research and experience created this book.

  • Bliss, happiness, health and wholeness grows in and around as you read it
  • Over 140 pictures only 170 pages quick, easy-to-read read it daily for maximum growth read quick
  • Awaken To Who You Are gives you intellectual knowledge — and much more!
  • Each reading actually awakens you to every concept presented and it’s direct experience.
  • Advanced meditators, beginners, and anyone in-between will benefit from continued readings — each reading deepens your wisdom and experience.
  • With more than 140 incredible illustrations, To Who You Are presents the most complete, profound, and deepest understandings yet presented on earth.


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Dealing with difficult people this holiday season? Tune in to Love, Liberty & Lip Gloss!

I’ve jokingly noted on Facebook that although the phenomenon of dealing with difficult people is rare, especially during the holidays, my co-hosts Lisa, Kristyn and I decided we should talk about it anyway. Seriously, carols extolling this as The Most Wonderful Time of the Year aside, for many it’s the most stressful time of the year, for a myriad of reasons. Tonight at 7 p.m. Eastern, we’re going to focus our energy on how to successfully cope with the challenging friends, relatives and acquaintances who are completely unavoidable this holiday season due to mandatory events, gatherings and celebrations. Guiding this discussion will be relationship expert Marie Dubuque:

Relationship expert, life coach and author, Marie Dubuque examines rudeness in the digital age. How do you handle it when someone blocks you on Facebook? What do you say if you’ve just embarrassed yourself at a cocktail party and the host snubs you? From one blunder to another, Marie deals with every aspect of living amongst loud obnoxious people glued to their cell phones all day long. Marie talks about surviving and thriving in a society where rudeness has become a way of life. And she firmly believe you can be polite and kind and still get ahead in this world!

Marie has been a featured guest on radio and television stations across the country. Her articles have appeared in more than 100 publications nationwide. And this is one author who is not afraid of the camera! Her popular YouTube channels garner thousands of views daily.

As always, we welcome your calls and questions at 347-945-7246. So pour yourself a glass of wine, a cup of tea, or the beverage of your choice and join us on the Writestream Radio Network at 7 p.m. Eastern tonight!